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So I'm a first year uni student now and so over these years I have developed a lot of different interests and become interested in a lot of different fandoms too.

As I read my old stories, all I can think of is how much they SUCK. Like, holy nuggets, they were really really badly written. Hence, before I venture on to creative writing in any new fandoms, I have taken it upon myself to fix up my already existing stories, and clean up this account.

I will be re-writing, and hopefully continuing, my stories, despite losing my initial craze about CCS (sorry but there's just so much more to the world! haha), this shall work somehow. CCS is my childhood anime and therefore still holds a soft spot in my heart. Yes...that is all.


Hi, thanks for coming here to look at my (Starlit.Amulet's) profile!

Location: Australia

Proudly: Asian (though I was born in and still live in Australia)



(and heapssss of other animes of course, but I honestly cbf to list them all).

Food: anything edible

Band: Currently, it's Exo. They are adorable, talented, attractive... (yes it's a Kpop band. Yes Kpop is awesome. Fellow Exotics, gimme a PM!)

Listening to: Wolf - Exo

Favourite asian drama/series: GAKSITAAAAAAAAL (heehee couldn't help it), City Hunter, and I Hear Your Voice. Absolutely cannot choose out of the three. Just so so amazing.

Other Asian dramas I've watched and liked: Rooftop Prince. SungKyunKwan Scandal. Queen In-Hyun's Man. 49 Days. Secret Garden. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Autumns Concerto. Down With Love. Hi My Sweetheart. Why Why Love. You're Beautiful. Corner with Love. Hot Shot. ToGetHer. Ko 3an Guo. The X Family. Black and White, KO One 2, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop etc etc

Animal: Wolf. Though I love dogs too! I have a little cream/white pomeranian who sometimes looks like a mini snow white wolf. (update Feb 2011 - he ran away! (;_;) )

Hobbies: Being bored. Being random. Annoying friends. Drawing. Taking pictures. Matchmaking friends. Shopping and watching movies with friends. Reading/watching anything about any Asian celebrities I care about. Reading and writing fanfiction. Doing stuff on my laptop. Watching tv. Watching Youtube comedians. Watching Youtube videos related to kpop. Watching anime. Occasionally exercising through Wii Sport (lol jks I dance, and also do pilates following Blogilates on Youtube). Watching AWESOME asian dramas.

Feel free to PM me! If you have an common interests or just feel like it! I love making new friends! Oh, and definitely feel free to REVIEW my stories! hehehe


Here are the summaries of my stories:


Have you ever had a pet? A fluffy dog? A playful cat? A pet as big as a horse? Something different from usual, like a hermit crab?

Or maybe something with golden scales that shimmer under the sunlight? Something so plain, so ordinary, yet so distant and untouchable.

A little goldfish, swimming in its own little world.

It can keep you company, you can talk to it, but all you get in reply is ‘bubble, bloop, bubble’.

So have you ever wondered whether the little creature knew what was happening outside it tank?
Perhaps it understood your every move, your every word?
Perhaps its seemingly random swimming patterns were its ways of expressing itself?
Have you ever wondered if it could possibly have far more emotions and feelings than you could ever imagine a fish to have?
Have you ever imagined that it’s possible your pet fish, seemingly unresponsive and incomprehensible, fell in love with you?

The Other Shore

King Fujitaka and half of the Kinomoto kingdoms people have caught a terrible sickness. Sakura must set out on a perilous journey to seek the cure. On the way, she meets a peasant named Li Syaoran, who isn't what he seems. Then again, nothing in Sakura's quest is what it seems. Not even the purpose of the quest...

The start of this fanfic sounds like Heir to the Kingdom by Peacewish. Is NOT to be compared with Peacewish's work!! Just a honest misunderstanding! Sorry Peacewish! I'm trying to make it sound less and less like Heir to the Kingdom now that the problem has been found! This is just a poor little fanfic set in medieval times trying to collect some reviews! Please don't flame on this subject!

The Card Creator (SOON TO BE REVISED)

Syaoran is back from Hong Kong and he's changed. The Card Creator has also been released.
Sakura has to try and figure out how to make things better with Syaoran, capture the Cards, find the Creator before it creates a Cards that can destroy the world and find who released it! Cardcaptor Sakura season 4!

A continuation of the anime, I haven't read the manga.

Chen YiDao:

(update July 2012 UHHH Jks, I've taken down that account...but with my new programs and awesome improved drawing skills (BAHAHAHA no) I shall get a new pic of him up soon...)


Something things last forever. Somethings don't...
A smile of love. A smile of deceit. A smile of pure happiness.
These can be seen in everyday life.
A genuine smile is what's rarely seen, and when smiled, it ends all misery, just for that moment.
It is a smile people want to smile.
It is a smile people want to see.
It is an evanescent smile.

If a person gives their lover one of the emerald necklaces at sunrise, and keeps one themself, they will be granted everlasting love and happiness.

The story starts in 2008, and follows Sakura and Syaoran through their years of high school and possibly beyond.
Interactions with their friends, the families, their classmates.
With so many obstacles standing in their way, will they ever get to be together?
What's this new discovery about Sakura?
And what about the legend of the emerald necklace?

CCS gang on MSN

I started this when I was bored and to relieve stress.

Basically the CCS gang chat online, or on MSN.

Be prepared for a lot of RANDOMNESS.

I hope it's funny...

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Half of her kingdom have caught a terrible sickness. Sakura must set out to find the cure. On the way she meets a peasant named Li Syaoran, who isn't what he seems. Then again, nothing in the quest is what it seems. better summary in profile
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