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Author has written 26 stories for Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, and Gundam Wing/AC.

I am 20 years old now _ As you can tell by my use of the English language, not as mature as you'd think! I dont want to be a writer when I grow up coz I dont have the moxie to be honest. This is just something I do for fun.

I've watched a crap load more anime than the last time I updated this thing. The list is as follows:

-Weiss Kreuz
-Ranma 1/2 (not done
-Rurouni Kenshin
-All the Dragonball Series'
-Excel Saga
-Cowboy Bebop
-Outlaw Star
-Tenchi (Muyo, Universe and Tokyo)
-Azumanga Daioh (I LOVE THIS SHOW!)

Um...that's all I can remember now _()

As you may have guessed from my fics, any Yamcha bashing is forbidden. Sure, he's not my fave but I still think the dude rocks! Counts how many 1000's of enemies she has made now Ah well!

Any fics that I wrote in my 1st year were all practise stories. Some of them I wrote eons before I knew of this website. Hence the poor grammer etc, etc. ...Okay, so it's an excuse! Forgetaboutdit! Anyhooing, there have been some questions that people have asked me in reviews or in e-mails or whatever and since I can't answer them in the fics I'll answer them I just wanna make my thingy look longer grins

1) What's with the "dude"?
Okay, I use the word dude a lot because I basically grew up with shows and cartoons from the 80s where all my favourite characters said dude in every sentence. It's a very very very bad habit and I will try to stop using much _

2) Why do you take so long to update?
I have another bad habit of starting three different stories at once, and then forgetting what I was going to write in one of them. Hence, there are quite a few unfinished stories. Plus any fanfiction I read are usually very long ones so they take up my time too. Then there's college and of course my number one inspiration the TV.

3) Are CJ and Goten gonna get together?
Let's just say you'll have to wait and see.

4) Are any of your made up characters based on people you know?
Of course, I could never make up people that...interesting _

5) Who are they?
I don't have their permission to say...partly coz they don't know :D Um, one is based on me! But I ain't telling.

6) Are you Canadian?
Nope, I'm British. I guess sense of humour and spelling is similar huh?

7) Why did you get rid of CJ?/Is CJ ever going to come back?/HOW COULD YOU, YOU EVIL THING! etc
sweatdrops hehe...ahem. I can tell I made a whole lot of you pissed off that CJ is gone. Well, I was toying with the idea of killing her off rather than just letting her leave...SO BE GRATEFUL:P Anyhoo, she left because to be honest, CJ is getting an awful lot of storyline for someone who isn't (originally) a main character. Personally, I never liked her that much and you've all seen what happens when a story that I've written doesn't focus on the other characters. (Nicholas and Natalie anyone?) So she's taking a break or whatever. There's also the little issue of Paresu and Goten. Now, whether you people like it or not, they do date in DBGT. I also overlooked the fact that in the anime she's quite a nice person. After all, Goten wouldn't love her if she wasn't. So CJ was the weakest link and she went bye bye. As for if she's coming back...that's being debated as we speak. I mean, as I type or you read. Whatever _

8) Who's your favourite character?
In DBZ, it's Goku. I think I've already said that somewhere. I also like Mirai Trunks, cos he's that damned cool as is Legolas...he's not a DBZ character. Whoops _. Out of the characters I've made up, my favourite used to be Lil Tak cos he used to have all those government conspiracy theories but he kinda grew out of those. My favourite now would have to be Nicholas, cos he can be such a little (bleep) to Gohan _ It's so fun!

9) What order do your stories go in?

I'm very sorry, cos I've confused a hell of a lot of people when they read my fics. All ones involving any G/V romance come in a particular order. Also unfortunately, if you want to read my fic "Rifts and Changes", you're gonna have to read the stories in this order:


Sorry for the confusion!

Okay, enjoy the stories below at your own risk. Be warned, you need to have a substantial amount of pop culture knowledge to be able to understand the lame lines known as "jokes". Criticisms welcome, flames are not. Especially ones that accuse plagerism of other fanfics. _


I changed my name, I know, I'm sorry but I was getting a lot of schtik from peoples and...well, I'm a lot like Lina Inverse except that I don't love myself, lol.

27 October 2004 - Okay guys, there's a little bit of bad news. It's assignment season @ college and well, I wanna pass my 2nd year so I've taken a little time out from writing. The first 1/4 of the next chapter has already been written out but to be honest, I've lost the will to do this ficcie anymore. There are about 5 or 6 chapters left and as the chapters have gone on, it seems less and less people have been reading. Reviews usually give me the incentive to blow off schoolwork and write the fic and they also give me the criticisms I need to make the next chapter better. I don't know if I've lost readers because of my hideously long gaps in updating or because the story has become cruddy! This is how your reviews help me along! Thanks to Tones and Marie Marko for reviewing my latest chapter_ So hopefully this little break will give me the inspiration to write more, and give people the time to read any chapters they haven't yet or whatever. I promise, I'll post as soon as I finish.
DS _

02 March 2005- Okay, a little update. I seriously cannot even think of working on my fic right now because of my workload @ uni. As soon as I give in the last assignment, I should be able to put out the next chapter of Rifts and Changes. I've not been ignoring it on purpose, I swear!
DS _

Quote of the Moment
Lex Luthor: Wherever you're taking me won't be safe enough. But I have just the place.
they land outside a barber shop
Supergirl: A barber shop?
Steel: Gotta hand it to you Luthor, nobody would think to look for you here.

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