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Author has written 5 stories for Invader Zim, Teen Titans, and Naruto.

I am Invader Phoebe, (in case you are wondering , no thats not my real name)
im quite the novice in this whole fanfiction thingies so dont expect much of me (especially updates for i am one lazy girl)
I finally discovered how to use DeviantArt so here's my page I upload there some fan art of my stories and sometimes from other things

I'm currently obsesed with invader zim as you might tell from my name(otherwise... DIE YOU IFIDELS!!), im not exactly sure in what category to put my works so i'll probably leave them in general unless explainded, however expect some romance in everyone(at least a little) and speaking of romance here are the pairings i support.(hate in case of the -) oh one thing im not really a fan of neither yaoi nor yuri pairings (not that i find them dispicable but most slash fanfics are just stupid and weird

Invader Zim
ZAGR - Zim/Gaz
DATR - Dib/Tak
GRMR - Gir/Mimi (yay for gir!)
ZATR - Zim/Tak
ZAPR - Zim/Me (yes i think zim is hot, any problen with that? raises a sawed-off shotgun)
-ZADR - Zim/Dib (i dont particulary HATE them, i think of them as friends rather than lovers)
-ZAMR - Zim/P.Membrane (i've seen this and it scared me)
-TAGR - Gaz/Tak (do they even know each other?)
-Dib/Taks ship (seriously who comes up with these things?)
i would continue the list but im lazy and just say i find crack pairings hideous or at least deeply disturbing.

Danny Phantom
DxE - Danny/Ember the ghost boy and the rocker chick what more can i say?
DxS - Danny/Sam yes, overused and kinda boring, but still pretty cute
the ironic thing here is that i actually read and like most crack pairings in Danny Phantom fanfiction

Teen Titans
BBxRae - this pairing is so cool, somehow they are just perfect for each other
RobxStar - this pairing I like, but i think it's boring, they are just ... well boring, since the whole tokyo thing its really obvious they are ttoguether so is pointless to write any fanfiction of these guys
Cyxanyone - Come on someone's gotta give some loving to the metalman, its not his fault being so... unappealing perhaps? I think CyxBee its a good pair
-BBxTerra - Infidels! this is pure stupidity after her betrayal I just want to kick her ass even more ( I hated her since she made her fist appearance)
-RobxRae - Now THIS! this is pure EVIL this pairing shouldn't exist It's stupid and i dont wanna enter a monologue to say why its wrong and Incorrect so I'll leave it like that


NaruHina - Really like this pairing
NaruIno - Lately I've been reading some good fics on this so thats why it's here
NaruFemKyuu - Seriously who better for him than someone who literally has been with him his entire life plus it's better when she's good
NaruTen - you know the girl with the buns in her hair? she's Neji and Lee's teammate, yeah not many pay attention to her but I find her cute and if given a good story this pairing can really be cool
Naru...practically everyfemale sans Sakura - yeah with a solid story any pairing can word
-NaruSaku - ugh I hate that peptobismol haired banshee, how dare she hit my Naru-kun! I say burn her in wet branches
-NarySasu - I seriously despise this bastard of an Uchiha, seriously what do you even see in him! damn bastard doesn't look hot he looks GAY!
-Naru... any male in the series - once again not a fan of Yaoi am I, I prefer a nice straight romantic relationship

(i would add more pairings of other cartoons animes and the like but im lazy at the moment so ill put them when i feel like it)

my musical tastes are very wide but i HATE reggaeton and things of the sort...
i adore my older brother hes my frikin' GOD!
i am mexican so dont expect literary perfection i'm not that good at english
i think i've put enough for now if any more info about myself you want... i'll scream STALKER!!, throw you a fish and run like hell...

that pretty much sums it up seeya R&R my fanfics plz...

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