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Ho hum. Hello world, my name's Emily (try to find me on that, I dare you) and this is...me. I like to roleplay, and I rarely have the attention span to stick to one story for long before I get another idea, with the rare exception being the story I'm uploading right now. It used to be on quizilla (up to chapter 11), but then they added the character limit, and the story was taking too long to get anywhere anyways, so I'm doing lots of editing, and I was only able to keep a paragraph of chapter two, and chapter three had to be completely redone, so I'm only really editing the current documents so I don't have to delete them and feel like I had to start over completely. So...yup. Now that I say it like that, I feel really stupid. Oh well, too late to start deleting now.

I draw in the anime/manga style, but I'm really not that good, in my personal opinion, but some people on gaia really love my work, so I'm kind of on the fence. I think I'm just surrounded by people who are amazing artists in real life (my friends Mary, Anastacia, Riley, and Katy, and my boyfriend Brady) so I'm just feeling somewhat inferior.

I wish this site supported HTML. What on earth does it support? Someone tell me please!

Thank you to the four people who have subscribed/added me to their favorites! I'm really excited about the direction the story's heading right now, so keep reading please! I am alive! And yes, I edited events so they would happen at a certain time. Trust me, it will all make sense...just not right now.

Well, thanks for listening to me rant! I hope you enjoy my story!

Also...I'm looking for writers who wouldn't mind using Akemi in their stories. She's up for use, weather she's a side character in one chapter or the dead center of the story. I would love it if she's a villan, because she was originally designed that way. If you're at least half-literate and want to use her, just let me know through a review or an email. I'll want to read it, no matter how small she may be! Thanks!

Actually applicable, believe it or not. If you want to have a character in my story, send me a bio through email (please) with name, age, appearance, rank, etc. and I'll see what I can do. If it's really not going to work, I'll let you know. But most likely, anything short of a god has a place here. No new villages though, It'll screw up a lot of things really badly. Trust me, it just will. But if your character is accepted, I'll review your story letting you know (along with an honest review) or I'll just send you an email. And just because it's on chapter five doesn't mean I don't have a place for them. I know my ultimate goal, but I will (most likely) work your character into my story, along with their plot line.

I'm done!

Rest of the world: FINALLY

Me: Hey! I just talk a lot.

Rest of the world: Whatever.

I haven't uploaded a chapter in...forever? And a day? I'll update as much as I can now, simply because I haven't in a while.

I'm working on a joint project with my friend Isaaku94 right now, so my focus might not be all that. Deal with me though! We're mid-chapter one right now, but we just started earlier today, so that's actually not that bad. It does feature Akemi (just like all of my stories do -.-'), and his original character. I'll be posting updates on that here.

-Akemi Idane

Character Skeleton

Name: No English names

Age: Please note that the characters at this point are all fifteen, so if you make them thirteen, you will be two years younger than everyone else.


Appearance: A link to a picture is fine


Bio: If it's avoidable, don't kill the entire family.

Quirks: Tendencies. Habits, preferences in clothing, things they can't stand, etc.

Side: Good/Evil

Village: If evil, former village and current organization



Genetic Powers: Up to three.

Song: Optional. But if you have a song that describes your character, I would like hear it.

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