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Author has written 26 stories for Bones, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Being Human, Downton Abbey, Titanic, Newsroom, and Avengers.

first off, makin' this clear: i am not a writer. i enjoy writing, and i like to indulge that part of me that enjoys it, but i'm not a writer. i think it's cool to post stuff that i work on, get some feedback, stretch those muscles, but this isn't what i'm doing for the rest of my life. i mostly fan-write because it's an interesting exercise in developing characters and adopting different styles and i think it's fun. so go easy on me, folks; i'm just here for the ride. anyhoo...


1. harry potter

i love all the canon ships and i tolerate OCs, but some fanon bothers me...

harry/ginny - hate it if you must, but i find this couple very endearing. they've been through so much and still they stick by each other (mostly ginny, but hey, whatever) secret romantic, mushy side eats it up.

ron/hermione - love-hate relationships are my passion. bickering. :D

remus/tonks - honestly, who doesn't love them? for realz.

andromeda/ted - they were always those characters that i read about and was like, "and then what?" i have personal experience with that particular brand of family-nastiness, so i like exploring that with these two. plus, i feel horrible for andromeda. husband, daughter, and son-in-law, all within a year. :(

james/lily - they're just way cooler than i'll ever be. might as well write about them.

2. bones

once again, love the canon, but i can't take any OCs or fanon with this series. sorry.

booth/brennan - uh DUH

angela/hodgins - king of the lab. hee hee. :)

sweets/daisy - not a lot of people like this couple. but i love me some nerd love. daisy sweets = yes

3. being human

ghosts and vampires and werewolves, oh my! i may be able to deal with speculative fanon - we'll have to see how season 4 goes. OCs might not bother me either. quirky :)

annie/mitchell - they're just adorable. and heartbreaking. and wonderful.

george/nina - george is so squeaky :) and nina's just a badass, so how can you not love 'em?

annie/mitchell/george - family, obviously. the dialogue in the show is just fantastically spot on. i love playing around with their dynamics - the real-hustle-changed-to-a-different-time scene? DAMN. STRAIGHT.

annie/hal/tom - family, again. i think i love them as much as the original trio, which is weird. tom's eyebrows make me want to bake him cookies, and vampire OCD = yes, please. and, of course, annie, who is my favorite.

alex/hal/tom - hard as it is to let go of the last of the original trio, i believe in them. I BELIEEEVE IN THEMMMM...

tom/allison - i am allison. the end.

4. downton abbey

i froth like a maniac over period drama, and WWI-era fashion makes me want to build a time machine. ERGO: whatever abuse may come my way, whatever needless anxiety it will cause me, whatever soul-destroying evil befalls these characters, you'll have to pry the DVDs from my cold, dead hands.

mary/matthew - a lot of people have some issues with mary, and yeah, she was a bit obnoxious for awhile, but OHMIGAWD, she got her heart broken like, every episode. and matthew...hasn't he been tortured enough? is it too much to ask that they get a little happy time in between insuperable barriers to their love? IS IT, LORD FELLOWES? IS IT?

sybil/branson - they're perfect. the end.

cora/robert - everything i want to be when i grow up.

mr. bates/anna - mr. bates :)


lady violet - she is my joy in human form.

thomas/satan - okay. so this isn't a real ship, and i won't be writing anything about it. but wouldn't it be loverly?

5. titanic

the tv show, not the movie. props to mr. cameron, but his brand of emotional manipulation just doesn't work for me for whatever reason. julian fellowes' does. go figure. plus, that guy from law and order is on there, and the woman who plays lily potter, and a whole bunch of actors who i freak out about. celia imrie? hells to the yes. TWO people from being human? double hells to the yes. more british people being dramatic, please.

georgiana/harry - harry was real. he was real passenger. and he really died because he couldn't swim. my soul. crushed.


really, any pairing, okay? any pairing on this show, romantic or otherwise. i just can't even write about it anymore. excuse me - i need some chocolate and a strong dose of colin firth.

6. newsroom

oh, lordy, but i do love me some unadulterated idealism. a lot of people don't like aaron sorkin's writing style, but honestly, smart, snappy dialogue is how it used to be done - if it's unrealistic, who cares? i'm a big believer in escapism, and mundane, everyday dialogue/circumstances is just another day. a group of highly intelligent, emotionally heightened characters thrown into ridiculous situations is good entertainment. so keep at it, newsnight 2.0!

jim/maggie - i just can't even deal with it. the adorableness and the enormous amount of heart is sheer perfection. and oh, boy, do they hit home hard.

will/mac - again, another lung-squeezer of a relationship. glorious, glorious acting.

don/sloan - called it. totally called it.

7. the avengers.

i don't even know what happened, man. i just geeked out in a major way over ALL the movies - iron man 1 & 2, captain america, thor - and the idea that you could take a conglomerate of movie-backstories and combine them in one, huge movie? oh, God. so much love. so much squealing.

natasha/clint - WHAT HAPPENED IN BUDAPEST? TELL ME. TELLL MEEEEEE. jeremy renner is perfect, scarlett johansson is perfect, therefore them together as the most badass pair of assassins ever is mind-blowingly awesome. my geek is showing, isn't it? aw, hell.

pepper/tony - so much sass, so little time.

thor/jane - adorable. i like it. ANOTHER!

bruce/betty - this is still a thing, right? because it should be a thing. probably won't write anything about it, just thought i'd put this out in the universe.

thor/loki - brotherly love and poptarts. they make my heart happy. (and tom hiddleston) who said that?

steve/the modern world - MERICA! justice needs no shirt!

tony/jarvis/dummy - yussss.

tony/bruce - platonic. sorry. i like pepperony too much. but science bros! and drunk science! and the other guy!

S.H.I.E.L.D./shenanigans - clint and natasha teaming up to see how many times they can make agent hill's eye twitch, coulson being awesome, and fury is tired of these muthafuckin idiots on his muthafuckin helicarrier. eyepatch. okay, i'm done.

tony/steve/bruce/thor/clint/natasha - family :) also, more shenanigans.

much love!

crazyidea-inc (there's a reason for that name...)

really quick, the stories i have written:

Lily Evans and the Marauder's Map: edited for less twelve-year-old melodrama. but i won't edit anymore, because i really do like my twelve-year-old self and i think it wasn't a half-bad story. and i added an epilogue that i found in the depths of my computer, so yay. be gentle, my dearies; i am rather attached to this one.

Blink: crazy spoilers. a bit of cartharsis over the death of my two favorite characters. :(

Contemplation Amongst Brooms: rose and scorpius get together in a broom closet. tis the classic, i'm-beating-the-dead-horse-but-it's-kinda-fun shipper story, but i really did try. and, for the record, i love horses. it's a figure of speech. REEEEALLY obvious spoilers.

Rain: somewhat fluffy, but unless you absolutely loathe anything but angst you should be able to handle it.

Lifeline: a little dark, but i actually quite like this one, which is unusual for me.

A Venture Into Madness; Or, Death of Ophelia: another one that i'm fairly pleased with. a little dramatic, but hey? why not?

Ink: andromeda and ted meet and get all angsty. the end.

Pictures: harry and ginny...i dunno...i thought they needed a little love...

Her Faults Lie Gently: i was told that the black sisters needed a little love. and, you know, i think they do. angsty love, to be sure, but love nonetheless. mostly a drabble i posted to feel less guilty about never updating :P.

Juggle: i adore hal. i needed to write him. and i thought that they all went from "ANNIE'S A FREAKING GLOWING SUPERHERO AND WE ALL HATED EACH OTHER AND THE BABY COULD HAVE DIED AND DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA AUGH" to "happy birthday!" really quickly. they needed a little release of tension, a little decompression. or maybe i did. ergo...this.

Adjust: what the flamingo is with hal holding eve like she's a wet towel? i doubt annie would put up with that for very long, but i also think it's not all just silly, awkward halness. remember that time he almost killed her because his friend died? i'll take "unresolved issues" for 300, please.

Happy Plight: honestly, this was written more out of complete and utter despair that pbs will not be getting the new season until january of 2013. i just...i don't deserve to feel this bad, you know?

Adaptation: more of an exercise than a drabble-drabble. i can't resist cora/robert.

Marriage of Equals: this is what happens when i read some lovely celtic wedding vows and listen to too much kay kyser. oh, well. indulge my romanticism.

Histrionics: definitely just manic.

Fragile: one day, i thought to myself, "hey, you never write anything where everyone is miserable and angsty. you should give it a go."

For Whom the Bell Tolls: and then i thought, "that last story wasn't depressing enough. why don't you write about the titanic?" the end.

Thrice Defied: decided to combine All The King's Men and Till the Last Gasp and wrote one more little vignette to tie it up, nice and neat. love, love, love this couple.

Of Muddles and Mothers: because it rattled around my head until i wrote it.

Fly: someone told me theresa should have a story, instead of just georgiana/harry and annie/paulo, and you know, i think so, too.

Narrow Paths: just some downton vignettes. a nice exercise and a nice diversion. updated erratically.

The Leftovers: i couldn't stay away from them for too long, and honestly, being human is the easiest to write, simply because i identify so strongly with all the characters. i think it's because i'm secretly a ghost who lives with a vampire and a werewolf, with whom i get up to no end of shenanigans. shh. don't tell anyone.

The News From Your Bed - i needed a little cartharsis and a lot of adorableness, and lo and behold, this popped into my head. oh, maggie. i'm actually kind of sort of you.

Crossroads - just popped into my head. i know it's been done a million and one times, but hey, why not?

Like a Balm - i promise i will write happy avengers soon. when i have time. and when the feels stop (they're never going to stopppppp).

DISCLAIMER: i am neither an extremely rich british philantropist by the name of j. k. rowling nor hart hanson. or kathy reichs, for that matter. or, shakespeare. or toby whithouse, unfortunately. or anyone in the peerage (talking to you, lord fellowes). but guess what? i AM actually aaron sorkin* (*this statement is a lie). so, you know. yeah. stan lee, joss whedon, marvel in general - i'm not any of you but I DO WHAT I WANT.

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