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The English may not like music, but they absolutely love the noise it makes.
-Thomas Beecham

I like the English. They have the most rigid code of immorality in the world.
-Malcolm Bradbury

The English Bible - a book which, if everything else in our language should perish, would alone suffice to show the whole extent of its beauty and power.
-Thomas B. Macaulay


My name is Deep Flower, it's not a real name so you can call me Dee.

I'm seventeen this year, and I'm a girl.

I'm not an English native. But I love English more than my mother language.

I love entertaining people with my stories. :-D

I'm very happy and appreciate the feedbacks you sent me, no exceptions. Thank you so much for all reviewers.

The reason why I write, is because I have a sheer love for English literature! Writing is a good chance to improve one's English skill. My teacher advised me to write and improve myself with people's comments. So I'm open for any kinds of constructive criticism. Please do the favor of helping me? I'll be happy if you enjoy it.

I don't have specific likes or dislikes towards certain characters or pairings, but I don't mind homosexual pairs. I will write the pairs whom I think the most compatible, both emotionally and physically. My most favorite pairings are:


NaruSasu: Only one word I have to describe in this fairing; destiny. I don't mind it being homosexual pairing. For me their relationship, in fact, surpasses those of love, blood, brotherhood, and friendship. Its complexity simply couldn't be express by words. And truly is a beautiful one. I can't even begin to picture anyone else stands between them...I love them very much.

KakaSaku: They're the two who were 'left behind' by Sasuke and Naruto, during the two and half years of absent. It isn't odd to think that it may result in closer relationship. And they're just so cute.

ItaSaku: I just love Itachi after I knew his grounds for massacring his clan...he needs love! Much love!

KakaIru: Do I must tell the reason other than they're cute?


IchiRuki: "Kuchiki-san is the person who changes his world!" I can't find anything more romantic than this line and this pairing.

ByaRuki: I just love Byakuya-sama...with passion.

GinHitsu: Unlikely, but extremely cute! A cute shonen-ai will definitely touch the green button!

Others: SuzaLulu (Code Geass), RikuSora (Kingdom of Hearts), LxLight (Death Note), ShaoranxSakura (Cardcaptor Sakura & Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle), etc.

I will write any pairing as long as their character fits the plot I have in mind.

I like romance, humor, and drama, it's cute. But I probably will write dark stories too, sometimes. It's all depends on the mass production of girl's adrenalin and hormone.

You can give me advice or suggestion if you want.

Please check my cousin's works if you can, she majors in humor.

Moonstruck Miasma

I left my favorite lists empty not because I'm picky, but because I have very little time to spend reading in this site. I am practically an exam student cum last year student, I'm lucky enough to have the time for writing, since I barely have the chance. I have the whole year scheduled.

I would love good stories recommendation from you.

I need to cut some slack sometimes too. :-)

Thank you and happy reading!

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