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Author has written 6 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender, Digimon, and Kingdom Hearts.

Hi! I'm Artificial Lullaby (but I guess you knew that) and here's a little more about me:

Name: Kimiko (not really, but that's what I go by online)

Age: 18

Sex: Female (also, YES!)

Sexuality: Lesbiaaaaaaaaaaan (yum). It's strange. I'm a gay girl, who loves reading about/writing about/shipping gay guy couples. How fun _.

Location: Jolly old GB. Where it rains. All. Summer. Long.

Weight/Height: I'm 5'6" and I have a BMI of 24.5. You do the maths.

Skills: writing, learning other languages (I can speak a good deal of French and I'm learning Japanese), drawing my mascot, a robot named Nadeshiko.

Weaknesses: Maths. I have dyscalculia, and it doesn't bother me, but it makes my life a bit more difficult seeing as I work in a shop a lot of the time. Also, I'm scared of spiders, things that fly that aren't bats or stuff like that, people standing too close to me. They freak me out...Also, I have a major weakness when it comes to pretty girls. I'm gay like that...huh.

Favorite series: Avatar (Aang ftw!), Naruto, Inuyasha, Harry Potter (go Harry!!), Claymore, Kingdom Hearts

Favourite pairings: Zutara (I KNOW it's not canon, but it works so well!), Sukka, SasuNaru, NaruSaku (only if it's done right), InoShikaCho, InuKag, Sango/Miroku, Sesshoumaru/GROWN UP Rin, Harry/Draco (I's good for the soul!), Ron/Hermione, AkuRoku (my actual OTP. So lovely it makes me cry), and SoRiku.


I've just written an Avatar oneshot called "Makeshift", set sometime between Western Air Temple and The Firebending Masters, about Toph and Zuko having a little bonding moment. That was to take my mind off of my main project, called "Red Shift".

"Red Shift" is an AU, and it's about what would happen if Kya, Katara and Sokka's mother, never admitted to being the last waterbender and the leader of the raiders, Yon Rha, took Katara, who'd demonstrated a little waterbending, from the village. But she doesn't get killed (don't worry! i'm not that mean yet!) she instead is taken to the fire nation's royal palace, and is given to the already sociopathic princess Azula in order to calm her down a bit. What I'm trying to do here is to demonstrate how different the world would be if Katara didn't awaken Aang.

I'll probably end up doing it in installments, by character or by year or something to that effect, so keep your eyes peeled...

I've done a few more random Kingdom Hearts one-shots, "Nesting Instinct" is an odd one that came to me in the middle of the night, and I was totally compelled to write it. And I did. It's the by-product of my sleep-deprived mind. As is "Triangular Tuna Sandwiches", which is my latest one. It's a little bit nuts, I think. Oh well.



"Red Shift" - now split into 4 sections, three of about 10,000 words, one part for the Water Tribes, one for the Earth Kingdom and one for the Fire Nation, then one for the parts where they overlap, which has reached about 30,000 words. I'm not going to publish it until I've finished the whole thing. Otherwise I'd just bottle out with only half the story written eventually.

Yakusoku - Now a general one-shot. I've removed the other chapters because I didn't like them, so we're back down to just the one chapter.



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