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Hi my name is Teigan,

Something that I think is really cool about my name is where it came from. Both of my parents are Doctor Who fans, by extension of course now I am too, but my mother was always a big fan of Tom Baker's Doctor, considering she started watching it when he was it. Even as a young girl my mother always stated that her first daughter would be named Tegan, but she didn't want it spelt the same so that it would be unique, hence how I got the name Teigan, and with an 'i' in it. Back to the topic at hand though, my name is Teigan and I am currently nineteen years old. I am attending university where I am studying English and History, two of my favourite subjects in high school. Because of this, I am usually very slow to update and almost never write multichapter stories as I find it extremely difficult to really commit to it. To me, a decent one shot and a nice plot are all that is needed, hence my lack of stories, but I have been getting back recently and I am trying to write more. As always, PMs are welcome, I love talking to people.

My fandoms include but are not limited too: Doctor who, Marvel, DC, Elementry, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Sherlock, Mortal Instruments and more recently the Game of Thrones Series.

Some of my hobbies are: Writing, Reading, Fanfiction, The Sims.


For My Doctor Who Adventures-

My Polyvore has all my outfits, listed by chapter and associated Character. Though I only dress Teigan and Tenile. Haven't mentioned the Doctor, for obvious reasons.

Okay, so I went and made myself a Twitter account. Don't know why, but you are all welcome to follow me at:

Here is the link for the Donna Noble story titled, After the Doctor-Donna: The untold Story of Donna Noble.


29th November 2013: After some deliberation, I have finally decided that my Doctor Who oneshot that features myself as a companion, will continue on to a multi chapter story. However, it will mostly be a series of one shots because I have found it hard to keep up with long stories and this way I can pretty much end it whenever I want too. I am aiming for maybe around five or six chapters, but we will see how that goes, if anyone has any suggestions for what I might do with it, feel free to pm me, I love suggestions. As for anyone who is good at the technical side of Doctor Who, feel free to pm me, I would like to chat about that some more as I am very bad with technical stuff, I suck at making that stuff up.


4th December 2013: I have started on a Christmas special for my Doctor Who fic that will be released on Christmas Eve, if anyone has anything that they would like to see in it, please let me know immediately as I will not be changing anything after the 20th. Thanks for being patient with me guys!


24th December 2013: Merry Christmas Eve to all my readers, those of you who aren't at Christmas Eve yet, Merry Almost Christmas! To all other denominations of faith, Happy Holidays! I hope you all enjoy the Christmas Special I am working on, half of it is already up, It's too long, so I had to split it into two parts, I try not to make them more then ten thousand words each, though a little bit over is fine. So I am enjoying my holidays, I hope you guys all enjoy yours!


31st December 2013: A big Happy New Year to all my readers! I wish you all he best for the year ahead and a big thank you to everyone who has favorited my stories and reviewed. It is you guys who help to keep me writing, as long as you keep reading, people like us will keep writing. Good luck with all of your new years resolutions and I hope the year treats you well!


14th January 2014: Hey guys! As I'm sure many of you may have noticed, I recently got into converstaion fics. I know, it's totally weird, but I actually like them. A poll I had up last week asking what oneshot I shoud do, told me I should write a oneshot about Star Trek, then I couldn't think of anything so I wrote a conversation fic instead. As it turns out, its a nice little thing i can do whilst i'm waiting to upload my Doctor Who one, which I am close to finishing by the way! Which is really awesome if I do say so myself. Anyway, just thought I would give you guys the lowdown, and also to say, that I have recently changed how the story is going to end. After some discussion with my sister, we decided that this new ending was more realistic to what we would do, then the one I had originally planned. Though it is subject to change, I'll keep you all updated. Another thing, if you have any requests about what I should do with my Star Trek conversation drabble feel free to send them in, I will be doing requests for conversations. That is all! Live long and Prosper!


5th February 2014: So, I am currently writing a OneShot about Doctor Who that doesn't feature an original character, I hope that you lot will like it. I'm not going to go into any detail about it right now, I want it to kind of be a surprise. I've been working on it for a while, but never had the time to actually do it. Now that I have the time, I am really getting into it. I'm hoping that it will be liked by my regulars at that newbies will like it too. I personally haven't seen any stories on here about it, so it should be good, but I'll tell you that it has been my pet project for about three years, so bear with me. I am really excited about it!


25th February 2014: I don't really know why this chapter is taking so long to write. Actually that is a complete and total lie. The truth of the matter is that there is actually several fairly distinct reasons, one of them includes the horrible subject of University Semester starting up again. Don't get me wrong, I love Uni, there's not a doubt there, but honestly it leaves me with so little free time I dont get the chance to update. It's ridiculous I know and I reall am sorry. Please bear with me, I really hope this will be worth it in the long run. I love you guys! Thanks for the continued support!


24th March 2014: Hey guys! It's been a while since I have updated you all, but life has been so hectic since Uni started back. Five weeks in and I'm already laid out with sickness and assignments. Between that and everything else, it's been hard to get any writing time in, but let me tell you all now, that I am nearly finished, I hope to have the story finished by at least the weekend, so look out for it. Those of you looking for an update to Doctor Who, I'm afraid you are going to have to wait a little longer, I am so sorry. I promise it will be good and completely edited as well, so no stupid mistakes like last time. Anyway, that's all from me for today, pm me if you want to chat or are looking for updates! Aurevoir!


7th June 2014: Hey guys. It has been a very long time since I have updated this. I am still working on my stories, never fear, but they are taking much longer then normal because I am also dealing with University. However, I will be on break next week, so that should speed up the writing process. I also won't be tired all the time and won't spell every second word wrong. Never-the-less, I do have to apologise for how long this is taking me, but just know that I haven't abandoned this story and that it is still being written. I love you guys!


16th June 2014: Hey guys! So I was able to upload a second chapter for In The Pines. If you guys want to go check it out, I would really appreciate it! Thanks guys!

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