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lt;p>The Official Account for the forum Complete and Utter Twilight Randomness.

Aimee: A message to RL: We did not steal this idea from you. We really did need this account, because we're doing a joint Fanfic. Oh and Hi, Bunny! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself)

Here are our current members: (Followed by Name/Age/Location, if they chose to provide this info)

Shakespeare Freakazoid Aimee, 13, USA. Writes Aimee POV in the fic.

Miss Werewolf Finy, 12, USA. Writes Anah POV in the fic.

TeamJacob101 Cereal, 11, Third Planet From the Sun. Writes Etty POV in the fic.

Godslittlegirl13 Ari (Occationally Keeton), 14 (16), Colorado (USA)

Quil's bud Chris, 13, Earth. Writes Jackson POV in the Fic.

boysareadrag Miranda, 13, Earth. Does not write in fic, but Elizabeth is based off of her.

Lollipopbaby Lolly, 15, Austrailia

PedroCullenBloomTM Pedro, 12, USA.

Musings of a Shaken Mind Becky, 15, Scotland

noddingnod Niamh, 14, Ireland

Bleach Strawberry Addict Atom, Virginia (USA). Writes Bailey POV in fic.

Strawberry-Cherry Rachel, Unkown, USA

Kiatami-chan Kiatami, 14, USA

Bubbles-ZeeCrzy1 Bubbles, 16, California (USA)

Teh Soul Cookie Gir, 16, USA

Istar1219 Bella, 15, Earth

x19 Chelsea Knight 19 Chelsea, 14, USA

moonfairie Sam, 13

Maskwa Witko Eric, 15, Canada

twilightmomtobe Megan, 23, USA

prettypinkbookworm Prink, 14, Midwest USA

Shai Butter Ebony, 15, Arizona (USA)

Stormthief 8 Luna (Holly, Storm, Lil' Munch), 13-30, Minnesota (USA)

kuniehappy pwns Kat (Cheese, Kyumie), 13, Mississippi (USA)

coolblue110 Sam, 12, New Jersy (USA)

SheCan'tDance Alex, 13, Canada

beautifulEdward Sam, New York (USA)

Kovu 01 Kovu, 21, North Carolina (USA)

Child-of-God13 Elvis, Colorado (USA)

Percy j fan J-Chan, 13, USA

kitimastr 15, Pennsylvania (US)

Mez TWiLigHt and Hp FANNNNNNNN Mez, 12

Soulmate of Mr. Whitlock-Hale Bella, USA

Innocent Uke Ireland

Gotta love Alice Cullen Rosie, Somwhere on the planet

Alice Cullen 24.4 Alice

Some0Random0Chic Vikki, 13, Austrailia

wildmagic-twilight Magic

Heart of the Lullaby Maddie, 14, USA

xsincerity T, USA

beckyisanorange Becky, 13, England

OCDgirl326 JD, 13, USA

lalababee Emily, 14, USA

Sashimi-Chan Jenny. That's all you need to know.

Jasperlover12 Elena, 13, Montana (USA)

Mrs. Pokeylope Ernie, 14, Ohio (USA)

Red Eyed Angel Rea, 14, New York (USA)

XxNikixX Niki, 22, Califonia (USA)

Rock'n'Slash Kat, 13, USA

Emmy1512 Emmy (EJ), 20, South Austrailia

bstfrnd Caroline, Earth

Oo.Shattered Glass.oO Bells, 17, England

Alexis MoonShine Ashleigh (Angel, Lil), USA

Sillybookworm Adura, 11, Hawaii (USA)

Naynaye Naynaye, 17, USA

HelloBatty Bre, 16.5

SlapphappySpazzes Becca, 13, USA

jtot Jen (Jennietot), 21, England

kTarzynnaCullenKtarzynna, 19, Phillipines

EdwardsGirlSum-La Summer (Sum-La), 16, South Carolina (USA)

SPUNKeatsLEMONSforREVENGEq Delora Azrael

TwilightJac1 Jania, 13, USA

Team James James Black, 19, England

Team-Jacob-Rawks Meg, 13, New Zealand

jwillsxo Hannar, 16, UK

commasaywhat Janelle, 16, Washington (USA)

fetheht Megan, 18, USA

Johnny Emm Johnny Emm, 14, New York (USA)

ReallyRandomPairings Crystal, 19, England

Crimson Irises Tania Black, 22, England

Wilting Petals Samantha Rose (Rose), 19, England Sam, 13, Austrailia

xronnietbtx Tiarah (Jj, Em), 15, Thailand

lion'slamb01 Jessica, 18, North Carolina (USA)

Millian Asia

AllthingsEvil Rockingit


SourPatchGirl Lauren, 15, Maryland (USA)

xox-Smiley-xox Teenaged, England

DANiix0x Dani, 22, Massachusetts (USA)

Edward's angst Bella, 13, England

m.h.cullen Maisie (Mezz, Bob), 11, England

HollyCullen-HCullen Holly, 13, England

XxTwilight.DreamerxX Allana (Allie, Al), 13, Scotland

SaRaPiE Sarah (Ryann), 13, Texas (USA)

the-ugly-duckling-NOT Dani, 15, USA

BestBeatingHeart Mia (Ginny, Archibald), 15, England

LoveBonesNTwilight Tiffany (Tif), 14, Malaysia

XxxAlyssaCullenXxx Alyssa, USA

Summers-Sunrise Summer, 18, New Zealand

XxDr.FangxX Tasha (Trip, Trippy), 15

Emmett'sEntertainer Mamma Voltui (Or Penname), 16, England

AmeliaMischeif 18, Virginia (USA)

TheAngelOfHope Laurn, 17, England

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If you wish to be in the fic, please PM Shakespeare Freakazoid or Quil's Bud. Jason: We might actually need a new author because we are re-writing. So... yeah.

Links for the Fic:

Well, that's it. Peace, Love, and Jacob!! Make Cookies, Not War (And be sure to give some of the cookies to us)!! Power to the Authors!! When life gives you lemons, throw them back and demand cookies! (and give them to us!)Ok, I'm done with the cheesy one-liners.

Complete and Utter Twilight Randomness reviews
What happens when 3 best friends discover that Twilight exists? Will they ever get back home? Will they even want to go back home? Twilight isn't in the story until chapter 4. AU Jake/OC Seth/OC, OC/OC. Rated T for language and Innuendos.
Twilight - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 10 - Words: 13,615 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 5/12/2009 - Published: 8/6/2008
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