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Author has written 22 stories for Midnighters, Twilight, Merlin, Season of the Witch, Angel, Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl, Heroes, Hunger Games, and Bitten.

My avatar is not, I repeat NOT, a picture of me! I don't know whose image that is, but it showed up on my uncle's camera somehow and I made it my avatar in hopes of amusing visitors to my page.


Ongoing/upcoming projects (in order of publication date):

Blood Sisters (Twilight/Lost Girl crossover, in-progress, updated regularly)

The Lost Kingdom (Lost In Camelot sequel, in-progress, updated regularly)

Fae New World (The Lost Kingdom sequel, upcoming)

Blood Feud (Blood Sisters sequel, upcoming)

Blood of the Ancients (Blood Feud sequel, upcoming)

Future story ideas (Keep in mind that some of these need a little (or a lot) more fleshing out before they're ready to be put into print, and I don't intend to go overboard with publishing more stories than I can update on a regular basis, but at least I've finally reached a point where I can think about starting to slowly pull some things off this list):

A Succubus In Wolf's Clothing (Lost Girl s2 AU): Dyson words his request to the Norn a bit differently, and Bo receives an unexpected 'gift' as a result. Meanwhile, Hale finds himself uncharacteristically annoyed when Kenzi begins spending time with a new boyfriend. Could there be more to his feelings for the human girl than he thought? Bo/Dyson, Kenzi/Hale, minor Kenzi/Nate and Lauren/Nadia

All Bets Are Off (Lost Girl s1 AU): Tamsin is assigned to the precinct where Dyson and Hale work much earlier than in canon, and shares a (mostly) friendly rivalry with the wolf which is definitely not a cover for an illicit attraction. When they both find themselves drawn to newcomer Bo Dennis as well, they take their competition to the next level by making a bet on who will win her affections. Will they both lose when Bo catches on, or is there a way all three can win? Bo/Dyson/Tamsin, possible background Kenzi/Hale

Fire and Magic (Merlin/Game of Thrones crossover): Devastated by Arthur's death, Merlin sets out to correct another of his greatest failures by helping Aithusa recover from the torture she endured. Decades later, they leave Albion for unknown lands, where they encounter a different breed of dragon and a woman with certain abilities similar to Merlin's. Daenerys Targaryen, however, wants to be a queen as well as a dragonlord, while Merlin isn't sure he wants another monarch in his life. Will the newfound bond between their dragons tie them together, or will her ambition tear them apart? Merlin/Daenerys, Aithusa/Drogon

Harry Potter and the Heir of Wyatt Earp (Harry Potter/Wynonna Earp crossover): After successfully recruiting the giants and werewolves, Voldemort travels to Purgatory and strikes a bargain with Bobo Del Rey, freeing the revenants from the Ghost River Triangle in exchange for them joining his cause. Now facing a Dark Lord backed by an army of demonic outlaws, Harry is assigned a new protector for his sixth year at Hogwarts: a woman with a troubled past, a magic gun, and an unwanted destiny of her own. Harry/Wynonna, Hermione/Waverly

Midnight Magic (Merlin AU based on a book of the same name): Exiled for sorcery, Gaius is summoned back to Camelot to cure the king's ward of her prophetic nightmares. Once there, he and his nephew Merlin soon realize that Morgana's dreams are in fact warnings of a conspiracy that threatens to tear Camelot apart from within, unless they can help her uncover the meaning of her visions in time. Merlin/Morgana, Gaius/Alice, probable Arthur/Gwen

Night Work (Batman Begins/Lost Girl crossover): In a world where the fae government is headquartered in Gotham (taking advantage of the city's high crime rate to feed with impunity), Bruce Wayne begins his career as the Dark Knight, discovers that there are much worse things than mobsters lurking in Gotham's underbelly, and forms an alliance with a renegade succubus who shares his dedication to fighting injustice. Bruce/Bo; may add other pairings later

Rise of the Hybrids (Lost Girl/Underworld crossover): After losing his brother Quint to a vampire attack during a family vacation to Budapest, Isaac Taft is finally prepared to take his revenge, combining lycan DNA with that of a pureblooded wolf-shifter to create a beast capable of destroying the vampires once and for all. Upon capturing Dyson, however, he goes a step further, using blood memories and brainwashing to 'resurrect' his brother. When Bo finds Dyson again, can she remind him of who he is, or is Quint here to stay? Bo/Dyson, Bo/Quint (sort of), mentions of Selene/Michael

Summer of the Succubus (Lost Girl pre-series AU): What if Trick had been more proactive about searching for his missing granddaughter? Finding her just before her powers are due to manifest, he sends his right hand man Dyson, along with Dyson's new partner Hale, to watch over her and guide her through the emergence of her fae side...setting in motion a series of events that will change the lives of Beth Dennis and her new friend Kenzi forever. Bo 'Beth'/Dyson, Kenzi/Hale, Beth/Kyle in the beginning

The D'Haran Seeker (Legend of the Seeker AU): Panis Rahl is smart enough not to brag to Darken about his efforts to fulfill the prophecy concerning his second son, and survives to raise Richard and Jennsen in D'Hara, as members of the royal family. Darken Rahl's efforts to conquer the Midlands continue, however, and Richard must fulfill his destiny - but can he free the land from a tyrant's grasp when doing so means fighting against the brother he loves? Richard/Kahlan/Cara, Jennsen/Leo Dane

The Path of Shadows (Merlin/Salem crossover): Centuries after the fall of Camelot, Merlin finds himself serving as an army doctor during King William's War, where he befriends John Alden and eventually follows him home to Salem, only to discover that John's former flame, Mary, has been drawn into the seductive world of dark magic by none other than the vengeful spirit of Merlin's old nemesis, Morgana. As the witch and warlock continue their ancient feud, however, they soon realize they're facing a much worse threat than each other, one that could destroy the Old Religion forever...and the only way to stop it may be for them to work together. John/Mary, eventual Merlin/Morgana and Anne/Cotton

Unbroken (Lost Girl AU): Following a successful rebellion, Aife becomes queen of the fae and gets to raise her daughter as a proper succubus. Years later, Bo receives a very special birthday present: a captured resistance fighter who will now be her personal pet...if she can tame him. Bo/Dyson, minor Kenzi/Hale

Links to pictures and other stuff from my stories:

(Disclaimer: I did not create, nor do I own, any of these images. Most of them are just pictures I found online while searching for visual aids to inspire my writing, and I wanted to share them so my readers could see what I'm seeing in case my descriptions fall short. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words...so if I can save myself a thousand words here and there, I'm all for it.)


TV Tropes page (which also covers the sequels) by Marcus S. Lazarus: tvtropes org /pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/ResurgenceSeries

The Sorcerer's Bride

Morgana's wedding dress: 1 bp blogSpot com /-srhrbBhlOy8/UMcAuptFS1I/AAAAAAAAAPk/4_8CbvShQ40/s1600/74.jpg

What Uther wished Morgana's wedding dress looked like (for readers with a sense of humor): micheleburke com /wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Sadie-Frost-Dracula-1.jpg

Elena's ball gown: i pinimg com /736x/b9/65/e9/b965e96627daf0443f00eef0e48a10dd.jpg

Shades of Destiny

Elena's blue dress: s-media-cache-ak0 pinimg com /236x/cd/b0/dc/cdb0dcd9e0255cf67681ba69f7149d0f.jpg

Freya's wedding dress: dimg dillards com /is/image/DillardsZoom/04386788_zi_white?$ecom880x1020$

Gwen's wedding dress: dhresource com /webp/m/0x0/f2/albu/g1/M00/3B/F8/rBVaGVS4dlCAHbszAAQtPH9QOvI373.jpg

How to pull off Gwen's hairstyle without magic: youtube.com/watch?v=J0uiyDEunXI

Lost In Camelot

Bo's court dresses: youtube.com/watch?v=Ehaogw2TNOQ

cdn fansshare com /photo/zoiepalmer/zoie-palmer-flora-bloom-lafaeepoque-1208532831.jpg

Bo's travel/combat outfit: pinterest com /pin/758504762217874032/

Kenzi's Camelot wardrobe: images6 fanpop com /image/photos/33800000/Glinda-oz-the-great-and-powerful-33844168-425-628.jpg

vignette4 wikia nocookie net /fusion-of-worlds/images/1/18/Item1.rendition.slideshowVertical.ss02-evanora-oz-great-and-powerful.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20141210215229

Bo and Morgana's outfits from chapter 30: hilarypictures online fr/misc/setstranger_mai07/stranger-007.jpg

Fanart courtesy of Marcus S. Lazarus: tthfanfic org /Story-17631-51/MarcusSLazarusFanartformyFavourites.htm

TV Tropes page (also created by Marcus S. Lazarus, now expanded to cover the sequel): tvtropes org /pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/LostInCamelot

The Lost Kingdom

Trick's castle: images mmorpg com /images/galleries/formatted/482009/98e72914-1573-41db-b2b6-deea06aef87f.jpg

Bo's bedroom: i pinimg com /originals/ef/f6/6f/eff66f3621edc369e9b381dafe92e28f.jpg

Demon's Games

Map of Panem I used as a reference point: panempropaganda com /panem-maps/

Blood Sisters

TV Tropes page by Marcus S. Lazarus: tvtropes org /pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/BloodSisters

Story requests: I'm sorry, but I do not accept requests for new stories. As you can see from the lists above, I already have a lot on my plate with the projects I'm trying to finish, and several others I want to start working on, so it's just not feasible for me to take on any more.

Update frequency: I will write new chapters whenever I have the time/inspiration and post them once they're finished. Lately I've been managing two updates per month, so as long as I stick with no more than two active stories at a time, each one should get a new chapter roughly every thirty days. Sometimes the wait might be a little longer if life is particularly demanding, but I will never just abandon a story halfway through; if I'm really dissatisfied with one or run out of ideas for it, it will be deleted to spare anyone who hasn't read it yet the frustration of starting and possibly liking a fic that will never be finished. Those who have already started reading it will be given advance notice that it's being discontinued.

Warnings: To avoid nasty shocks, I try to always warn readers about any content in my fics that might be offensive, usually in the chapter where it occurs. If it's in the first chap, then the thing you're being warned about will be such a predominant element in the story that you're better off not even starting to read if it bothers you. Same goes for main pairings.

Anonymous or 'guest' review policy: I delete all guest reviews that I deem disagreeable for any reason, because as far as I'm concerned people who choose not to put their names on their comments and give the authors a chance to respond have no right to criticize anyone. When I review someone else's story I always log in so that, if they take offense at anything I say, they'll have the opportunity to defend themselves, and I expect the same courtesy to be extended to me.

What I look for in a story

Likes: correct grammar/spelling/punctuation, a well-thought-out plot, and good characterization - which means everyone is still recognizable as their canon selves, or if there is some change in their personality, powers, or background, it's explained well and is at least somewhat plausible. If you've just completely reinvented them, then it's not the character we know and love, it's basically just an OC with their name.

Dislikes: Genderbending (especially when it's only done for the purpose of pairing up two characters who were originally the same gender without it being slash, like in Merthur stories where Merlin's a girl), excessive OOC-ness, OCs in prominent roles (with a few exceptions; I've found some fics featuring OCs who were very compelling characters), and all-human or non-magical AUs in fictional universes like Harry Potter or Twilight where the supernatural was an integral part of the original series.

Pairings I enjoy reading or writing

Artemis Fowl/Holly Short - Artemis Fowl series

Peter Bishop/Olivia Dunham, Alt-Livia/Lincoln Lee - Fringe

Peter/Claire, Peter/Elle, Peter/Niki (5YG 'verse), Matt/Daphne - Heroes

Harry/Hermione - Harry Potter series (there are a few others, but this is my favorite)

John Connor/Cameron - Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles

Peter Petrelli/Bella Swan, Elle Bishop/Edward Cullen - Heroes/Twilight crossovers (I'm pretty sure I invented both of these, although Peter/Bella has caught on somewhat since I started writing it. Still waiting for someone else to hop on the Elleward bandwagon though.)

Buffy Summers/Harry Potter - Buffy: the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter crossovers

Bella Swan/Edward Cullen - Twilight (even though I haven't read non-crossover Twilight fics in quite awhile)

Veronica/Logan - Veronica Mars

Michael/Fiona - Burn Notice

Merlin/Morgana & Arthur/Gwen romance, Merlin/Arthur bromance, Uther/'Catrina' the troll - Merlin (I've also found a few fics where Merlin and Arthur are related/adoptive siblings, which I find adorable because Arthur is SO like Merlin's big brother! Of course you can't really watch Merlin and not like Arwen, and believe me I do even though I prefer Mergana - Arthur and Gwen are really sweet and I can tell they'll be together forever, and I want them to be, but for some reason they just don't grab my interest the way Merlin and Morgana do. And Trollther gave me the best laugh I've gotten out of that show, hence its inclusion)

Amy Fleming/Ty Baldwin - Heartland (Their breakup in the book-verse was a huge disappointment; I know accepting that life moves on and nothing lasts forever was a major theme of the series, but some things DO last, and they were so perfect together that I think their relationship should've been one of those things. I'm glad the TV version gave them the love story they deserved, showing how their relationship could have realistically lasted, matured, and grown stronger as they grew up and moved forward in their careers, even if they did suffer from a few too many miscommunications and jealousy-induced breakups which I'm convinced only happened for the sake of creating drama.)

Nikita/Michael - Nikita

Richard/Kahlan, Richard/Cara, Richard/Kahlan/Cara - Legend of the Seeker (You can't watch LotS and not be a fan of R/K, but Richard and Cara also shared a few moments that made me think they could've had potential as a couple, except she never had a chance because they didn't meet until after he was firmly committed to Kahlan. Could things have been different if Cara had arrived on the scene earlier? We'll never know, but it's fun to explore the possibilities in fanfic... As for the OT3, I've already said I thought Richard had good chemistry with both women, and while I didn't get the vibe of Kahlan and Cara being madly in love with each other from the show, they did have a strong friendship that could've had some romantic undertones, so I think the three of them together could work)

Bo/Dyson, Kenzi/Hale - Lost Girl (Come on people, wolves mate for life! Besides, Dyson was Bo's first real love interest, and I don't feel like the writers ever provided adequate justification for why they shouldn't be together - no fundamental incompatibility in their personalities or conflict in their individual goals in life that anyone can point to and say 'they'll never be able to make it work because of X. No matter how strong their attraction is, this will inevitably tear them apart'. Yes, he made some mistakes regarding his willingness to keep information about Aife from her at Trick's behest, but even if he did the wrong thing it was for the right reasons. He always tried to protect Bo (unlike Tamsin, who sold her out to the Wanderer) and he managed to score more honesty points than Lauren simply by telling Bo his real name the first time they met, so I think he's still the best choice. Kenzi and Hale are a double dose of awesome, and while I was happy that s4 made them official, I think they deserved more screen time...and I definitely wasn't happy with how things ended for them! Seriously, letting Hale get killed by Massimo of all people was insulting!)

Monroe/Nick - Grimm (Monroe's been there for Nick from the very beginning, practically since the first day his Grimm abilities manifested, and Nick obviously trusted him right away in spite of Monroe being one of the creatures Nick's supposed to hunt. Monroe is the person who knows Nick best - even if the number of people who know his secret has increased lately, it doesn't change the fact that Monroe was his first confidant - and it only took me about two or three episodes to decide they should be together)

Ichabod/Katrina - Sleepy Hollow (I know lots of people ship Ichabod/Abbie, and I can see why, but Katrina's an awesome ass-kicking witch, so I can't really get behind her losing her husband to another woman, even one I like as much as Abbie)

Pairings I don't like to read and/or write

Holly Short/Trouble Kelp - Artemis Fowl series (I'm indifferent to this one; no reason to think they wouldn't work, they just don't have the factors that makes Holly/Artemis so interesting, i.e. species difference, her being a cop while he's a criminal, that sort of thing)

Gabriel 'Sylar' Gray/Elle Bishop, Sylar/Claire Bennet, Peter Petrelli/Caitlin - Heroes (Elle deserved better! As for Claire, I don't see her forgiving his many misdeeds any time soon...and why should she? Every interaction they had involved him terrorizing her or her loved ones in some way; they honestly had no relationship at all beyond stalker/victim, and I don't understand why people want to romanticize that, especially when it does a huge disservice to all the real people out there who've had to deal with that kind of unwanted attention. Caitlin was likable enough but bored me, and the fact that Peter was suffering from amnesia when they met makes me wonder if they'd even click had he been himself)

Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger, Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley - Harry Potter series (Ginny was barely even there for most of the series except as an annoying fangirl; I have nothing against her except that, which in all fairness she did grow out of, but I don't feel that she was ever developed enough as a character in her own right to justify her ending up with the main hero. It's like Harry got paired up with a cardboard cutout just so JKR could say she gave him a love interest, and as a way of cementing his ties to the Weasley family. Ron and Hermione were both fully realized characters...but the personalities they were given did NOT strike me as compatible. Seriously, they always argued with each other - based on the number of times they weren't even speaking, it's obvious Harry's the glue that holds them together, and without him they wouldn't even be friends, much less anything more. I don't see how they could live together without it ending in homicide...unless they had Harry move in with them so he could act as mediator whenever they disagreed)

John Connor/Riley Dawson - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (Their whole relationship was based on a lie, which was perpetrated solely for the purpose of turning John against Cameron. It would never have worked, and only serves to further prove my belief that Jameron is destined to happen)

Bella Swan/Jacob Black - Twilight (OK, I felt sorry for Jake in New Moon, I really did. However, he lost all my sympathy in Eclipse; he had his shot with Bella while Edward was gone, yet even then he was nothing more than someone she considered settling for because she thought she couldn't have who she really wanted, and he seriously thought he stood a chance once Edward was back? Duh, NO! Not to mention he almost raped her; Edward may be overbearing and controlling, but at least I feel fairly confident he'd have backed off if Bella told him to rather than forcing himself on her. Really, I find it totally inconceivable how anyone could ever think Bella and Jacob belong together)

Veronica Mars/Duncan Kane, Logan Echolls/Lilly Kane - Veronica Mars (Obviousness: Lilly cheated on Logan All. The. Time. Veronica/Duncan is simply blah, and I'm not sure he has the edge necessary to keep up with the new and toughened Veronica. Though they worked great in the old days)

Merlin/Arthur romance, Merlin/Freya, Morgana/Alvarr, Morgana/Agravaine - Merlin (I get where the idea of Merlin/Arthur comes from - 'two sides of the same coin', 'destiny', blah, blah, blah. BUT I can't see them pausing their bickering long enough to fall in love, plus Morgana and Gwen are perfect for them, so it's not like they're each other's best match simply because there's no one else. As for the others, Alvarr was a scum-bucket who was only using Morgana, pure and simple, and Morgravaine was just creepy. He was like 50 years older than her! Thank goodness she was only using him and never had any real feelings for him, or I might've given myself a brain hemorrhage screaming at the TV. Freya I actually liked as a character, just not with Merlin because their relationship was too unrealistic. Merlin's destiny to help Arthur become a great king is everything to him - several times he's even been ready to DIE for Arthur - yet he was ready to leave Camelot and pull the medieval equivalent of running off to Vegas with a girl he'd only known, what, three days? Chalk it up to teenage hormones and the excitement of finding someone he could be himself with; I still say he would have regretted it later. Then there's her curse to consider; she probably would've just ended up eating him one night. Also, I don't really like Merlin and Morgana with anyone but each other)

Nick/Juliette - Grimm (I don't hate Juliette or anything, I just don't think she and Nick work considering that she said no when he proposed - which it took him forever to actually do - her reaction when he tried to tell her he's a Grimm - you could say anyone would've thought he was crazy, but Hank didn't - not to mention the fact that he currently can barely even look at her after finding out she's become a hexenbiest. Don't get me wrong, I love hexenbiest!Juliette - WAY better than the whiny, clueless human version - but I don't think Nick does)

Bo/Lauren, Bo/Tamsin - Lost Girl (I always preferred Bo with Dyson even though Lauren used to be okay back in the early days before she took over the whole show and caused Bo to get reduced to one half of a couple, not to mention how the writers introduced information about her background in a haphazard way that made her look like a pathological liar; now I don't even like the character, much less think Bo belongs with her. I do like Tamsin despite her somewhat abrasive personality - handing Bo over to Rainer while still believing he was evil may have been a major strike against her, but at least she resisted doing it until someone sent her Acacia's hand in a box, and she definitely regretted it afterward and apologized - and I vastly prefer both her and Lauren to Ryan Lambert from s2, but really, doesn't Bo have enough love interests?)

PERSONAL INFO (for anyone interested in what kind of person wrote the stories they're reading):

I'm a girl, I have a masters degree in psychology, and I'm currently in training to become a certified therapeutic horseback riding instructor, which I think just might be my dream job (fingers crossed). In my spare time, I enjoy writing fanfiction (obviously), working with my own horse and donkey, listening to music, and reading anything I can get my hands on. I used to spend a lot of time playing those stupidly addictive computer games like Minesweeper, until my old dinosaur of a computer finally died and I had to buy a new one that didn't come with games on it, which forced me to go cold turkey; it was a shock at first, but now I may have finally kicked the habit for good (again, fingers crossed).



War does not determine who is right, war determines who is left

Man who runs in front of car gets tired

Man who runs behind car gets exhausted

Man who argues with wife all day gets no piece at night

Man who eats many prunes gets good runs for his money

Man who lives in glass house should change clothes in basement

Man who fishes in other man's well catches crabs

Wife who puts husband in doghouse will soon find him in cathouse

Person who doesn't laugh at this has no sense of humor!


Reverend Boudreaux was the part-time pastor of the local Cajun Baptist Church and Pastor Thibodaux was the minister of the Covenant Church across the street. They were both standing by the road, pounding a sign into the ground that read: 'Da End is Near. Turn Yo Sef 'Roun Now Afore it be Too Late!'

As a car sped past them, the driver leaned out his window and yelled, "You religious nuts!"

From the curve they heard screeching tires, and a big splash...

Boudreaux turned to Thibodaux and asked, "Do ya tink maybe da sign should jussay...'Bridge Out'?"

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