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Greetings comrades! I'm a fourteen year old and 7 up when it comes to heritage. My main interests would be football, high horsepower cars, chicks, video games, fishing, and did I mention football. I'm gonna be a Packer,I live in Colorado, I don't care what anyone else says about me not taking Favre's place once he retires!!! Anyway review my stories and I will return the favor. I am tormented by an unsuccessful love life that might end soon but probably not knowing my luck and I hope you read this Brittany Wood, Courtney Barnett, Cody Trembly, and Kyle Charriott (and a new edition, Ashley Berry) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!!!!!!!!!!! EATING AWAY AT MY VERY SOUL!!!!! Calm down, calm down...Experience is painful...

Here is a list of some of me favorite games, songs, ect.

Hogs of War:
Fav. Nationality: Russian, French
Fav. Level: One Player: Saving Private Rine. Two Player: Death Bowl.
Fav. Music: Russian theme, French theme, Deathmatch
Least Fav. Nationality: Got Me!
Least Fav. Level: ...I can't remeber the name...

Fav Character: The Almighty STALLION!!
Fav Music: Rock Rockland
Fav Area: Kwanda Rosman's area (Elves, kobolds, dwarves, What else could you want!)
Least Fav. Character: Vincent de Boule, Apple (She's her little annoying self even after main characters die!!!!

Fav team:PACKERS!!!!
Least Fav Team: The Cursed Broncos or Rams

Azure Dreams:
Fav Girl: Decisions decisions...
Least Fav Creature: GHOSH!!! (He shows up as one on the map!)
Fav Creature: Jeez... Dragon, Mandara, something like that.

Moody Blues(band):
Fav Song: I'm supposed to choose ONE!!!
Least Fav Song: There are none!
Fav Album: Jeez... I don't know!

Fav Character: Siegfried!
Fav Music: Edge Master Music
Least Fav Character: Mitsurugi!! (He's supposed to be the main charater or somethin' and he's pathetic! He's also trying to find something better than a rifle!

I can't think of anything else right the moment. So here is a physical description of me.

Full Name: Classified!
Age: 13
weight: 105lbs
height: 5'1"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes Blue: Blue
Other Features: Plenty of freckles; big, fricken, ugly cheeks; Long blonde hair and a big, blunt shnauzz.

A little Background...

Birthdate: 10/12/89 (Favre's is 10/10/69!)
Birthplace: Pensacola, Florida, USA, Earth
Moved to Colorado in 1993.
Hobbies: Playstation, Fishing, occasional joy-rides, occasional reading, classic rock, and other past-times.

I'll add more on later. "You should have seen how fast I ran!"

Anyway, farewell and a klasna day to you! (p.s. Please read the stories of my three dear friends AdeptsR2cool, conorp, and SafetyMunkey.)

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