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Hello, and welcome to the communal drabble page for the members of "R.U.I.N.S: Can't Stand Deathly Hallows"!

R.U.I.N.S. stands for "Random, Utterly Inconsistent, Nonsensical Sham" and is the name we've given a forum on wherein fans can discuss their issues with the final novel of the Harry Potter series. It's technically a fictionalley "Can't Stand" forum, where dissenting views - posts in favour of Deathly Hallows - should not be lodged. However the level of debate is often quite high as we furiously argue over which is the absolute worst of the many errors proliferating the ultimate tome of the series ...

If there's one good thing about Deathly Hallows - and there may, indeed, be only one good thing about Deathly Hallows - it's that the book lends itself marvellously to parody. Members of R.U.I.N.S. have written drabbles based on the plot (and plot holes) of the seventh Harry Potter book and have placed them here for your enjoyment ... and edification. If you're not already an anti-fan of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" we hope these short stories might persuade you to consider the reasons why this book proved to be the low point of the Harry Potter series and fell far, far short of providing a satisfactory resolution to Harry's seven-year journey.

If you'd like to examine our analysis of Deathly Hallows in more detail please pop over to the forum and take a look. Maybe set up an account and make a post or two. Tell us about another error in Deathly Hallows! Or get in touch with your inner parody author, dive in and write an anti-DH drabble! It's great fun! J. K. Rowling's given us a gold mine of sub-par plots to plunder!

To avoid confusion, you can find the current (open) thread at our homepage link.

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Domestic Blitz reviews
What are the most important traits to ensure success in battle? Does a duelist need training, experience or a motive to win? Perhaps the most important thing is love and a willingness to win against all odds...
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Within every group there is a driving force, an inescapable destiny... The Trio is no exception.
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Harry's instincts, though they are "good and nearly always right," do sometimes fail when he needs them most. Or do they...
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If Harry's sacrifice protected everyone from Voldemort, could things have gone differently in the final confrontation with the Dark Lord?
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In their final confrontation Harry offered Voldemort the chance to repent - the only way for a person with Horcruxes to be healed. What would have happened if Voldemort had accepted the offer?
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Why was the Horcrux still destroyed if Harry didn't die? Why did Grindelwald stealing the Elder Wand make him its master, but Voldemort stealing it didn't count? Here is an attempt to make sense out of the madness. This is how the ending should have gone.
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Who Owns Your Wand Today? reviews
Harry became master of the Elder Wand by overpowering Draco. But was it really that straightforward?
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