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Author has written 11 stories for Naruto, Mario, Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, and Criminal Minds.

Updated 1-7-2022

It has been nearly six years since my last update. I just wanted y'all to know that I'm not dead (yet). However, my desire to create new stories has been deceased for a long time now, mainly because I have not been following any series. The series that I used to follow either concluded or I just stopped caring about it, especially if it became unrecognizable/has been suffering from an on-going identity crisis for years (I am looking at you, Resident Evil). The last story I posted on here was in February 2020, less than 10 months after my father had passed away.

I'm sorry for the disappointing update. These past three years haven't been the best. Maybe one day I will return to writing stories.


Updated 5-20-2016

Holy plumbbob, Batman, I haven't posted any updates in nearly a year and a half! I have been VERY busy with school and life in general. A while back, I'd restored Admiration of a Witch for those who still want to read it; I'm still not going to update it, however. As for new fan fictions, I am still at a lost on what I want to write. On one hand, I could write one of the three stories that I'd mentioned in my last two updates.

On the other hand, however, I could write something else. That something else could be anything, though. I still have the introduction chapter that I have written for Resident Evil: Dead House last year, just as I was finishing up on Resident Evil: Divided By Zero (speaking of which, I have written alternate scenes for it around the same time, as well). I've also rearranged the updates, so that the latest ones appear near the top of my profile, in case you haven't noticed.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll post the next update within this decade... I hope...


Updated 12-12-2014

Hey, folks, remember the three stories I’d mentioned in the previous update? Well, I may not write at least two of them. Why? The reasons are listed below (in the same order as the stories were mentioned in the previous update. Also, warning: long post ahead:

You May Ditch the Bride: One reason why I may not write this one shot is because people are going to think, if not already thinking, this story is a successor of “Admiration of a Witch.” There was a reason why I’d discontinued that story: it turned into a survivor X infected story, a type of fan fiction that I didn't and still don’t like to this day. Sure, the pairing was initially one-sided, but I had no intention in making the characters actually get together; that was part of the charm of a killer/stalker infected chasing around a survivor who didn't like her.

Once I started catering to the readers’ wishes and made the two main characters get together, the story lost its charm and I quickly grew bored of it because it became a generic romance story. This is why I didn't write “You May Ditch the Bride” back in 2010 when I first came up with the idea, and why I may not write it now. Another reason why I may not write this one shot is because I lost interest in the Left 4 Dead series a long time ago.

Resident Evil 4: Save the Ballistics: The reason why I may not write this story is because I lost interest in Resident Evil 4 years ago, sometime after Resident Evil 5 came out. I stopped following the newer Resident Evil games after Resident Evil 5 killed the series for me, plus I thought Resident Evil 4 was the reason why the Resident Evil series changed into the Hollywood action-packed, nausea-induced, clichéd to the max series that I dislike and don’t support even to this day. Ironically enough, I thought Resident Evil 4 was a cool game – until the Island area, with the exception of the Regenerators.

Still, I couldn't really get into Resident Evil 5, even after writing a fan fiction for it.

Resident Evil: Dead House: Out of the three stories I said I may or may not write, this one has a higher possibility of being written. Why? Because it’s based off my favorite game of the series! Though, the reason why I may not write this story is because after I read that Capcom was porting Resident Evil Remake to non-Nintendo platforms, I, at first, lost interest in writing the story. I know I could write the story for the original Resident Evil game instead of the Remake, but after learning that Barry was going to be in the new Revelations game and the possibility of his character being destroyed, I figured that I may not even write for the original game, either.

It wasn't until sometime in October when I’d changed my mind. I’d re-read a Resident Evil parody on this website and I became interested in writing the story again. I even wrote the prologue shortly thereafter! I probably won’t upload it until sometime next year, at the earliest, since I have two stories to take care of. Speaking of those stories, I am discontinuing “Resident Evil: Divided By Zero” and I am still deciding if I want to delete “Admiration of a Witch.”

Why? Because “Resident Evil: Divided By Zero” is nearing its end. After this month’s chapter is uploaded, there will only be one chapter left before the story concludes. If the story remains on its regular schedule of being posted on the 15th of every month, it should end in mid-January. I haven’t decided if I should write an epilogue for it (most likely I won’t, but we’ll see).

As for “Admiration of a Witch,” I partially mentioned why this story may be removed in the “You May Ditch the Bride” section above. That and this story has been collecting dust on my account for half a decade (it came out in August 2009. It was discontinued in October 2010). It is about time I get rid of it, don’t’cha think (I already removed its name and summary; the story itself is still intact)? Anyway, that's all for now. I'll leave now, wondering what else I should do.


Updated 5-29-2014

A new update in two plus months? What a shock! Anyway, the reason why I am writing this update is because I plan on making more one shots and/or multi-chapter stories. Although, I probably won't write them/upload them until some future date due to the current (unpopular) Resident Evil story I'm currently writing. Anyway, here are some ideas of stories I plan on writing (unless writer's block, school/life, and/or lack of interest gets me):

You May Ditch the Bride: Following the events of the Passing, Bill finds himself, alive, in a Hero's Closet. His shouts angers a bride witch, who wandered into the area. Wanting to kill him, she frees him from the closet. Before the witch could kill him, however, Bill accidentally saves her from a hunter. Now, she wants to marry him! An old one shot.

Resident Evil 4: Save the Ballistics: Leon S. Kennedy is tasked to save the president's daughter -- because the president couldn't care less about her; that's why he didn't hire a team of agents to rescue her. During his mission, Leon runs into familiar faces and learns the real reason as to why the president's daughter was kidnapped.

Resident Evil: Dead House: The S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team is sent out to investigate the disappearance of Bravo Team. They soon run into the horrors and secrets of the Spencer Estate. They also discover what had happened to Bravo Team. In addition, they find out someone is a traitor... The story takes place in (insert name here) scenario. Based off Resident Evil (REmake/original).

I haven't decided whose scenario the above story would take place in or which Resident Evil game it would be based off of (REmake or original).

That's it? I thought I would have more ideas. Ah, well. Anyway, that's all for now. I'll continue writing chapters for my current story while I weep in the corner. Just kidding! ...or am I?


Updated 3-13-2014

I'm currently writing another Resident Evil story, when I'm not busy with school, that is. Like "Resident Evil 5: Adventures In Africa," the Resident Evil story I'm writing follows the events of the game it's based on with some jokes here and there. I am hoping to get the prologue uploaded on here before Spring Break ends (Spring Break at my college started on March 9th. It ends on the 16th). If/when I upload the prologue, it will be a while 'til I post chapter one since, as I stated before, I am busy with school. Also, the chapters of this story may end up being a lot shorter than the ones in "Resident Evil 5: Adventures In Africa." I'm trying my best to lengthen the story (it seems very short right now), but it is not guarantee to have as many chapters and words as "Resident Evil 5: Adventures In Africa."

Anyway, that is all for now. I am not dead, folks; just very busy!


Updated 12-31-2013

Wow, I haven't submitted any new stories or updated this profile for more than a year. One reason is I have been busy with school. Another reason is I don't have any ideas to make stories with. I have been suffering from a serious case of writer's block for some time, now. Hopefully, I can overcome it.

Anyway, that is all for now. I only updated this to let everyone know that I am not dead.


Updated 11-23-2012

I am thinking about writing more fan fictions (or should I say one shots). The thing is, I am busy preparing for finals for all of my college classes (five friggin' classes, two of which I have to make final projects for). Hopefully by December I would start on those stories once the semester ends -- in the middle of that month. Anyway, that is all for now. I will update this again when I feel like it.

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