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hi, I'm fostofina (not my real name of course), and this is my profile, thanks for coming and checking it out

I SHOULD SAY THAT i'm team JACOB all the way baby...

here's some pictures that I promised in my stories to post...

almost living the dream:




4-leah(of course in this fic, she's way more beautiful then the last one and more beautiful then the picture)

when dreams become true:

1-the first tent Jake woke up in

2-the second and bigger tent Jake woke up in

3-the blue crystal necklace (if you click on the image it comes out larger)

4-the golden dagger

5-the jewel

6-Leah clearwater

7-the wizard's old hut from the outside

8-Bermuda triangle

9-I was a little hesitant about Leah's ring (I didn't know wich one to choose) so I put about five rings and you guys choose the best:

ring number 1-ring number 2-ring number 3-ring number 4-ring number 5

10-Jake's wedding band

11-ok so I also couldn't choose between some wedding gowns for her so there:

dress no.1-dress no.2-dress no.3-dress no.4-dress no.5-dress no.6.

12-Leah's shoes

13-the royal palace (it's more transparent, but the walls are charmed so you can't see anything through them but water)





3- nessie


I tried to find taha aki but I couldn't (sooo sorry)

3- Leah's bridesmaid dress

4-the bridesmaids hair

5-the bridesmaids shoes

kiss kiss fall in love:




4-Nessie's dress

5- nessie's earring 6-her ring 7-her shoes

and here are some things that I've posted to make my profile a little more interesting:

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When I am at Hogwarts I will not: Sing "I'm Off to See the Wizard" when sent to the Headmasters office.

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