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My name cannot be spoken by any human tongue, but an approximation would be Walgnarghl5mns!()!/00s. Seriously though, i'm not telling you. For all I know one of you might know me, or something.

Anyway, my favourite anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion, though I like a few others such as Hellsing.

Thank you to those who have reviewed my stories :)

I have no plans to continue of Love, Trains and Ressurection, but that might change one day. Nighttime Visitor...Maybe. It'll provide a good excuse for writing lots of lemons, after all-"I'm not a pervert, fantasist, fanboy/girl, teenager with too much spare time, creepy old man, otaku or Rei and Shinji kiss-and-telling from another universe, I just have to update my story!". Lol.

Expect lots of one-shots, drabbles and the like. Mostly Shinji x Rei, its my favourite pairing. Just for the record, real life has strung its noose tight around my neck. Which is extremely annoying, as I have to update :(

I want to become a better writer, so I'm writing mainly to see if other people like my stories and if not, to scourge the blight of incompetence from whatever core of slight talent I may posess in the heat of cleansing flames. Heh.

Oh, and thanks to:

AA TTrue GGamer, animeboredstickman12123, mangafreak7793, Popkov, 94saturn, Fanf1cFan, SolidJJ, NHunter, SM02 ,Mike Kromer, dylanredefined, Wildfire1999 , Storyteller of dimensions and SSJBardock for their reviews. And as proof that I actually listen to them, Nighttime Visitor has speechmarks! Yay! At last the characters speak through means other than telepathy! Oh and w00t, i'm in a archive! You guys are too kind :)

By the way SolidJJ and Nhunter, if by some quirk of fate you are reading this, I'm trying to write a followup chapter that will have Asuka in it. The focus is on Rei and Shinji, but with a little of Asuka on the side. The main problem is keeping the whole thing even partially IC, but I'm trying. The problem is that I planned this as a oneshot, so any expansion requires a plot...And here I must contend with the fact that I don't currently have one...So it will likely be quite some time before my next update.

UPDATE on Nighttime Visitor: I'm really sorry, but my writer's block has kicked in. I'll put up other stories, but I really can't get this one out. The dreaded block may last a day, a week, or may be indefinite. Sorry. I might try and keep those few who care satisfied with filler lemony sacrifices, but the plot eludes me. A few things, though: The primary pairing will still be SxR. Asuka will join in, and she will be more than a one-time third partner, but...well. Unless I decide to make something totally out-of-left-field, like Asuka x Hikari, but that probably isn't a good idea :p

If anybody actually reads this, I will be amazed.

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