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My Bio: Updated July 26

My name is Josh, and I am an otaku...I am also a Trekkie and I'm alsoa black 22-year-old christian man from southern Louisiana. I'm all of these things, and then some.I never plan ahead for anything, because when I do, it never works and something completely unexpected happens that winds up better than the original plan.

I'm also not what you would call your "textbook black dude". I enjoy eating sushi: raw and non-raw. I'm probably the biggest Star Trek fan on my block, and when it comes to anime, I'm as close to an otaku as you can get. I never been on a date. I really don't like sports. I like to sit down with a good book on my porch swing. I surf the web fluently and don't have not one lick of porn on my PC, or in my room for that matter.(I never did see the rhyme or reason for porn: two people doing the what?) I'm a fanfiction writer, reader and reviewer, and I'm also a pretty good driver!

For those who are wondering about my screen name, allow me to explain. "KhakiBlue" refers to my high school uniform colors: khaki pants and blue shirt.It's a handle that, over the years, I've never been able to shake, so I decide to embrace it whole heartidly.The "Sock" part refers to Izzy's green socks in season one. (more on this later)

I enjoy many different types of writing styles and have a interesting facination with MPREG stories...(Yeah, it's gross, kinda, but it's interesting to see the different ways people write it!) I'm a reader by nature, my eyes just can't sit still for a second, I always have to have something to read or something to keep my eyes busy, be it book, TV, computer, or Cell phone!

When it comes down to Digimon Couples, there are eight that I agree with, the rest I don't know about, am still riding the digi-fence about,or don't WANT to know about, or just plain ol' can't stand, or am too embarassed to mention that I actually like:

TAKARI - (You never forget your first love! Although it may contradict the next entry below! Mykan, you can suck on that!)
PATAGATO- Although my stories primarly feature human beings, I'm currently writing my first all digimon story, and it kinda fits with the Takari couple above!
DAIKARI - (I'm a writer of many trades! If the story is good, the couple shouldn't matter!'s Davis' turn anyway! Read below!)
KOUMIMI - (Prodigiously Pink)
TAIORA - (Now, come on. That's a given!)
JUNATO - (You could say I wrote the book on it!)
KENYAKO - (She finally got a man!)
TAIMIMI - (I read a story one time, and I was hooked on this couple for a while!)
TAIKARI - (NOT a typo. Jinn Strider wrote a beautiful story with this coupling, so I had to mention it!)

Once upon a time, I was a pretty frequent fanfiction writer, but I had to leave because of school and computer dramas. Now, I'm out of school, an active social life, and a head full of ideas just waiting to be put to great use!I like all different types of anime, from Inuyasha to FLCL! The only one I can't stand is S-Cry-Ed and Beyblade! Show me either, and I will hurt you!

My all time favorite anime to date is obviouslyDigimon, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic,Neon Genesis Evangelion (Thanks to my brother for introducing me to it!), Cowboy Bebop and, most recently, Escaflowne (Thanks to my public library!) I currently am addicted to the Case Closed magna comics, and am just getting into anime movies. The best I've seen so far: My Neighbor Totoro (Gotta start somewhere), "Kiki's Delivery Service" (The only time I think that Disney isn't evil) Spirited Away (Spot a pattern here?),"Grave of the Fireflies" (One of the best anime movies of all time)"Barefoot Gen" (ANOTHER great anime movie that Ijust got my hands on, thanks to ebay!) and,though I really couldn't tell ya why in hindsight,"Digimon: The Movie"

I run a somewhat successfull website called "TheAnime-Green Sock", a gallery site with Inuyasha, Digimon, Trigun, etc. I also provide links to fanfiction stories that I particularly like, so don't be suprised if your story turns up on my site! Next year, I plan on moving it to AOL and rechristning it "TAKCTAGS: Version3.0" That's is, if all goes well. If not, the site will stay right where it is! And hopefully, I'll have time to get back to it! In the meantime, I've recently been premoted to one of the administrators of one of the coolest forums in the world, "The Takari Patagato Forum"ran by my good friend Lord Patamon!

If you notice that the majority of my stories are about pregnacy and childbirth, it's because...well...that's the only thing that I really know how to write about! I can try writing about different things, (and I have written about different things) but I think I just want to get this writing phase out of my blood. I'm not a sicko or a degenerate or anything, (though I am crazy!)I just think that it's one of the most beautiful things that the human body does in it's entire lifetime. It's a miracle that often goes overlooked in our lives, and besides, it's how we all got here...unless you're an alien or a chicken or something...

Besides, I like to think that these stories are just a contiuance of all those love stories you read that don't go past the wedding! You hear about the bumpin' and the grindin' but you don't hear what happens after the fact. In my opinion I write about what happens after the wedding night...and several other times in between...but we won't go there! Besides, I made a promise to myself that for every hentai fanfiction story I come across, I have to write one story with the couple where they have a kid. You've got to pay to play, in my opinion.

And now, to answer a question that's probably on everyone's mind: "What's with the freaking socks?"

Honestly, I don't know! I like the word "Sock" and I use it at least once in every story I write! Besides, these two pieces of cloth don't get enough appreciation! They keep your feet warm, and they come in all sorts of colors! I started with the "Sock" thing when one day I was watching Digimon, and I saw Izzy wearing these funky green colored socks and for some reason, I started using that word in writings! Oddball, I know, but hey! Though, blue, red, black and standard white are very cool in my book!

When I'm not in front of my keyboard, or in front of the TV, you can find me either at work, reading a book in the library, driving around town listing to anime music (my CD player currently has thePiano version of "Butterfly" (Original Digimon Theme Song) "Wild Challenger" (Bobobo-bo-Bobobo Japanese theme song) "GO!" (Naruto Theme), "Cruel Angel Thesis" (the original, strings, and Shinji version fromNeon Genesis Evangelion) and a whole lot more, not to mention what's on my computer!) or i'm in the kitchen, cooking like a madman. Like I said before, I love to drive. I get the majority of my ideas when I'm behind the wheel and the radio blasting in my ears! It's so cool! I'm also a photographer, and can be found just about every Saturday morning and afternoon around downtown Baton Rouge taking pictures with my digital camera of just about everything I can see.

I have the honor and the privilage of being Manager of the "Midnight Digital Writers Guild". A group consisting of myself, Jinn Strider, Zinovia, Lord Pata, Dark Qivit, Paige34, andFan Fiction Story Rater: late night fanfiction writers and readerswith our own unique style of writing! We're always on the lookout for new and unique fanfiction stories in between writing our own! So don't be suprised if you find your story on our list! If you wanna join on the staff, there are only three rules:

1. If you want to submit a story to the Guild, you must review it. (After all, it wouldn't make much sense to post a story that you don't support!)

2 Unless you're going to submit your own story into the Guild, please e-mail the author or leave a review before you submit. (After all, being in this Guild is a great honor!)

If you're willing to follow these rules, and you have a passion for late-night fanfiction writing/reading/reviewing, just IM me or drop a line by e-mail and we'll get you all set up! We currently have an opening available.

A current status on my stories as of August 15, 2006 10:12 PM:

Digi-Cats in the Cradle:

DELETED AND RETIRED- This story was a little overly ambitious, I must admit. I started it too soon after finishing "Nine Months..." and my brain was really fried and stressed for ideas! To that end, I decided to do combine this story with "Hope, Light and Key Lime Pie"! Maybe one day I'll try again with an all digimon cast, but for now, this story is outta here!

Digi-Socky Baby Boom:

In Progress - I have not yet begun to fight! Chapter 5, after about a 7 month hiatus, has finally been posted! Due to my very hectic work schedule, and some personal issues at home, I had a massive writers block! But, once I sat down and started writing, the ideas just came flowing out of me again! It felt great! Look forward to more later!

Nine MORE Months in the Director's Socks of the Motamiya's:

In Progress - Heh...heh...I know I originally planned to have the first chapter of the Directors Edition up by now, but with the new story I'm writing, I don't have much time to work on it! Hopefully, I'll have at least one chapter done and posted!The directors edition of "Nine Months in the Socks of the Motamiya's"will includes my comentary for particular scenes, some new scenes, and deleted scenes that were cut from the final draft! Because the story is so big (twenty eight freaking chapters!) I'm not going to put it with the "Forever Green Socks of Love" stories, rather I'll just post it as it's own story and update chapter-by-chapter every week. Look for the first chapter sometime in May or June!

Forever Green Socks of Love: Directors Edition:

Approaching Completion? - I think I'm done...though you never know..especially with the new story!

Davis, Davis Revolution:

Temporary Hiatus- Sorry guys, this one is on temporary hiatus until I finish up all my other projects! But don't worry; hopefully, I'll have time to get back on it when I finish my other stories!

Nine Months in the Socks of the Motamiya's :

Completed- For a moment there, I thought I was never going to finish that story! But I managed to hash out 28 chapters of a pretty darn good story! Thanks to everyone especially the Takari's for reviewing my story and for not flamming it! And an especially big thanks to Baby Gatomon who actually gave this story praise! Thanks BG!

Hope, Light, and Key Lime Pie :

Completed - DONE, DONE, DONE! Thank you all for your reviews and for proving that sap writing isn't dead! I was approached to write a sequal to this story yesterday, and if I come up with a good enough idea, I just might do that! This story was actually picked up by a website and posted for all to see! I'm hoping to submit this along with my other stories to more websites so people will have the opportunity to see just what I'm all about!

Search For The New:

Completed - Done, done and done! By far one of my better stories!

Love Knows No Yamato:

Completed - By far one of the longest stories I think I ever wrote. Or at least the second longest. Thanks to all the reviewers who gave me encouragement to finish and keep at it! I write for you!

When it comes down to stories, I'm not a BIG stickler for spelling and grammar. I look at what the story is saying. I kinda favor long stories, but short ones are cool too. As I mentioned before, MPREG interests me because it's something that is so out of the box it's interesting how people write it into stories like it was an everyday thing.

I'm currently going through a Daikari writing phase, which I am proud to say, I am really enjoying. I know what you're thinking: But you're a Takari writer! You should always write Takari! Besides! Davis doesn't even hook up with Kari in the end of the story!

And you would be right, Kari doesn't hook up with Davis...we THINK...but who says she hooks up with TK either? Remember the old quote: "Like polls attract, opposites repel." That applies with this couple. They're not perfect little angels: they're a regular couple and that's what makes them attractive together.

Besides, and be honest, some days, don't you get tired of seeing TK and Kari always hooking up. The two "angels" getting together, "Hope and Light" combining in an angelic form of some sort? Thousands upon thousands of Takari fanfics, and Davis, 99 percent of the time,always winds up on the bottom, while the angels wind up on top. I say that Davis has just enough right to be with Kari (If not more so) than TK does, and I think that it's his turn to have some fun with her!

(Note: If you're going to reply to the above statement, please avoid using the episode "His Mastes Voice" as an example--In all honesty, I'm really tired of beating that dead horse over and over again!)

Besides, what's wrong with Davis? Tai was the EXACT same way during Season one of Digmon, admit it! I am not limited to that. I am a WRITER first and foremost, so to me the couple doesn't matter as long as the story is good! If you turn away from a story just because you don't like the coupling, you could be missing out on some great fanficiton! So expand your mind people! You'll never know what you'll find!

And if you didn't understand all that, lemme make it simple for ya: It's Davis turn now!

I think a lot of writers give Daikari stories (the good ones) a hard time because they came across stories that put TK as the really stupid or really bad guy and Davis as the mega-super-hero type (This is known as God-Modding, and I really hate it!). If people would just open their minds and see that not all Daikari writers write like that, and that there are some GOOD Daikari stories out there where TK and Kari are just really good friends, then we wouldn't have a problem!

When I review a story, I always try to be positive. I don't believe in beating people down just because the grammar isn't good. I DO give some tough love to stories and to some authors who I believe can do better with stories, though, I am happy to say, I've only had to do a few times since being a author.

I always try to answer my reviews and my reviewers either by e-mail, or, mostly because I'm lazy, AOL Instant Messenger! I'm not picky about certain things, because I wouldn't want someone to be picky about my stories. You get what you recieve, and I believe in giving out good vibes and focusing on the positive instead of what's wrong with a story. Many people my age who written a couple of stories, and think they are the world's expert on writing, believe they can tell underlings how to do things any sort of way. That's a very wrong and very sick mentality to have.

I was inspired by my friend Dark Qiviut to list my favorite authors and my favorite stories, anong with my favorite reviewers,so here they are:

Jinn Strider - If there were anyone who I would most like to write like, it's this dude! His story "My Brother"opened doors for me that I never even knew were there! In a way, he taught me that it's okay to explore other possibilities in your writing!

Paige34 - She's likea crazy little sister! Her writing style is nothing short of hillarious! I've had the great honor of using one of her characters from her WIDELY successful story "Generation Two" and "Generation Two: The Sequal" and I've more than willingly let her use one of mine from my stories! She is truly a treasure of

Lord Patamon - My pal, my boss, my friend in pens! His stories (Including the Lemons) are wonderful! I've had the honor of helping him with one of his stories,"Gatomon's Baby"and I look forward for that opportunity again!

Dark Qiviut - One of the greatest reviewers has right now! His constructive critisisms were invaluable to me when I first started my latest story! He's a good writer, a great forum member, and, of course, a real friend!

Anthony1 - If ever there were a person adept at writing scary stories with a dash of humor, this is the guy! Not only is he a great reviewer, but his writing skills on his latest story "Genesis of a Hero" is nothing short of awe-inspiring!

Steve-Racer - I hope he doesn't mind if I call him my God brother! This guy has stuck by me no matter what couple I was writing about!Takari, Daikari, Taiora, Takolei; he reviewed them all! He always brings out positive in a story, and is never afraid to let me know when or if I crossed the line with something! A true blessing.

JyouraKoumi - On the outside, he may come off a little brash and rough, but in reality, he's a beautiful writer and an equally beautiful artist! If there were anyone I would want to meet in real life to have as a friend, it's him!

If you ever notice, on some of the reviews I write, I tend to award the writer "Sock Honors". This is a little thing I started to recognize my favorite authors/writers! I originally planned to take the stories that rank high sock honors like platinum or super a special section on my website. I still plan to do that, but it may have to wait until I make the decision to relocate. So, just for the record, if you see "Sock Honors" on your story, it's a good thing! To date, Paige34 has gotten my highest "Sock Honor" award for her stories, not once, but twice in a row! I believe that anyone could leave a "Great job! Write more!" review, (i've gotten my share of them, and they really drive me crazy!) but I've learned that people really like to be sincerly acknowledged for their writings not just thrown a two word review and the stereotypical, and very annoying "please write more". Tell a person what's great about their story, acknowledge the best parts of it, only give tough love when needed and in a timely fashion,and encourage the writer to stoke the flame that they started!

Here's a listing of the awards from highest to lowest:

Platinum Blue Toe Sock Honors

Red and Gold Toe Sock Honors

Blue Green Toe Sock Honors

Blue Toe Sock Honors

Golden Toe Sock Honors

Platinum Blue Sock Honors

Platinum Sock Honors

Gold Sock Honors

Blue Soch Honors

Green Sock Honors

Super High Sock Honors

High Sock Honors

I'm always looking for websites to submit my work into. As of recently, has really gone to the dogs...especially to Mykan and Jake. So I'm currently looking for websites that would be interested in posting any of my stories! I don't have a fully functioning website as of yet, but in the meantime, I really want to submit in my works to broaden my horizons. has gotten a little to restrictive for my taste, regardless of all the new features it has. Pretty soon, this is going to turn into a fanfiction FORUM rather than a full website! It really makes me sick when I think about what was in the past as compared to what it is now, so when I get the opportunity, I'm blowing this popstand and moving to brighter horizons. In the meantime, if you're reading this and looking for a darn good writer...I'm ya mon!

Well, I think I covered everything! The in's and out's of the very strange dude known to all as KhakiBlueSocks! I hope you enjoyed reading my bio, my stories and my reviewsas much as I constantly enjoy reading yours! Happy reading, happy writing,and don't forget...GREEN SOCKS ROCK!

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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The angels of Hope and Light will be as one and a new life will grow within the body of the angel of Light as well as the ones that they have been sent to protect." Takari and Patagato awaits...third time and Last Time is the charm!
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Davis wondering around in an arcade, when he sees the mother of all games! Preface to Forever Green Socks of Love and Hope Light and Key Lime Pie by KhakiBlueSocks. Based on the scene in Gatomon’s Baby by Lord Pata! NOW REPOSTED!
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Have you ever seen the TV show Birth Day? Well, think along those lines except with Koumiko, Takari, Kenyako, MattJun, and of course Taiora! Now features Author's Commentary!
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Sequal to Search For The New and The Light of Hope What do a camera crew, an expectant couple, and a key lime pie have in common? Total chaos! TAKARI with appearances from Inuyasha and a hinting of TAIORA! NOW OFFICIALLY COMPLETED...or is it?
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For Mykan. TAKARI fans PLEASE don't read this! this is a DAVIS X TK MPREG story based on Forever Green Socks of Love.
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June makes the decision of a lifetime, one that can change the course of her life. How does her family react? Who can she turn to for help? And witness a side of one Digidestined you never seen before. FINISHED TO A TEE
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