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Author has written 14 stories for House, M.D., and Torchwood.

About me: I'm hklbry (or Di or DJ depending on where you know me from). Had some good momentum on my orig novel. I was slightly derailed by spending 4 days in Columbus, Ohio for the HorrorHound convention. Hoping to have the rough draft done by April 5th. Speaking of the convention, I spent the entire time working the She Devils A Go Go table so I missed everything. Tyler Mane was incredibly nice and stopped by the table to take a picture with one of the She Devil actresses/pinup girls. Norman Reedus was also super nice and a ton of fun. One of the girls asked him to sign her cleavage and he agreed to with the caveat that nobody took a picture while he was signing. He also signed a ton of stuff for us including She Devils A Go Go merchandise because...well...we have no idea why he was signing it, but he did it for free so nobody is complaining.

While the only part of the convention I got to see was the vendors around me (and I'm a little pissed I had to be the adult supervision all weekend and missed seeing Sherilyn Fenn and Tippi Hedren), it did result in me getting a writing gig I didn't expect. Bad news - the deadline might be a little tight. Good news - my business partner is going to help me write it! We've been looking for a writing project to work on together for a while and this is the perfect one to have multiple writers on. Yes!

And, because I haven't got enough projects going, I'm organizing an anthology we'll be self publishing as a fund raiser for a local library. When I mentioned it to the writers' group I moderate they were luke warm on the idea. Then I suggested we could do it as a profit sharing/fund raiser thing and people were suddenly on board with it. Now I just have to get them to agree on what percentage goes to the library.

About my fanfic writing: A few months ago I came across a few unfinished Torchwood fics I'd toyed with and forgotten all about. I mentioned it to a friend of mine who said "What's Torchwood?" Getting him excited about TW re-energized my love of the show and now I have 4 times as much unfinished fanfic.

Recently finished: The Adventures of Jaunty Jones - A story about Ianto Jones, his messed up relationship with Jack Harkness, and his non-Torchwood friends - a group of elderly gangsters who believe Ianto is "in the family" if you know what I mean.

Currently working on: "Jaunty Jones Vs. Mobsters from Space". Think of a 50's B Sci-Fi movie poster.

There might be a sequel to Come On Get Happy if I can settle on one idea. I love the plot device of those drug stickers from Doctor Who a little too much to choose!

Just posted Hands Free - a Janto phone sex PWP that's been sitting on my computer for months because I couldn't come up with a better title. I'm thinking about starting an anthology type "story" to dump all these short pieces that were cut from other stories.

If I can come up with an ending, I've got a story where Owen becomes a kind of agony aunt trying to help Jack and Ianto. I know it sounds out of character, but he isn't doing it exactly by choice. If anyone wants to read the first 3 chapters and give me suggestions for an ending (it was structured to be 3 chapters, but a 4th is possible) PM me or email me at and I'll send it to you.

Lastly, I'm thinking about writing some *gasp!* crossovers. I had a pain killer induced daydream about Kerr Avon from Blake's 7 going through the Rift while trying to cannibalize an invention he finds in Xenon base. I imagined him warning Ianto about becoming obsessed with charismatic leaders. I haven't written B7 fic in 20 years! I also have a couple of ideas for Warehouse 13/Torchwood featuring "Wooly" Wolcott. (Wasn't Gareth David-Lloyd awesome??) Can't you imagine 1893 Free Agent Jack competing with Helena for Wolcott's affection? Well I can!

If you like horror movies, check out

She Devils A Go Go - my brother's latest film project. If you're going to be at the Fright Night/Fandom Fest in Louisville, KY in June/July stop by the She Devils A Go Go/Old School Sinema booth and say hi! I'll be there all weekend playing the role of 'responsible adult'. (It's like reverse typecasting!) Mention you saw it in my profile here and get 20% off any jewelry at the table and a free UFO charm.

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