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Hello Redsilent Fans,

This is April's (Redsilent) cousin, Linda. I am sorry to tell you the news, but she had passed away on Tuesday, February 10, 2009. She was admitted to the hospital on Monday, February 2 and had never regained consciousness since. Her death was sudden and unfortunate.

She was truly the most cheerful person in the world. Nothing got her down. She lived life to the fullest. Her last blog entry was on Sunday, February 1. She was talking about her stories, her future updates, and how excited she was for it. We were all blindsided by her death.

Please live life to the fullest and enjoy it like she did. That is one thing out of the many things that I have learned from her.

R.I.P. April


(azntgr01 on

Name: Redsilent
Location: Southern California
Bloodtype: B+


It's so exciting to see that the fanfictions that I've written being read by people. I want to thank everyone for reading! bow

Somehow, I've also signed up for . I've only got one thing uploaded on there, and it's like meh. But I do have some original stories that are trapped in my head. If they ever escape, I'll update this message.

Hisana: Origins is about Hisana and Byakuya meeting and eventually falling in love with each other. The setting of the story is 200 years before the start of the Bleach storyline. And nearly a year before the start of the Quincy War. Also, I had "Shoujo" manga in mind while writting this. Status: Hisana Origins is Completely uploaded. 61 chapters @_@

If you made it to the end of Hisana: Origins, it really looks like there would be a sequel. And that's what I always intended. But I never had time to Write, Quincy War. Or the other 2 parts. Yes there are 2 other parts After Quincy War. I was very ambitious during 2007.

One day, in the future when I have more free time. I'm going to reupload the chapters with corrections with spelling and grammar. But since I'm still working on other stuff, this won't happen for a while.

The Quincy War

Kazehana Hisana's Adventures continue the the sequel Hisana Origins, the Quincy War. Can the Soul Society fend off the Quincys and restore the balance to existance? What is the the Truth behind the, "Bursting Limit"? Who are, 'The Dreamers"? Uncovering the secrets of the past buried within her inner world, Hisana uncovers the tragic past of the Original Soul Society. Can Hisana and her friends Survive this war against the Quincys?

Current Chapter: 10

Ochi Story is about Ochi Misato, Kurosaki Ichigo's Highschool teacher. After moving back home to Karakura town from Osaka, she finds herself lonely and depressed after a recently failed Omiai. Searching for true love, or even just a boyfriend, Ochi finds herself falling for one of her students, a mysterious man, and a Shinigami Captain?

I didn't even realize this while writing until like, September. But Ochi Story is sort of like a "retelling" of Bleach from Ochi's point of view, most of the time. That being said, it also has it's own brand of independent storyline that's running away with itself. I'm serious! I feel like there are things about Ochi Misato's life that even I didn't know. I get surprised too! I have a general idea of what happens next, but at the same time, I don't. I think keeping myself somewhat in the dark makes it more fun.

Next Chapter: Chapter 45: Foolish

Status: ~In Progress~

Chapter 44 is the last update for January! So Chapter 45 will appear sometime in February.

My Shattered Heart.

By no means, am I an Orochimaru fan. He seems very shallow in his motivations as a villian. Or at least, that's how he's been presented in the manga. All creepy, no emotion. That's actually a very ninja-ish attitute he's wearing. I wanted to reveal something stubborn about him. He had something that he valued very much. Something that twisted his personally and way of thinking about life. It was touched upon in the Naruto Manga that the death of Orochimaru's parents was the thing that changed him. So~ I set out to write a little about that.

Gobi and the Open Sea

Yeah, seriously. I finally get around to uploading chapter 1. Basically this story is about: Adventure, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Ridiculousness, Badassness, and most of all, Absolute Confusion. Gobi is all these things, and incredibly flawed. She's a bad person. A Shinobi, and a Jinchuuriki. Someone who's murdered, conquered, and who has lived most of her life dominating over people. Sent to the lighthearted but dangerous world of One Piece!

Upcoming: Chapter 8


Current Projects: Ochi Story Chapters, The Quincy War, Gobi and the Open Sea (A Naruto Original Character (Gobi The Five Tails) that gets sent away to the One Piece world//Alternative Universe///I honestly don't know if I can pull this off!), and drawing some stuff.

~Happy Reading~

Please feel free to Read&Review

The Manga/Anime I read/watch:

One Piece
Ouran High School Host Club
Bamboo Blade
Full Metal Alchemist
Death Note
Soul Eater
Lovely Complex

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