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Hello, my name is Misa. I've been writing fanfiction on and off for about... *counts* Oh god, has it really been 8 years? Man, I feel like a loser now. XD Oh well.

I did a lot of writing based on the band Tokio Hotel, because pretty Germans need to sex each other mwahaha. Unfortunately, the owner of the site I was posting on had some... disagreements, with both me and my work. Plus that fandom sucks. So I kind of left.

There's at least one Death Note fic on this account by me, which is not getting finished so please don't bother reading it. Currently my fandom is Kuroshitsuji. I'm working on a really long piece for it, which I will probably never post. I feel like I could just edit it enough to make it its own story. And then it would be all mine. ^^ In the meantime I might post some other fun things, though. Just to play with. XD

Ignore everything below the line. It's all my old profile info that is no longer relevant. :D

I've had FF.net accounts before, but this time I'm going to try harder to keep my stories alive!

Currently, I'm working on a story in three parts called Switch. It's a Death Note fanfiction, and I'd give you a description, but I'm not sure how to describe all three parts... So I'll put down descriptions for each one. These may change, though, just be warned.

Part one- "Switch: Skin- Deep"

Through a mysterious accident, L and Light switch bodies. How will Misa cope when she finds out? Will she continue to love what is only skin- deep, or will she learn to look past that to find the beauty within? LxMisa, one-sided LightxMisa

Part two- "Switch: Two- Faced"

Sequel to Skin- Deep. With the Mind Projector fixed, L and Light will finally be getting back their own bodies. But when an unexpected result occurs, the boys will have to learn to share in a way they never have before! LxMisa, possible LightxMisa

At the moment, Part 2 seems kinda unlikely. It doesn't really fit with the rest of the storyline, so it may get taken out. Or I may just add it as a fun side- story. Who knows. If I can fit it in, it goes in, otherwise I leave it out.

Part three- "Switch: If I Could See The World"

Sequel to Two- Faced. L and Light make one final attempt to get back to their bodies, but the Mind Projector isn't through with them yet! In this final Switch installment, L and Misa will finally see each other through the other's eyes... Quite literally! LxMisa

There may be a fourth part, like an epilogue, but I doubt it, since I'm out of ideas for that gosh- darned trouble- making Mind Projector! Too bad they never seem to use it for what it was intended for... ._.;

Also, I've begun work on a fic surrounding my current favorite band, Tokio Hotel. No, it's not twincest. I can't write twincest. I can barely read it, it makes me laugh so hard. It's just some TH randomness. Not a crackfic, just random things that happen, you know? Like Bill getting warts on his feet, haha. I find that randomly amusing.

Okay, never mind. I've started a twincest story. _; I couldn't help trying it at least once.

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