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I am a bit of a lurker around , I love to read, and I know what makes a good story, I'm just not so good at putting it into my own :-)

I read a variety of fandoms, mostly Stargate, Doctor Who, Bleach, Avengers (Loki!), Supernatural, and the Nolanverse Batman, depending on mood, and I'm a fan of shameless Whumping, especially of those stoic characters who always insist they are fine (except teal'c, that just doesnt seem to work somehow, he really is that stoic).

As for ships, in Stargate Atlantis, I like anything except ships involving weir (sorry all you sparky fans), in SG1 it is sam/jack, janet/daniel, and vala/daniel, in doctor who, 10/rose (NOT handy/rose), PotC not bothered, the non-ship fics are better anyway, Avengers; no ships really just give me Loki in any form, Supernatural; Destiel if anything, and Nolanverse Batman really doesnt deserve love. Just pain and angst, delivered deliciously by that oddly appealing painted freak: The Joker.

Things that really irritate me:

1. People who rush the beginning of the story to get to 'the good bit'. A good story is all about the description and characters thoughts and perspectives on events. If you really want to write a specific point in your story, just start there! Sometimes the best stories don't have a lot of explanation about how the people got there, they just leave it to the reader to decide.

2. Mary-sues: self explanatory.

3. Bad grammar/punctuation. It is forgivable if your first language is not english, but otherwise, for crying out loud get it beta'ed! Heck, I'd do it.

4. When love between two characters just 'happens' with no reason why, within a week, and instantly afterwards can't keep their hands off one another and live happily ever after in perfect bliss. It just isn't realistic, and it is no fun to read. This relates to no.'s 1. and 2.

5. Unrealistic pairings, like Eragon/Saphira. What the heck? How does that even work?