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And the new...

all you need is love-mikie. my other names were stupid. this one is to actually..

Soooo, if anyone wants to stalk me, here's what I look like.

Brown hair, straight (actually it's naturally curly/afro. So I must straighten it, or I'll look like a female Corbin Bleu...Hahaha!) I have hazel eyes, and I'm 4/11 and a HALF a fricken half away from being effin 5 foot. I guess I'm kiiinda prettyish. I've been asked out a few times, acutally. I'm sooo short!

Wellllll my friend made me make this account when I was a bit ...younger, I'm 13 now. :D I had a Naruto obsession...ik, sad.

My life story

asdfijseoifsidojfoIJLDKFND8G903UTOnwuieort78343jnt8g9g0io4ktnjh6b3u4t89wer0fork4tnmjh6u8934tWEOPGFNJKHWE89S0FUJIGn9ur8y45nyt gsd90gt35jk4-2r4poel;'s NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESSdjklfhsdlkfjoiw4ejkrthasy89y02ji6o4thwuae9g8rio0trjdfu9sijefrssdfsdfsdfdsfs

Name Mikie

Age :Somewhere around two...

Music/Artists: Linkin Park,PARA FREAKING MORE!! (Paramore) And the Beatles, I'm in like looooooooooooove with George Harrison..

Race:Half Black, half white, Puerto Riccan, Irish, Welsh, and like alot more...

I'm not one to judge people quick. Except for hobitches. ( I made that word up)

Hey, i'm Mikie.

And don't judge me.

Or else.

My friends are freakass.

Ya another one.

Some of my clothes on my story may be seen on polyvore!

Wooow...that sounded really salesperson ish.

Oh, and if I act like a stalker, thats just me, don't worry!

I'm basically your average dork, who has nothing better to do than to go on fanfiction! I love X-men evolution and Harry Potter. I am a Cheerleader, and in quizbowl. Oh, and my gangster name is Homie G ;) ( Just thought I let you know) I have 3 brothers 2 who have like ADHD and ADD and are like Bipolar.

I write/read:




Rogue/Evan (sometimes!!)






Remus/Sirius. (I read a reaally good story about them awhile ago.)


Draco/Harry...(sometimes, depends on my mood...)

Lily/James (theyre so cute!)

Umm, basically any canon couples.

Couples I wish died.

Hermoine/Draco -( i actually read this kinda good one ...sooo:(()


Severus/anyone. (But I love snape in general, trust me)




Gryffindor: Fin.

The love of pointy ears: Done, making a new Kurt/Kitty soon!

Years: In progress, working on it.

Working on new stories, trust me!

Maybe like an emo story or something. I've been depressed :((( Haha!

I think cheerleading is a sport. So, haha deal with it. I hate racist and homophobics. I hope they burn in hell..Haha just kiddddddddiiiiiiiin. o.0

I also think these people should:

Miley Cyrus (shudders, everytime i hear that effing voice i wanna go kill myself)

Miley: Hey It's Miley, and i have AIDS...


Jonas brothers

Too big of a rant, too many swears..

Disney..(wtf? its all about caring)

Disney:Let's all hold hands and go in my van and trap you and rape you! Awwwwwww


Kanye West

Me: Well, he shows up everywhere drunk and-

Kanye:Yo, Mikie, Imma let you finish but I...Err...Well..Im a gay fish!! (No im not homophobic or anything, so shut the hell up..:D)

Me: Get the hell away!

(Mind you, I was on sugar!

I talk, and argue with myself. Daily. I fall up stairs, and I get obsessions with the stupidest things. I fall out of chairs backwards, and do illegal things, daily, because I am a rebel, and that's what rebels do. I cry, I laugh, I love, I live. I'm a human being, and I'm just me. I'm random, I'm weird, I'm a freak, and a big one at that too. I think there is something more to the world that we give it credit for, and I am a hippie. Yupp, a big fat hippie. Deal with it. I hate war, and there SHOULD be peace on earth. I have people that love me and care about me, so hey what's more a girl can ask for, right?

OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I have lately become a bit obsessed with some things, such asssssssssssssss!!

The Beatles. (siiiiiiiiigh)

Cheerleading. (I am very kinda ashamed...:(()

Harry Potter (Damn better than twilight!)

The Beatles.

X-Men Evolution. (hehehee...) ??

The Beatles...

Harry Potter.

The Beatles!!

One day taking over the world.

The effing rabbit that dosent get his Trix. JUST GIVE HIM THE GOD DAMN TRIX, GOD DAMNIT!!

Ummmmmmmmm er

I love Walmart!!

Okay, a lot of people have taking this one quiz, and I thought I would.

I got sorted into Gryffindor. (Hahaha!)

Take the most scientific Harry Potter Quiz ever created.

Get Sorted Now!

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