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Hello, one and all! You may call me Night or Rain, whichever you prefer. I am currently 17 years old and my birthday is December 16th. I pop in and out of many fandoms and mostly only read. I’m not much of a writer, I can never finish a story, but maybe I will someday. I not afraid of people not liking my story, I just can’t ever seem to get my story to sound right. Anyways, on with the rest of this profile stuff:

I am normally shy when I first meet someone, but become outgoing and flamboyant after I get to know the person. I like to help people - it's just my nature. I sometimes let people walk all over me without meaning too, but I have changed that a lot lately. I enjoy reading and writing, if only to please myself. I also enjoy a good late night movie marathon or just surfing the web on my computer, but I also enjoy cloud watching, stargazing and camping. I enjoy learning new things every day. We all learn new things every day, even if we don't realize it. I love trying new things - even one of my mom's 'healthy' foods (which, most of the time are gross, ha ha). I can tolerate mean and annoying people more than the average person, but my demeanor changes around them - I often become irritable and tense, but I don't try to be mean or annoying back. I'm typically an all around nice person. I guess the best way to really see who I am is by getting to know me, so PM me if you like! I love meeting new people.

Life takes precedent. So, if by some unseen chance I ever decide to post a story, do not expect the updates to be regular. I enjoy writing and I don't want it to become something like it has to be done. It should never feel like a job. Writing should be fun and exciting. It should be something you pratice at and improve at. We all understand that we have prior commitments and that updating a story may not be the first thing on that list. Instead, encourage the author to not give up and be helpful when it comes to writing. Treat every author with the same respect, no matter how well they write or how many reviews they have. Remember, behind ever penname, there's a real person.

Happy reading,


(November 7th, 2012) So, Senior year is a lot busier than I anticipated, so work on my story has come at a snail's place. And by a snail's pace, I mean a dead snail's pace. With a little more free time now, I am trying to work with what I got.

WIP Stories/Planning Stages:

As the Sun Sets
Summary: Will update when I have everything set in stone.

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