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a little bit about me

Name:PinkCherry135 it changes...

Overall personality: Goofy-silly-Loving B Average-attention whore-Homophiliac


Other interesting stuff: I have a rat people say I'm weird for that i tell them to violate an albino Boa constrictor. I love drawing. I am the kind of person who loves almost anyone and anything. I was first Hooked on Anime by my friends Cousin... I worship my Anime-Sempai!

Loves: almost all anime including InuYasha, Hetalia, Furuba, Dramacon, xxxHoLiC, Kuroshitsuji!

Pet peeves: when people ask "why?" over and over again. Dont do what you ask them to do but expect you to. When adults say that your too young to watch an r rated movie but too old to sleep till noon on memorial day... And when you share a room with some one and it gets messy but the person you're sharing with refuses to help you clean it and you don't want to do it by yourself cuz you didn't make the mess by yourself.

Best freinds: Possum! Link! Russia! and the Gemini! and Lovely! and Kitten! and Dannyboy! and Joshua! and Bartlett!

Enemies:Bella Swan, Kikyo, Akito, Emily and Claude! lol

People I care not to concern myself with because they hate certain days of the week and think my family ever did anything to hurt them and who over-all can suck it HARD cuz they talk trash but can't back it UUUUP! Whammy.

A few of my favorite things: Anime, Yaoi, Sleeping, Momiji, Blue and Elephants!!

Hates:orange, Mr. Smith, Algebra IA, Biology projects, Mondays

OTP(s): GerIta, Spamano, FrUK, RusCan, SebxGrell, WillxGrell MattxChristie, SesshomaruxKagome... TOHRUXYUKI!FTW (for-the-win)

ANTI-OTP(s): USUK (I dont know why maybe because I'm not big on incest) USCAN (Again, incest) SebxCiel (Pedophilia) MattxEmily (free hug if you agree with me) GrellxUndertaker (I'm just not keen on this pairing, I'd tell you why but you'd probably make the same face my dad does when I tell him about what I've been writing lately) Gemany or Italy with anyone but Eachother (I'm a big GerItaFangirl) Spain or Romano with Anyone but eachother (My love for Spamano almost matches my GerIta Love) Inuyasha and Kikyo(She's dead, Get OVER her) L and Light (I guess I don't like this pairing because it just isn't logical maybe its cute maybe its sexy...but Mr. imagaY Kills my precious L And so the two Simply can not have a good relationship.) And last but CERTAINLY not least, Tohrux Kyo (She Belongs With Yuki! D:


This is the best review I EVER got I love this person. :SoulandMaka4everGOANIME8D
2011-05-18 . chapter 5 On I Need A Drink

HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT WAS THE SHIT! THAT WAS SO FUNNY I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING AND I GOT YELLED AT BY MY MOM TO QUOTE 'SHUT THE FUCK UP' Yeah, isnt she nice? Well, that really was a crackfic! I loved it so much, I love seeing all the countries hammered! Especially Prussia, cause Prussia is SO FUCKING AWESOME! Please oh please oh please for the love of maple! Please write more crack! You have a talent! And it is funny!

Love, Phen 13

P.S. Helle:Sorry about Phen, she had a little too much sugar with the tea and bowl of cookie dough and a can of pepsi with real sugar... She was pretty much stoned... Lol! Please do write more soon!

From the Sane Quarter!


and now some of my favorite quotes/sayings

"Hambagaa Sutorito"

"Stupid Cat."

"Okay, that was Maximum rage... He hates me thats all there is to it. He REALLY hates me"

"When life hands you skittles throw them at someones face and yell "taste the Effin' rainbow" then run."

"I can only please one person a day, today is not your day... and tomorrow doesn't look good either."

"Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing that it doesn't belong in fruit salad."

"Flying is aiming at the ground... and missing."

“Now, now, violence is never the answer! Extortion is! That way, they can’t attack you back!”

“Before you insult someone, walk a mile in their shoes! That way, when you insult them, you’re a mile away, AND you have their shoes!”

“Love is for people that don’t have a paddle ball!”

"You're just a Poxy Whore wit a Big Mout!"

"I don't have the Pox..."

“Friends are people who know who you are, but like you anyway"

"My dad: your mother is here with the food."

"Me: (In Liechtenstien cosplay) Good! Cuz I am HUNG GA RY!!"

"My Dad:I thought you were Liechtenstien!?"

“Umm… money? For… buying a… kitten.”

Life is like a butterfly; free and beautiful... until some wack-job collector pins you to the wall in some sick collection!

And now you know every thing you need to know about me to like me!

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