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Author has written 2 stories for Gakuen Alice, and Koko ni Iru yo!/ココにいるよ!.

Name: Christina

Deviantart: whitedove135 (I do more art than writing, as you can probably tell from lack of updates)

If you want to check out what I'm doing and stuff. And I posted a journal half-ranting about my writer's block. xD

Age: I'm finally 17!! ;v; Heh! And... I can actually drive now, somewhat! Well, I don't have my license yet, so... I guess that doesn't count. *fail*

Hobbies: Eating cake, reading manga, watching anime, scribbling stories (scraps and scraps of it), drawing manga, and picking up a good regular fantasy book once in a while. I also read tarot cards (sorry if it offends any of you guys). Oh yeah, and I play piano (I've done it for eight years but I'm still not great) and listening to classical music and J-Pop. Plus, I've recently gotten into makeup and nail art and all that good stuff. And I love to watch my makeup guru (ahem, idol) bubzbeauty!!!!!! Gyah! ;o;

Things I Like: Good people, video games, books, music (J-Pop, K-Pop, classical), piano, taekwondo, jewelry, art, baking, makeup, clothes, money, bishounen (yup, I like good looking boys, just like everyone else), perfume, singing, and anything girly. Also, I love SHINee, So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2AM, MISSTER, Super Junior M, EXO-M and a whole lot more...

Favorite Series in General: (I've probably left out a ton, since this is what I'm impatiently waiting for. You know.. updates and stuff.)

Hana to Akuma, Dengeki Daisy, 16 Life, Naruto, Hetalia, Lovely Complex (which is finished, sadly). Ah, and there's also: Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume (I want to hug Ichirou to death), Gakuen Alice (NatsumexMikan forever!!), Watashi ni XX Shinasai, Koko ni Iru Yo, Hanatsuki Hime, Parfait Tic, He's Dedicated to Roses, Cutie Boy, D.N.Angel, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, Honey x Drops, Aki-sora, Yumeiro Patissiere, Kitchen Princess, Mixed Vegetables, Toradora, Full Moon, Pixie Pop, Happy Hustle High, Black Bird, Alice 19th (tears streaming like crazy!), Absolute Boyfriend, etc etc etc...

However. My favorite series all time is definitely Koko ni Iru Yo and I don't think it'll ever change, because I can relate wholeheartedly to the heroine, Hikage-chan...

A Compilation of Random Things:

I saw this on deviantart, and I thought it would interest you guys if I did one for Naruse It's in his voice. Hahahaha! I can't believe he actually has the patience to do one of these things. Maybe he likes you guys...? lol

Name: Naruse Kirio

Birthdate: September 15

Birth Place: Japan

Current Location: Japan

Eye Color: Pale blue. I guess they freak people out.

Hair Color: Brown.

Height: 141 cm (4'5'')

Weight: 28 kg (62 lbs)

Tattoos: How stupid.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: ...

Overused Phrase: Get out of my face.


Food: Green tea cake, prawn chips, curry... I guess eggs are good too...?

Candy: I hate it.

Number: 2

Color: None.

Animal: Sparrows. They're very nice, and I like the way they hop on the grass. As for animals... I guess dogs.

Drink: Sesame seed drink that takes too much effort to make.

Alcohol Drink: Hahaha. Reminds me of the time where I snuck a drink of Mom's rum. It wasn't too bad...

Bagel: Raisin.

Letter: What person has a favorite letter...?

Body Part on Opposite sex: Lips. Does that make me a perv? Ehh, whatever.


Pepsi or Coke: Never had it.

McDonalds or Burger King: Good question.

Strawberry or Watermelon: Another good question. WTF.

Hot tea or Iced tea: Hot tea, clearly...

Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla. Chocolate is too sweet. Ugh.

Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Coffee (why so many drink questions?).

Kiss or Hug: ...depends on who it's from.

Dog or Cat: DOG, dammit!

Rap or Punk: Not really into those kinds of music.

Summer or Winter: Psh, winter all the way. Summer makes me sick. Literally.

Sad Movies or Funny Movies: Sad movies.

Love or Money: ...good question...


Bedtime: 10 o'clock-ish. I'm still a kid so I need sleep.

Most Missed Memory: Mom. And playing in the park.

whitedove: I have a picture of this I'll post it on dA later*

Best physical feature: Never thought of this before... Maybe my hair. Hahaha. Actually, it needs a trim... Never mind.

First Thought Waking Up: F* my life. Wonder what Anzu's doing.

Goal for this year: Study hard, get that stupid prize for being the smartest in my level and go see that mother of mine. Hope she's eating fine.

Best Friends: Anzu. She's a little weird. Ehh, whatever.

Weakness: Kindness/ sympathy. But other than that... is confidential.

Fears: Finding my mom dead. Finding myself dead (hahaha, just imagine that? Me? No way.).

Heritage: Nobara and some oily, drunk businessman for a dad. Dammit.

Longest relationship: ...not planning on dating 'til I'm older. Can't do much as a kid.


Ever Drank: Yeah, it was good. I guess I'm a heavyweight... I never got drunk.

Ever Smoked: That sounds disgusting.

Pot: Disgusting.

Ever been Drunk: NO.

Ever been beaten up: I'm always the one beating up other people. Damn, I'm good. *bitter*

Ever beaten someone up: YES. *sigh*

Ever Shoplifted: Never.

Ever Skinny Dipped: That... WTF?

Ever Kissed Opposite sex: Hm. Now that you mention it... Just kidding. I wish.

Ever Kissed Same Sex: Who would want to kiss another guy? Ugh...

Been Dumped Lately: Never dated.


Favorite Eye Color: I KNEW IT. You're trying to get my ideal type, aren't you? Why is it that girls like this kind of thing?

whitedove: Awww, be a good sport, Naruse!!* Green eyes, brown eyes, jeez.

Favorite Hair Color: Depends... Light brown, maybe...

Short or Long: Long and wavy-ish. Hahaha. Sounds like my mom.

Height: Shorter than me. That's obvious.

Style: Doesn't matter. Normal.

Looks or Personality: Both.

Hot or Cute: Cute. Can't deal with too good-looking people... just looking at them annoys me.

whitedove: I guess you haven't looked in the mirror lately?*

Drugs and Alcohol: None. Don't want my girl doing these things. But she has to drink with me when I'm depressed later haha.

Muscular or Really Skinny: Huh... never thought of it before. Not too muscular, I guess.


Number of Regrets in the Past: Too many. Ugh, my life.

What country/world do you want to Visit: The US. It's very nice, or so I think?

How do you want to Die: When I'm old with a family. Just dying from age, no disease.

Been to the Mall Lately: Every weekend? Sometimes I skip class and go there, they don't really care.

Do you like Thunderstorms: They're alright. Snow is better. BETTER.

Get along with your Parents: I wonder. I hate my dad, and my mom is alright.

Health Freak: I hate those kinds of people.

Do you think your Attractive: Hmmmm... good question. I like how fit I am? Don't girls like muscles? Hahaha. Who cares.


Want to go to College: Gakuen Alice is pretty much college in a nutshell.

Do you Smoke: WTF. I said no already.

Do you Drink: I used to. Sometimes.

Shower Daily: Yeah.

Been in Love: Yeah.

Do you Sing: Yeah... *awkward*

Want to get Married: Yeah.

Do you want Children: Hmmm... I hope my own kids are good, cuz I hate other kids. Ha.

Hate anyone: Axel. Suzuki and Hoshino are alright guys. Hoshino needs to man up though. Axel pisses me off.

You Prolly answered this already but if your in Love, whoI is it?: I KNEW IT! Dammit, I knew you would ask this question!!

whitedove: Tee...hee... -sweat drop-* No one, I guess. *whitedove: Lies!!* Okay, enough questions already! Write the next chapter! I don't give a crap for your "busyness" or whatever! *grabs Anzu's hand* Let's go, Anzu! *Anzu: -pout- Guess I'll do one survey another day, huh Sensei? Bye bye!*

Memoria random facts and spoilers... : Naruse's name comes from Naruse Shinji (or, if you play the game, Shinji Naruse) from Lux-Pain! I think he's cute, but I'm not so fond of his English voice actor. O.O

-Sometimes when I'm stuck on the plot, I'll outline stuff. Or I draw a manga version of what I want. It's really amusing.

-Right now I'm listening to Vocaloid music as I'm typing... I love Hatsune Miku so much. I want to go to one of her concerts someday. There was one in Los Angeles during the summer! Why wasn't I there??? ;o; Mannnnnn...

-Oh yeah... Naruse only likes slightly sweet things (like green tea cake) and salty stuff. He doesn't like chocolate. Anzu eats anything, but absolutely never spicy food (because it burns! Very badly!).

Birthdays of some characters (with the help of an astrology website):

Naruse-- September 15th (currently in the story, Naruse is 9, but will be turning 10)
Anzu-- February 27th (currently in the story, Anzu is 9)
Axel-- January 24th (currently in the story, Axel is 9)

More coming later!! :D

Story Progress (Memoria):

Yeah, deleted my other two stories... o.o I hated them, and they didn't seem to have somewhere to go, unlike Memoria, which will always have a path (I've got loads for that one, lol).

O_O And for you impatient peoples... I am writing, gosh!! >:O Lol. I'm just a bit busy (and lazy *cough*) with homework and... yeah... ; (sweat) Whenever I'm on the computer I don't feel like writing... I have to wait a while, gomen..

Ahh, right now I'm really stuck with the plot line, so... I'm going to write a flood of fluffs for you guys!!! (woot woot!)
...sob. But really, it's kinda disastrous right now. Gyah! Errr.. here is a list of fluffs I'm gonna make... Ah, but fluff= something that just can't fit in the main plot line... it can be character backgrounds, Mikan and Natsume's wedding, Naruse and Anzu goofing off and bonding, Naruse getting drunk (?!), or something really stupid... ;;; (sweat)

-In no particular order, here goes nothing!- The ones in bold are the ones I'm looking most forward to (hehehe).

- Mikan and Natsume's wedding (it's gonna be hard, since I'm too young to be married! xD)
-Hotaru and Luca being lovey-dovey (which sounds kinda hard, cuz of Hotaru's personality...)
-Maria chasing Axel (lol!) and getting called a baka-couple (though they never date, ha!)
-Anzu raids the kitchens (and I don't know why!) with Suzuki (maybe he wanted to nibble lol!)
-Anzu being whacky with everyone in the Technical class
-Festival time! The Technical class does... um... I'll figure it out. Lol! xD
-Naruse x Anzu (get ready to cry your eyes out!!)
-Dream Time! Anzu has a crazy dream with all the characters in it, but in cosplay??? Guess what Naruse's dressed as! (rofl)
-Anzu explains with great depth the story of Hayami Yuusuke to Naruse! (if you've all forgotten, Hayami Yuusuke is a story character that Mikan and Anzu created when they were bored. They are also completely infatuated by him, lol! xD Mikan and Anzu made his story as a visual novel)
And, of course, as mentioned above, Naruse getting drunk. But the hard part is, how does he get drunk?! It must've been Anzu! (evil gleam) Bwahaha, so defenseless!!

-Oh yeah, but to the anonymous reader(s?) who keep commenting on Memoria... ;; (sweat) Please try not to think too much over the story, or you'll reveal the spoilers... but I praise you since you've figured me out (gah!). xD xD xD Ah, but it still seems you haven't figured out Maiko's secret yet, so that's okay. :) Bwahahaha, I hope you don't get that one. ;;; It'll be a little more obvious as the characters get older.

-Err.. and no, Maiko is not adopted... (how did you get that one?!) xD Lol! Besides, Anzu and Maiko and Hoshino aren't cousins to begin with; they're called cousins because their parents are really good friends (and because it's easier that way). Well, when you have a large family and you're Asian (uhm, like me), we all tend to call each other brothers, sisters, aunties, and uncles (gege, jeje, sumsum, and bacbac, in Cantonese... The romanized spelling is terrible, I know...).

-I'll never leak Maiko's secret... ;;;;;;; It's okay if you make swinging guesses at it though. Because it'll be wrong (definitely!).

-Ahhh, I love the comedy between Luca, Hotaru, Maiko, and Hoshino though... Their family "feeling" is quite different from the sweetness of Natsume, Mikan, and Anzu's family. Hahaha! I love them a lot.

Story Progress (My Princess is a Prince):

; Not a lot of people know Koko ni Iru Yo, it seems... * Gyaa, but Tooyama Ema is the most awesome mangaka ever!!!!!! *throws tantrum*

Anyway... it seems to have gone to a good start...? ;;; Uhhh errrr ahhh... (lol) Yes, mild shounen ai warning (but not because Hikage is crossdressing... btw, that's called andrygonous, I think). o Yeah... Not saying anything else... (ack!)

- But I like a tomboy Hikage She's so cool! Hahahaha. ; In my life there are only a couple tomboys (at the least, one). But she wears her hair long. Who said tomboys had to have short hair... (but Hikage does lol)

;;;;;;; Okay, I think I'll start writing the third chapter... whoopie! *throws confetti* It's a.. bit more visual... o lol

-End of my story. (laugh) I'll update this thing once in a while. - Until then, adieu. (Or something.)

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