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Author has written 10 stories for Camp Rock, and Glee.

Color: rainbow!!.

Food: sushi.

Movie: Too many to list...

TV show: Gossip Girl..90210...Chowder...tons of TV, who can keep up??

Band: A ton. I live and breathe music.

Subject: History/English

Thing to Do: Sing or Hang out with Friends

Instrument: I am learning Guitar and i know how to play bass(upward the classical one)

Vacation Spot: anywhere! just have a great time and be happy!!

Sport (Play): Basketball

Sport (Watch): Football

Accessory: Cell Phone(:

Drink: Water. Soda. Cider.
(jacked from sweetxsmiley hahaha)

Hi. My name is Michelle. Michelle Ly

I am sweetxsmileys cousin.


no really. I am.

SO i eat cake on 6/22

I go to Macy Intermediate.


I'm obsessed over the Jonas Brothers

and fanfics. (especially long ones :))

I love to travel.

I am always happy...unless I'm mad..completely different story.


I am...a "normal teenager" who:

A:IN love with the Jonas Brothers and this one guy...
B:Has an attiude if you piss me off
C:Can't live without my phone
D:hates time
E:Is a lover and a fighter
F:Loves making vids, but too busy with life to make any
G:Loves to travel
H:Loves music videos
I:Listens to almost every genre
J:If there is any good series out on fan fic or on any other site and you tell me about it, i will read it and review!
K:If you're funny, You're my best friend
L:Still looking for a new boyfriend
N:Always knows school gossip first
O:I can speak boy
P:I can give really good advice!!
Q:Loves ideas so keep PMing me with ideas
R:Loves Gossip Girl
S:Has a mind of her own
T:Wishes she could drive
U:Useless, Life is.
W:Loves her life, but hates it too
X:Sings at an okay level...Well I suck but I'll let you be the judge of that
Z:Is Done with this About me.



love ya cuz!

What Happens When I Put My iPod on Shuffle

Opening Credits: All I want is you by Barry Louis Parker (opening for Juno!! YEA!)

Waking Up: Australia by JoBros

First Day of School: Paint it Black by Rolling Stones (awkward...)

Falling in Love:Holywood's Not America by Ferras(Perfect!)

Fighting: She Will be Loved by Maroon 5 (?)

Breaking Up: The Way I Are by Timbaland (If you don't like me, that's just the way I are.LOL)

Flashback: Don't you know who I think I am? by FOB (Que ?)

Mental Breakdown: Hello Beautiful by JoBro (to calm me down after i have the breakdown.)

Getting Back Together: Don't Tell Anyone by the JoBros(It's a secret, can you keep it?)

Wedding: Fall Away by the Fray

Birth of a Child: Fidelity by Regina Specktor (In a way.)

Final Battle: Ordinary People by John Legend (We fight and go back to hell again, we kiss and make up along the way.)

Death Scene: Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's (?!)

Funeral: I'll Stay by Augustana (...)

End Credits: That's How You Know by Demi Lovato (THE song to end)

I write if inspired. Most stories are real in my life, or the idea has been bugging me to write it.

I really stated writing real stories when I fell.

For this guy.

But those stories are horrible, and now I write from the heart.


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Temptation reviews
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