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Greetings and Felicitations! That's a... that's a Star Trek reference, in case you didn't know.

Hello there! (waves frantically)

My name is Erin. I'm a college student and I'm a total fandom nerd. I also like to write. A lot.

... Although I haven't updated my incomplete stories in an embarrassingly long time. *blushes*

I haven't given up on fanfiction. My main focus was The X Files (obviously, due to my stories), until it swung into South Park for a while, then Star Trek (both TOS and Abrams-verse), and now I REALLY can't get enough of BBC Sherlock. I also really like The Hobbit/LOTR, The Avengers and Glee, but I don't read its fanfic. And now I'm starting to watch Doctor Who, but I'm not ready to fanfic that up due to my low knowledge of its lore.

In short, I have strayed a bit from The X Files. The past few years, I just wanted to read/focus on other fandoms. I have some stuff written for The X Files that I have yet to post, but I am glad to say that, as of late, I have every intention on editing/finishing this material and posting it soon! I have the next chapter for So Much For My Happy Ending almost complete! And I have some outlines for the last bit of And Then there were Tears!

(UPDATE: So Much For My Happy Ending is now labeled as "Complete". See the first and last chapter for details.)

Because reasons, I have a Tumblr account now, although I mostly... okay ONLY reblog stuff. You can follow me at That's a Sherlock reference. Yay!

Now about writing for anything other than The X Files... ehhhhhhh. I have attempted writing for Star Trek, but the characterization is rather difficult to capture. I have something small that maybe I can edit, and post, but IDK. Furthermore, as it seems on, there aren't a lot of Spirk shippers, in TOS or Abrams Verse (EDIT: have not looked since STID came out, and Tumblr BLEW UP with Spirk after that *dies inside*). Also, I have some ideas kicking around my head for BBC Sherlock, but again with the whole characterization... I care very deeply about writing the characters right. There is too much fanfiction out there that gets it wrong, IMHO. OOC squicks me out, unless it's used for comedic purposes.

Now more about me, I suppose.

My Ships: Mulder and Scully (M&S) and Kirk and Spock (Spirk) are my OTPs. I really can't see them any other way. I know that Nu!Spock is romantically involved with Nu!Uhura, but that's the beauty of an Alternate Universe. It doesn't affect the TOS canon in any way (and yes, Spirk is canon, not fanon in TOS. Accept it.). As for M&S, the characters who invented the word 'shipping'? Yeah, it doesn't get much more canon than that. Also, Kirk and Spock are considered the "grandfathers of slash", if this helps convince you at all.

Now, when it comes to Johnlock (Sherlock and John, BBC version)... I'm REALLY torn about it. Is it an OTP? BroTP? I understand Johnlock, I find it acceptable, but is it canon? Well... I do agree that they love each other, okay MORE than just love each other. I'll even go as far to say that they are soul mates. They completely and totally need each other, and yes, I would be sad if the writers marry off John in season 3. However, do I really want to see them dissolve into another romance? No. Not particularly. Although Freeman and Cumberbatch have way too much, even-blind-people-can-see-it on screen chemistry (remember all the eye fucking, M&S shippers? Yeah, these guys got it.), I just feel that I really don't want to see these guys hopping in bed and having their way with each other, at least not yet. If the writers do see fit to relationship upgrade these two, I'd rather they wait a while, maybe not until the end of the series (whenever that is and for all that is holy it better not be soon). I guess, in a way, I would like if they got together, but it would still oddly bum me out. Clearly, it's really hard for me to explain my position on this ship. AT ANY RATE, I still love a good Johnlock fic every now and then, especially the ones that focus on the thin line between friendship and relationship, like how they somehow skipped the honeymoon stage and went straight to 'old married couple." (Perhaps this is my closet ship? Hmm.)

As for Style (Stan & Kyle, South Park), I like a good fanfic and some moments in the show make me squee, but I'm not going to defend this ship in any way. It's a rather frivolous one. I personally don't take it seriously, and I can't categorize it as an OTP for me.

Favorite TV Shows: BBC Sherlock, X Files, Star Trek: TOS, Everybody Loves Raymond, That 70's show, Glee, Californication, South Park, House, My Name Is Earl, The Office (American and British version), Miami Vice, Soap, Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Favorite Movies: Third Star (THE TEARS!!!), The Avengers, How To Train Your Dragon, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings series, Fight the Future, I Want To Believe, The Secret (David Duchovny), Labyrinth, War Horse, The Wizard of Oz, The Adventures of Robin Hood (Errol Flynn), Some Like It Hot (Marilyn Monroe), Easy A, The Harry Potter series, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011), Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Just A Gigolo (David Bowie), Step Brothers, Beverly Hills series (Eddie Murphy), Star Wars series, Star Trek Motion Picture Series, Silence Of The Lambs, League of Extrodinary Gentlemen, Van Helsing, Seabiscuit, Spiderman(only the first one), The Sting (Robert Redford), The Invisible Man (black&white), The Sound of Music, Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Alien (only the first two), Stranger Than Fiction, Sherlock Holmes (RDJ), Super 8, and a billion more I'm probably forgetting.

Favorite Books: Song of the Lioness series, Harry Potter series, The Hobbit (still have to read LOTR), The Things They Carried, Lord of the Flies, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Shakespeare's poetry, all things Edgar Allen Poe, Love That Dog, Walk Two Moons, The Wanderer, Jacob Have I Loved, Misery, Tangerine, Anthem, The Wizard of Oz, Me Talk Pretty One Day, Notes from a Liar and her Dog, lots of Star Trek novels, and again with the trillions I know I'm forgetting... I also got some new books recently, and I will be reading The Complete Sherlock Holmes series, The Complete Collection of H.P. Lovecraft, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and The Hunger Games (The First Novel).

As mentioned before, I'm a college student and I really am engaged in that area of my life. Actually, it pretty much is my life, so it takes priority over my fanfic writing/reading and tumbling and basic fandoming in general. However, all of that is a close second. :)

Thank you for stopping by and have a read of my stories if you like. Tallyho! (That's more Star Trek falling out of me. Oh boy...)

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"I am so very alone without you." Pre-The Empty Hearse.
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