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Author has written 7 stories for Daa! Daa! Daa!.

Pen Name: Ahvs
Country: Philippines
Motto: Time is gold!

About me:
Drawing is my favorite past time.
Love Daa! Daa! Daa! since 2002, i love to watch this anime all over again.

- I had an abstract thoughts
- Intelligent and clever.
- Changing personality
- Attractive and Sexiest out of everyone
- Temperamental
- Quiet, shy and humble
- Honest and loyal
- Determined to reach goals
- Loves freedom
- Loves aggressiveness
- I'm too sensitive and easily hurt. I always gets angry really easily but does not show it
- Dislikes unnecessary things
- Loves making friends but rarely shows it
- Daring and stubborn
- Ambitious
- I always realizing dreams and hopes
- Sharp
- Romantic on the inside not outside
- Superstitious and ludicrous
- Spendthrift


Well, before i became a writer in ff.net... i was just only an avid reader of Daa!Daa!Daa! and Detective Conan and I'm also one of the people who doesn't submit a reviews/comment. But eventually as time goes by and after I appreciate all the works done by young writers in here, I learned to submit a review... but truly the previous page of ff.net wasn't really user friendly that's why i don't know what's happening... ARGF!

After a long months of being a reader... i just figure out not nobody writes horror fics. So, i try to look for someone who can work with it. I ask my favorite authors like Kanata Saionji, Daddnynaz and Princess2902 to create story for me. They all respond to my favor and eventually Princess2902 took the risk (i really love this gal... thank u sis!) . I was so happy to read the work she made for me. Although I knew that others tried to create one, but to tell you the truth i was a kind of person who wants everything - a rush. I don't like waiting eh!

As the days goes by... i tried to create one for myself, 'A vacation to an eerie house' was my first masterpiece. Though it's quiet odd to read its first chappie becoz of many wrong grammars... even today as i read the first part... truly, i want to delete it... it so ugly! hahaha! After that I.idora came into the scene and help me checked all my wordings. I'm so greatful that this girl help me. Of course my friend Princess2902 was also there to help me. Afterwards, i learned to stand on my feet, no need for someone to check all my wordings, though i'm still on a process. But hey! Nobody is perfect, right? Even great writers/authors do a lot of mistakes... and that's the reason why most of their books takes time to be released becoz of too much editing.

Being a writer in ff.net is really challenging. Though you already pictured out the scene on your head but putting it into writing is the most difficult. Writing is the hardest thing for me to do... unlike drawing. Though drawing is my most favorite. But in writing, i learned a lot. Even my english vocabulary has been exercised and truly it helps me a lot!

So, to those who just love to read other works... try to write. I know you had something on your mind. Nothing will lose, unless you tried it once.

A letter to all readers of ff.net

I just want to give an appreciation to those people who always submitting a review. To tell you the truth, it's an honor for us (writers) to receive a feedback from those who stay as readers only. We want to know from you if you truly appreciate our work. Was it good or was it bad? Well, if it's bad it's okay if you don't comment. It's hard to comment on a story if your not really fascinated. Am i right?
Well, anyway. It's just only my opinion... i don't know if other writer/readers agreed to me, but i think they do.
So, readers ones you saw a story that gives a great impact to you, try to hit the button below and say something. You really know how much our ears clap when we received something from you.

MY STORIES (others w/ front cover drawing):

1. A Vacation to an eerie house: (my first masterpiece)

2. The Unexpected Menarche: (an idea came out when i was inside the bathroom)

3. Kanata serious piece of advice: (a story dedicated to my emo friend)

4. Kanata's secrecy of love: (funny story inspired by lovers around the globe)

5. A call from hell: (a story created when i was alone, answering phone calls)

6. Hotel in California: (inspired by a song HOTEL CALIFORNIA sang by Eagles)

7. Never leave your partner behind: (inspired by the movie FireProof)

Happy reading and God bless!

A letter to myself

Life is like a book.
Everyday is a new page, with adventures to tell, lessons to learn and tales on good deeds to remember.
The best way to start a new day of adventure is to clean our hearts, no hatred, no fear, no shadow of loneliness, just enjoying the gift of life.
We are all works of God's magnificent hand. God is the potter and we are the clay.
When our human strength gives way, there is an arm that never gets tired.
God is holding and He won't let us go.
He will walk with you, talk with you and carry you.
Life is wonderful even if we struggles and difficulties coz' we have a loving God who heals the pain and keep us going.

When God is involved, anything can happen. Be open.
God has a beautiful way of bringing good vibration out of broken chords.
God's plan is better than ours, that's why God does not always say "YES", to every word we say.
Sometimes he say, "My child allow Me, I had a better plans."

Walking with God is the best adventure, finding God is the best achievement and having God as companion is the best source of happiness.
When life gets difficult, when the task become tiring, when our hearts giving up, just remember that the snail got to Noah's art... inch by inch
God is always certain that we won't have to face life alone for when we feel weak in our struggles.
His strength will prevail and not ours.

Remember, never got discourage when things go beyond our expectation.
Always remember that the greatest story of life is not winning but rising every time we fall.
God always make happy endings, if it's not happy then its not yet the end.
If you are struggle, take courage for its not done yet. TRUST and WAIT, Ahvs!

I can be a good director or adviser but not a good writer! :)

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Never leave your partner behind reviews
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