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Author has written 19 stories for Bleach, Naruto, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Final Fantasy VII.

Hey, you can call me Nath. Natalie. A sixteen-year old girl who likes writing. High School.

I'm obsessed with Anime since around a year and a half ago, when one of my friends lend me a DVD of Bleach and Fate/stay night. I'm 167 cm, weight- 52 kg, almost waist-length straight dark hair, brown eyes. I love reading, drawing, and playing volleyball. I'm also an ex-cheerleader at my old school (but no,i'm not one of those giggling girls) I'm more of a tomboy- I couldnt EVER wear a dress or a skirt except to a formal party.

As for my personality, well, I'm hotheaded. My friends always said that I get annoyed over the smallest thing. I'm kind of moody too- One second, I laughed, and the next second, I could cry or swore. I have a lot of friends, but only a few best friends that I hung around with. They always helped me when I was down, and I dont know what I would've done without them. Thanks, guys! I'm also very loyal. People's first impression to me was always the same- they always thought I was arrogant. Maybe it's the way i carry myself, or the way I didnt tend to open up to people I dont know well- I dont know, but once you got to know me better, I'm nothing like that. I'm a little bit clumsy, and I love being flattered and in the center of attention. One thing about me again, I'm afraid of relatioship. I'm afraid to get close to anyone, cuz I dont want to get hurt. Strange, huh? I was also a very sensitive person, despite my usual attitude, and I CRIES a lot- though only in front of my best pals. Oh, and I LOVE MUSIC. I used to adore Pop-Rock and Pop, but now I'm infatuated with Taylor Swift's songs. Dunno why. And oh, I have two sisters and one older brother, nineteen. His name is Dave. He's a jerk but I love him, anywy X3. I live in Seattle now, but from period 11-13 I lived in Indonesia. I moved back to Seattle round two or three years ago. I could speak fluent english, a little chinese and indonesia, and a tiny-bit of french and japan.

Merci beacoup. lolz xD

Ten Top Fave Songs (right now) :

1. When Will it Be Me (Sweetbox). I LOVE LOVE this song.

2. Decode- (still can't get over this one)

3. Love Story

4. Crazier

5. When it was me

6. Drowning - Backstreet Boys (One of my all-time favorites)

7. Teenage Superstar

8. Crush

9. Save you- Simple Plan (I love almost all simple plan songs)

10. Disney Songs - Especially "I won't say I'm in Love", and "Kiss the Girl"

And I love fairytales too. I couldnt get over those childhood fantasies of unicorns, ponies, and little fairies. lol. I sucked at things like math and physics, but I love reading books about ancient histories and myths- such as King Arthur, Greek Mythlogy or the Egyptian ones. Why, I could name the Greek gods and goddesses or the Knight of the Round Table, anyday.That's one of the reasons why I love novels such as Children of the Lamps, Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Love you, Thalia and Luke!!), Maximum Ride (This one has no history or myths in it, but it's just too damn hilarious to ignore), Lord of the Rings, Eragon, Harry Potter, Twilight (Just the first book, though, the others are too corny for my taste), Thief Lord, Ptolemy's Gate, and Artemis Fowl Series.

my five favorite characters in novels : Thalia Grace (PJO), Max Ride, Rosalie Cullen, Holly Short, and Kitty Jones. (Girls)

My five favorite male characters in novels : Luke Castellan (PJO), Artemis Fowl, Nathaniel (ptolemy's gate), Jasper Cullen, and Gazzy.

The Five top couple I love in novels :

1. ThaliaXLuke (they're just so angsty and sweet!, though luke is a jerk sometimes)

2. ArtyHolly (I couldnt get enough over the whole boy-geniusXElf captain thingies)

3. KittyXNathaniel (Poor Nathaniel! He dies sob)

4. DracoXHermione (I know it didnt happen, but i love them both)

5. AliceXjasper (They're so sweet in New Moon and Eclipse!)

What about my favorite animes? Well, no question, first place is BLEACH, as you can see in my fanfics- mostly bleach. Secondly, Naruto, and thirdly, Final Fantasy (I know it's not an anime, but I love the storyline). I also love Fate/Stay night, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Deathnote. Mangas such as FairyTail and Gentlemen's Alliance Cross.

My Ten Top Anime/Manga Characters :

1. Kuchiki Rukia (Love her personality, looks, everything. Love the way she could kick Ichigo's ass anyday)

2. Tifa Lockheart (A really pretty girl, this one, especially in AdventChildren. Great personality, too- the way she stood by Cloud's side. And, she's

really-really strong martial art user. Strong and cute)

3. Kuchiki Byakuya (I love him. Period)

4. Erza Scarlett -FairyTail. (She's just too pretty and unimaginably strong)

5. Ino Yamanaka- Naruto. (I used to hate her, but when I watch the ep that in the whole Sakura-Ino past thing, the one at fault was Sakura, well,

i just see Ino in a new light. I know she's a real jerk and flirt at times, but she's kind. And I love her jutsu)

6. Hitsugaya Toshirou (Who doenst love him?)

7. Tohsaka Rin -Fate Stay Night (I adore her looks and personality. She's cute and kind of weird, and cool, too)

8. Yuffie - FF7 (She's so cute! and materia-obsessed)

9. Ushio -Shinshi Doumei/ Gentlemen's Alliance Cross. (Lol, I love her character. She's pretty, she's kind of mean but really loyal)

10. Cloud Strife - (I liked him, though sometimes he's a jerk because he couldnt make his mind up for decisions and the whole stupid Aerith- Tifa-Cloud love triangle)

oh yeah, I also love Kakashi Hatake and Itachi Uchiha!! ( I love Itachi!!)

The Top Ten Couple I love in Manga/Anime:

1. IchiRuki - So sweet! One is a badass orange haired, the other a strong, midget shinigami. I love their adorable fights.

2. CloTi (CloudXTifa) - I LOVE THIS ONE! and i feel sorry for Tifa. Smacks Cloud's head, Get over Aerith you fool! She's dead! Return to your old

self, the one who admires Tifa from afar! sigh CloudXTifa, eight years of no progression. Still, I love their awkward talks

and small smiles.

3. HitsuRuki - Blame this one on the Hitsuruki army, lol . I know it's a crack pairing, but they're both cute and midgets. I love this couple when

I read one of those hitsuruki fics... White Ice, I think.

4. ByakuRuki - LOVE this one, too! Sister-brother complex.

5. ShikaIno/ ShikaTema- the same. I love both pairing. Lucky Shika

6. NejiTen!! Cute cute cute

7. ZackXTifa - Tifa and Zack are just adorable, too! Kind of remind me of KaienXRukia, somehow.

8. KaienXRukia (poor Kaien! He dies!)

9. KakashiXKurenai (I dont know why i like this one. I just did.)

10. InoXSakura (The only Yuuri I like)

HATED PAIRING IN Novels and Anime :

1. IchiHime- I can't stand this one, though I really am sorry for Orihime and I love the girl!! She belongs with Ulqiorra or Ishida, though.

2. Clorith (CloudXAerith) NO!! ABSOLUTELY NO!! I feel sorry for Aerith cuz she died, but still- Cloud is Tifa's!! Dont steal him.

3. LukeXAnnabeth. - One reason : Luke belongs with Thalia. Annabeth with Percy. That's more than enough.

Quotes :

-Words aren't the only thing to tell each other how you feel...

-Smile, laugh, and live life to the fullest

-I'm the type of person who'll punch you if you're wrong but stand by your side when you're right no matter what happens

-Sometimes when you think life is unfair, just think about how many people are unluckier

-When I'm hurt, I smiled and try to act as if nothing happens

-Life is too short for mourning

Lol, okay that's it about myself. See ya guys, and dont forget to read my stories.

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