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Author has written 13 stories for Fast and the Furious, X-Men: The Movie, X-Men, and Outsiders.

Name : SEN

B-Day: March 13th, 1981. (Pisces, that’s two fish swimming in the opposite direction… you do the math)

E-mail: Feel free to contact me, send comments , flames, etc. Each honest opinion gets me one step closer to being the writer I wish to be.

Bio: Its been a while,but with good reason, i changed, careers, moved across the country, and got married. A lot i know , which hasn't given me the time or inispiration to write latley. Now that i'm settle in and the thoughts are flowing once more I will attempt to finish my work. Sadly characters sometimes seem to have a mind of their own, lol. As before I am a huge fan of the following authors: S.E. Hinton’s, Laurel K. Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward, Lara Adrian. If you didn’t catch the thing I’m a sucker for series and interconnecting works of fiction.

Author's Notes:

December 1st 2007:

Just wanted to give an update as we started the last month of this year.I've looked over the stories i have posted, and it's hard to belive the years have flown so swiftly. Each piece documents a time in my life, some even dating as far back as mty freshaman year of college. Scary eh? I'd like to thank everyone whose read, reviewed, and supported the ideals that begin as a seed planted in my mind. I've been revamping my writing skills and style, which long time readers my notice in the future. I hope you enjoy the changes, and continue to read.


The Ring Of Fire- Will be placed on hiatus and revamped

Murphy Girls- Will be on hiatus until further notice

Gloria Love Shepard ( Sequel to Gloria Love Curtis ) – Is on hiatus

Re work ed

Gloria Love Curtis -will be revamped

The Ring Of Fire- Will be placed on hiatus and revamped

An Ace in the hole- is being worked on and will be finished

A New member for the team- is being worked on and will be finished.

Himmel- Is being worked on with plans to be finished.

Solitude- Is being worked on with plans to be finished


“ He ain’t all there is he?” Dirty Steve in Young Guns

“ I am not going to be that little Dutch boy with my finger in the dam no more .” June Carter Walk the line

“Come on Baby.”

“Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby!” – June Carter and Johnny Cash

Quotes From One of My Stories:

An Ace in the Hole

Chapter 2: Surprise

LeighAnne on Dom

She’d always been impressed with my ability to handle Dom, but I was older, and we’d pretty much been in diapers together. He didn’t’ posses the ability to “awe” me once you shred a bubble bath with someone, it was impossible for them to intimidate you, no matter how many muscles they overdeveloped.

Gloria Love Curtis

Chapter 2; The Party Tim’s Pov on Love

“Ugh… Tim?” She croaked making me smile.

“Yea Love.”

“ I don’t feel so good,” She replied as I rushed her to the bathroom to puke.

“ Now Aint that tuff?” She asked making me laugh as she kneeled in front of the toilet with me holding her hair.

High School Hell Cat’s

Chapter 2: Gigi’s Pov

“ I loved you Giselle,” Soda whispered kissing my forehead gently.

“ I would’ve moved heaven and hell to help,” he said making my heart break in to a million pieces.

He said he loved me, past tense; I’d really been a fool to think he could still feel the same way about me that I had him. Hell he’d been trying to marry Sandy, he’d moved on, and forgotten about me

Pulling away from him, I wiped away my tears, and stood tall.

“ I know I don’t deserve the kindness your showing, but I had my reasons, and I was young then,” I said taking in a shaky breath.

“ I need you to come with me Soda, I have to show you something.”


Chapter 3 : The Past Surfaces

Logan smiled at the unmasked joy on Ro's face as they danced. It had been so long since her last smile. She was always so busy holding every one else together that she constantly putting her self on the back burner.

"Thank you Logan, it has been a long time since I enjoyed a night so immensely," She said as they sat at the bar a few moments later. Him nursing a jack and coke, and her a sour amaretto to his surprise, he hadn't even known she drank.

"Its my pleasure, its been a long time since I've seen you so happy Ro, you should let loose more often."

" I think I shall have plenty of reasons to smile in the future," She said coyly as he grinned.

Only his Ro could go from painfully shy to a temptress in two point five seconds. He had always thought her to be dull, and predictable when she was anything, but.


I write and post on the board solely for my own enjoyment and hopefully for the entertainment of others. I don’t own any of the story universes I work within. But all OC Characters are my own so please don’t’ steal just ask to “borrow” them.

Life Isn’t Black and White, its Shades of Gray
S. E. N.

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