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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and Common Law.

Hi, I am Amy. Here is a little about me:

Gender: Female

Age: 19

State: Virginia

City: Richmond

I want to apologize right now to anyone who gets offended. I have very strong and radical opinions.

First and foremost, I HATE OCs IN LEADING ROLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate them in any and every fandom. The only purpose/role I can stomach them in is as a means to an end to get my favorite ships together (and even then their part should be over quick), as minor characters, or as secondary characters OUTSIDE of the ship/romance. If I wanted to read about OC or people who have nothing to do with the fandom, I would go to fictionpress, not fanfiction.

Favorite Ship for Harry Potter: Draco and Ginny

This is the only ship I read. Period. No ifs ands or buts. They belong together and I will not even consider any other arguments. I'm a radical, I know.

Secondary Ships I Like/ Can Handle: Ron/Hermione ( only in small doses); Fred, George/Padma, Pavarti; Pansy/Blaise; Pansy/Neville; Blaise/Luna; Collin/ Luna; Harry/Other (only in small doses); Other Slytherin couples...

Ships I Hate: Harry/Ginny; Harry/Draco; Hermione/Draco; Hermione/Snape; Hermione/Anyone (She should just die.)

Favorite Characters: Draco is always number one, follwed by Ginny. And pretty much everyone else listed above in the Like department the Dream Team. I LOATHEHarry and Hermione. And Ron is an annoying idiot. I love the Slytherin House, and love stories where they adore and follow Draco. I also am in love with Golden Trio bashing; it brings me pleasure!

My guilty pleasure stories are ones where Draco and Ginny work for Voldemort, either for real or as spies, I don't really care. Both have there strong points.

Favorite Ships for Twilight: Jacob and Bella

I am completely and totally TEAM JACOB! I HATE Edward. He is an irritating, overbearing, over dramatic, possessive, stalking, selfishjackass. Now that thats out of the way. Secondary Twilight Ships: Leah/Embry; Quil/Angela; The rest of the Canon couples.

Ships I Hate: Bella/ Anyone but Jacob; Jacob/Anyone but Bella (Except maybe sometimes Rosalie. Maybe); Edward/Anyone (Ever. EWWW. He should have just stayed away.); Leah/Sam (The ship has sail. They aren't the same anymore, so they don't fit anymore. Don't try to make them.)

I hate the way the series ended; Jacob was cheated and Renesmee is an abomination I refuse to even acknowledge was even thought of. Bella became weak and dependent; passive and whiny. She manipulated Jacob from the first time she met him. I hated how she handled the break-up with Edward, and I hated how she chased after the Glittering Bastard; Most of all, I hated that she had to become a vampire to see herself as somebody worth loving. I hated that fantasy won over reality, when, I mean come on, who in their right mind would choose Edward over Jacob? Idiots, that's who.

I love the Pack, and can only handle the Cullens and other Vampires in small doses (Except Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie; I love them). Though Felix, Jane and Alec are total BAs.

Veronica Mars Ships: Here, I'm not too picky. LoVe (My ABSOLUTE favorite Logan/Veronica); DoVe (Don or Lamb/Veronica); WeeVer (Weevil or Eli/Veronica); DuVe (Duncan/Veronica); DiVe (Dick/Veronica); MaDi (Mac/Dick); WaVe (Wallace/Veronica).

I will not read PiVe (Piz/Veronica: THIS SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED) or Veronica/Anyone other than those mentioned above. I hate Jackie, Meg and her family, Hannah, Madison, Kendell, Celeste, Lianne, Aaron and most of the 09ers and PCHers.

I like Mac, Wallace, Dick, Logan, Duncan and Jake Kane, Vinnie Vanlowe, and Cliff (the lawyer). Guilty pleasures: I love Cassidy Casablancas, Don Lamb, and I think Lily is a total B, who brought her death upon herself.

Supernatural Ships: I solely read Wincest of the Sam/Dean variety. ABSOLUTELY no exceptions, and absolutely NO OCs. I hate Jess, and Ruby... I hate all females they date. None of them seem to fit. Sam and Dean go together better than anything.

I love Bobby and Ash. I aslo have a love/hate relationship with John. I adore pre-series stories and AUs.

NCISShips: I only read Timothy McGee- centric stories. McGee whump brings me pleasure! I love McNozzo (Tony/Tim), McGiva (Tim/Ziva), and every once in a while, I like a good McGibbs (Tim/Gibbs).

I adore Leon Vance, Tobias C. Fornell, Ronald Sacks, and Trent Kort. They are such strong characters, and make Gibbs and the Gibbletts work for it. I liked Kate, but prefer Ziva (though I loathe Tiva or Tony/Ziva). I didn't really like Jenny, so I wasn't upset when she died. I also love Jimmy and Ducky, but then again, who doesn't?

I LOATHE ABBY ENTIRELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her treatment of Tim disgusts me (for example when he told her he loved her; Jethro; the class in Mexico; her reaction when he said Amy and McGreger get married to save her butt; opening the door for her stalker when he stressed to her not to and allowing him to take all the blame; etc. I have more, but I think my point has been made). Because of this, I will NEVER read a McAbby story, no matter how good the summery or reviews. no matter who suggests it or how its presented. That ship makes me puke.

CSI Ships: I only read Nick/Greg. I like GSR (Grissom/Sara) and Catherine/Warrick as socondary couples, though.

I like Greg whump, but Nick suffers wonderfully as well! I love Brass and Vartann, as well as Ray Langston. I don't really care for Sofia, but I don't hate her. I love Hodges, as well as most of the other Lab Rats. I hate Riley. I love the Field Mice (CSIs) and in my world Warrick is still alive, and still Nick's best friend, and supportive of Nick and Greg, and working out with Cath. End of story.

Criminal Minds Ships: I only read Spencer Reid-centric stories. My ships are Hotch/Reid and Morgan/Reid, and maybe sometimes if it's done well Rossi/Reid. That is IT!

I miss JJ, and want her back. I love Garcia, and tolerate Emily. I like Giddeon, but I prefer Rossi. I hate Elle, Jorden, and this new chick. Strauss is a total witch (I mean, come on. Anyone who hates Hotch as much as she does is evil.) I am a sucker for Reid whump. Kidnapped!Reid is number one!

House, M.D.: House/Wilson is it (Hilson all the way!) though I have read a few Wilson/Chase. sick!House and sick!Wilson rule!

Huddy (House/Cuddy) makes me sick! As does Wilson and his harem. I think there is abwolutely a foundation in canon for Hilson ( because seriously, you are only as possessive and obssessive about someone like House is with Wilson if there are some serious feelings there; and not as a best friend!) Cuddy is a witch, and is not right for House (as season seven is proving; he is becoming so pussy-whipped!) I love Chase, and Foreman is cool. I miss Kutner soooooo much! I adored him. I like Remy or Thirteen (Go Foreteen or Foreman/Thirteen) and don't really care for Cameron (Chase is much better off), though she is way better than Masters (the witch).

Charmed: I don't generally read ships here (though when I do its Chris/Wyatt). I only read Chris-centric stories. I mostly like future Chris in the present (so, mostly season six based stories) and I LOVE a good ChrisRevelation fic.

I hate Bianca. Leo, as well as th Elders, annoyme. Wyatt is adorable, and I love the sisters. I miss Prue and Cole. (Prue/Andy, Piper/Leo, Paige/Henry, Pheobe/Cole, though I can tolerate Coop. That's it.)

Scrubs Ships: I am solely JD/Dr. Cox (JDox or Coxian).

I hate JD/Elliot, JD/Kim, and Dr.Cox/Jordan (though I love the kids:Sammy, Jennifer Dylan and Jack). Turk and Carla belong together. I love the Janitor, The Todd, and Snoop Dogg intern. I hate Elliot passionately. Jordan is tolerable.

Psych Ships: Shawn/ Lassitor all the way. Its Shassie or nothing for me. I can tolerate Gus/Juliet is background (Gules!)

I loathe Shawn/Juliet (If we're doing canon, he's better off with Abby). I don't even really like Juliet, to be honest. She is no good for Shawn. She enables him to be an idiot, while Lassie allows him to do what he does best while reigning the nonsense when it starts to become ridiculous. I love Shawn Gus, Buzz and Henry; but Lassie is the BEST!

Lesser Fandom Ships:

Suite Life of Zack and Cody/ Suite Life on Deck: I am totally only Twincest (Zack/Cody). Baily and Maya can die.

Drake and Josh: Drake/Josh (Mindy and Drake's harem can go to hell). Megan is love/hate with me.

Ben 10: Ben/Kevin (Go Bevin!) Kevin is my favorite. I do like Gwen when she and Kevin aren't together. (On a side note: Their names are awesome. Ben and Gwen Tenyison;and even better, Kevin E. Levin? Oh, come on! Sweet!)

Smallville: Clark/Lex (All Clex here!) Lana, Lois, and Chloe can all shoot themselves. Pete is cool though. Plus, Lionel makes the best villian! Lex is the best.

iCarly: Only Sam/Freddie (Seddie). Carly disgusts me, as does Creddie (Carly/Freddie; iSave Your Life nearly killed me, while I adored iThink They Kissed). Spencer is number one, and Crazy (Freddie's mom) is always good for a laugh.

Boy Meets World: Cory/Shawn (Like House and Wilson, they take the term best friends to a whole new level; Cory and Topanga's wedding scene anyone?) I do not like Topanga at all. I do love Eric (third favorite after Shawn, then Cory) and Jack.

Shy High: Will/Warren (Layla and Freeze Girl can jump off the school campus). I love all of the Sidekicks (except Layla). (On another side note: Warren Peace, also one of the best names ever!)

Naruto: Naruto/Saske. That is it.

Royal Pains: Evan-centric stories. Evan whump rules! Mix some Hank in there, and its all good. I like when its just the brothers. I loathe Evan/Divya, Hank/Emily, and Hank/Jill. Eddie annoys me, but Tucker, Borris and Paige are cool.

National Treasure: Riley/ Ben. Riley kicks butt, and Abigail sucks it.

White Collar: Neal/Peter; though I like Elizabeth. Mozzie is my buddy.

Phenias and Ferb: Phenias/Ferb. Nothing else, though I like a Candice/Jermey background.

Okay. That's all for now. Wow that's a lot. Sorry!

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It was then, staring at Travis' face, trying to get him to talk to him that he knew. He was in love with Travis, and he was about to lose him. All he could think was that he had to stop Travis, save Travis, and before he knew it his gun was in his hand. "Travis if you move one more inch, I swear to God, I'll shoot." This is a kid!fic and willcontain slash.
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