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UPDATE: I have moved accounts. My new profile can be found here.

Ohai people. :-.DD

The name's Rasberry Parfait, as you can probably tell. I know I spelled Rasberry (RASPBERRY) wrong, but I don't care. It makes it easier to find myself when I look up my name. The name itself stems from a middle school nickname Raspberry, which I got by saying "I have three sisters. I respond to anything."

"Can we call you Raspberry then?"




So, I usually don't put blog entries up here, and I guess this isn't technically a blog entry. I just wanted everybody to know this.

Today was Friday the Thirteenth and my laptop crashed. I lost everything I've written since January. January, people. It is now November. Nearly a year's worth of writing has been lost.

If you're wondering, it was a lot.

I also fell in the bathroom and bruised my hips, but I can't say that's been the worst part of my day.

The moral of the story? Back your computers up, people. Do it now.

I am going to go die now. -_-


Not my style. I'm just sad right now, I'm not actually going to die right-oh gosh...OH GOSH! MEGACRYOMETEORS! OH SNA-


So you're walking down the street, minding your own business. You stop and smell a rosebush. It's a nice day, not a cloud in the-

BAM you just got crushed by a giant freaking block of ice falling from the sky.

It's not hail. No. Hail is for yellowbellies. Megacryometeors are hail on anabolic steroids. These things are huge. Almost five-hundred pounds huge. Basically it's an SUV made out of ice just falling on you out of nowhere.

There's no way to predict it. No weather patterns, no nothing, just maybe a whoosing noise before suddenly you're staring at a giant piece of ice in your living room blocking the tv, if you're lucky. They might be slightly more common in Winter or Summer, but overall, you could be killed by a giant popsicle at any moment.

Sweet dreams. :-)


My name is a name from The Hunger Games. You can call me Rasberry, Razzy, or Dr. Awesome.

You know how people always complain about how people think everyone in the South has a Southern accent, but they're from the South and they don't? I'm opposite. I'm not from the South-not in the typical sense, in any case-and I still have an accent. It's not too defined, but it's there.

I've been writing fanfic since I was twelve, and I call those first two years of my writing for-lack-of-a-better-word "career" my 'Sue Period. Guess why. Hint/Shameless Self-Promotion: See my story "The M Files."

As previously stated, I have three sisters, and also three brothers and a whopping sixteen nieces and nephews. Family gatherings, man...fun times, fun times. There's also two dogs and a cat. Bella is the nice one, the one who runs up to me if I do angsty monologues and I'm screaming and she's like "Razzy, are you okay, are you okay?" Licking me and stuff. And then Brodie's the one who just stares at me like "What are you doing? Who are you talking to? ...Idiot." And then the cat only talks to me if he wants food.

I'm old enough to be in High School, but I'm young enough to be in High School. Hopefully not for much longer. After high school, community college probably. Ultimate dreams are to be a writer and then travel to schools and talk to kids about reading and writing, and to go to circus school and learn acrobatics.

Aside from writing, I love: Music, fashion, acting, performing, and art. Mostly anything creative. I also enjoy watching sitcoms with my mom.

I am a Christian, and I try not to blatantly preach to people in my writing, but my views will inevitably effect my writing, of course. So...yeah.

I'm kind of known as the "friendly neighborhood psycho" in my crowd, in you will. I went to a new age store the other day and they had all these sweet-looking fantasy-novel knives. I'm going to buy one and just walk around with it hanging on my belt. It's not illegal cause it's not a firearm and it's not concealed. I checked.

If you want to drop me a PM, please do so. I love making new friends!


I write fanfiction because it's fun. It's good practice for original fiction, which is harder for me. But mostly, I write it because something inside me tells me to-which is not the same as "the voices tell me to."

Everytime I see anything, I want to write about it. Oh, look, a movie in science class. That guy with AIDS and the pregnant chick would make a cute couple. Oh, hey, movie for scripture-study class. I should do a crossover with Twilight. How does a Mormon react to being turned into a vampire? Oh, look, Freecreditreport.com commercial! I love that guy! He should date the girl from the Progressive insurance commercials, the really happy one with the red lipstick. They'd be really cute together. Oh, look, my neighbor is mowing the lawn. I wonder what he's thinking? I should write about that.

Yes. I want to write fanfiction about real life. Which I guess could be considered just original fiction, but the fact that it stems from real-life fanfiction is really...weird.


First off, most of my writing is original fiction right now, which is why I haven't posted anything in...forever.

I like doing stuff that's about people. I like doing OCs, and OCXCC romance, but not Mary-Sues. I like breaking the stereotype that all OC and OCXCC romances are Mary-Sues.

My favorite genres are angst and humor, with some romance, family and friendship thrown in for good measure. I'm also beginning to foray into the difficult yet exciting genre of adventure. And I'm loving it.

I recently switched over to a laptop because my old computer was...too old. My writing will probably pick up more when I get my old writing onto my new computer.

But anyway:

The M Files will be continued. My Sue Period was just chock full of days where I had nothing better to do than write, and write I did-badly.That being said, it's not my first priority.

The Howling at the Moon Series, I'm not sure. I'm rapidly losing interest and I think it might just be better to have it end with the first installment and let you imagine how Rory's story goes on from there.

Waterworks-Probably the fanfiction that I'm most proud of currently. I am definitely going to finish that story. At some point.

Upcoming Projects: I have a Narnia fanfiction coming up...at...some point, and I have a Twilight-Vampire Diaries (book and tv show canon, respectively) that I'm absolutely psyched for. That's kind of my main priority right now.


In no particular order:

Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Narnia, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars (but only the original ones with Luke and Han Solo and Chewie.) House, Ouran High School Host Club, Firefly, Heroes, The Office, Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games, Unwind, Percy Jackson, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Total Drama Series, Spongebob, Invader Zim, Lenore: The Cute Little Dead Girl, Scrubs, A Very Potter Musical.

Outside of fiction, I enjoy art, singing, piano, songwriting, swimming, dancing. I also like fashion, kind of. I myself dress pretty plainly-t-shirt and jeans daily with permanent bedhead and no makeup. People think it's some kind of political statement. I'm like "No, I'm just lazy in the mornings. I'm not getting up earlier so I can be easier on the eyes for someone else."

That said, I really like doing wardrobe collections for fictional characters, I love doing makeup on other people...OH MY GOSH I'M CINNA. Why do all the characters that are me in THG end up like that? Rue and then Cinna...Suzanne Collins hates me. :-.C

Lastly, I love YOU. But only as a friend. Unless your name happens to be Zach Quinto. (Haha...fangirl moment, sorry, won't happen again.)


Gossip Girl. I love a lot of the actors on the show but it kills me that so much talent is being wasted on a show whose premise is "A bunch of rich kids in New York City go around acting like assholes, even to their closest friends, yet we are supposed to sympathize with them." I don't care how traumatic your past was, you do not go around acting like Chuck Bass. Don't mind people who like the show, just don't like the show itself.

The fact that I know who Chuck Bass is. I'm so ashamed. No, I'm totally kidding, that's not that bad.

Glee. Glee is even worse than Gossip Girl because it took a genuinely good premise, an incredibly talented cast...and managed to /ruin/ it with crappy writing. The writers can never finish plot threads. They get tossed aside or hand-waved to make room for new plots that also get left behind. Everything the writers say in interviews is BS. I just...no words.

People whining about the movie of the book wasn't accurate. I mean, there are some things that bother me in this venue, but I hate when people nitpick at every little detail, like "Oh my gosh, her skirt was supposed to be BLUE!" or subjective things like "THAT SCENE WASN'T ROMANTIC ENOUGH!!" (coughcoughTWILIGHTcoughcough)

Juicy Couture. I don't hate people who wear it. I don't hate people who make it. I just hate those freaking sweatsuits with the big freaking JUICY label on the back. I do like some of their jewelry though.

And lastly, I hate what they did to Scooby-Doo in those live-action movies. Not the Cartoon Network ones, the ones with Scrappy as the villain and then the sequel. Reasons are: Mystery Inc. would never break up for years over something so petty. Shaggy is not into random leggy blondes who don't wear enough clothes he meets on airplanes. Daphne is not nearly that superficial-a little, but not that much. I hate what they did to Scrappy's character. I don't even like Scrappy, but he was never that much of a jerk. He was just an annoying little runt. Fred is not that perverted or that stupid-he could be a little air-headed, but he wasn't a complete idiot and he wouldn't take credit for Velma's ideas. They had a joint-credit thing going, and they all explained stuff to the police together. It just...ugh. I am a hardcore Scooby-Doo fan, I've been watching that show since I was in DIAPERS and I can handle the reboots, I can handle the movies that make no sense, but those live-action flicks...ugh.

My Pairings I love

Avatar: Ty Luko, Zutara, Jinko, if done well, HakodaXUrsa, SokkaXYue

Harry Potter: NevilleXLuna, LilyXJames, RonXHermione, FrankXAlice, DracoXGinny

Twilight: RenesmeeXSeth, LeahXOC, JasperXAlice, EsmeXCarlisle, RenesmeeXAlec

Total Drama Island/Action: BethXCody, NoahXIzzy, EzekielXKatie. Or Sadie. Gosh, I get them mixed up. I'm talking about the chubby white one. Though EzekielXSkinny tan one would be cute too. So I guess it's a moot point.

Vampire Diaries: StefanXElena, CarolineXDamon, JennaXAlaric, JennaXDamon, LexiXDamon

Percy Jackson: THALIAXLUKE. Oh my gosh, best pairing in the books. Your argument is invalid, I don't think I've been this excited about a pairing in.../ages/.

My Pairings I Hate


Maiko-"I don't hate you." "I don't hate you either." Omigosh. How romantic. (sarcasm.) Seriously, Zuko's one of the coolest characters on the show. Mai isn't too bad either-not one of my personal favorites, but the knife-throwing thing is perty cool. But I hate them together. Especially now that Zuko isn't emo anymore, at least then it made sense-they both hate life. Now that Zuko's issues are more resolved, I would imagine he would tire of Mai's bad attitude very quickly. Also, I hated how she acted in "The Beach." When Zuko needed help, Ty Lee was the only one who seemed concerned about him. I mean, you expect Azula not to care about Zuko, but Mai is his fricking girlfriend. She should at least act like she gives a frick.

Plus, it's never really clear why they're interested in each other. Kataang, I'm not a huge fan but at least it makes some kind of sense because Aang appreciates Katara's kindness and maternal tendencies, and Katara likes that Aang is unselfish and consistently tries to do the right thing. Sukka/Sokki makes sense because they're both fighters and need someone to bring out their sensitive sides. Heck, I'm not a Zutara shipper, but I do enjoy some fics of that pairing because the water-fire dynamic is interesting. But Maiko comes across to me like this: Mai liked Zuko because he was a boy, older, always around and was the prince of the freaking Fire Nation. Then still craved his attention in later years because his indifference to her as a kid had stung her. (This is subconscious, of course, I'm not suggesting that Mai intentionally went after Zuko solely because she needed an ego boost.) Meanwhile, Zuko was still shaken by what happened at Ba Sing Se and Mai caught him at a time when he was confused. Anyone would have returned her advances. It doesn't hurt that Mai isn't exactly unattractive herself. And I mean that as an intentional understatement, not as a backhanded compliment.

Sukka/Soki: I love Sokka's character. I love Suki's character. I don't mind them hanging out and being friends but I'm not a fan of them as a couple. I really have no idea why that is. I don't hate the pairing like I do Maiko, it just doesn't do much for me. I think because Yue and Sokka's romance was so sweet and ended so poignantly that it felt like Sokka should have taken more time to get over it. Yeah, that's it. If they'd begun a relationship a little later, I think I would have been fine.

Harry Potter

DracoXHermione: Hermione is smarter than Draco. I say that without Draco-hate; he's an interesting character, and I like him, but he is not at the same intellectual level as Hermione. Plus, Draco solves everything with "My daddy's richer than yours." Hermione and Ron go back and forth a lot, and Draco can't do that. He never learned how to verbally spar properly, only child of rich parents with sense of entitlement that he is. It sounds like I'm bagging on Draco, but I'm not. I oppose the ship for his benefit. Hermione would tear him apart.

The Vampire Diaries

KatherineXAnyone >:-.C

My Fantheories

Fantheory 1: Ty Lee is a better match for Zuko than Mai.

Reasons are those that make me dislike Maiko as listed above, as well as the fact that Ty Lee helps Zuko be happy and fun. Mai helps Zuko be angst squared. Also, Zuko is happier now. I mean, he's never been all cheerful and skippy, even as a kid you could see he was more quiet, but he's content now. Mai is still in a consistent bad mood except for the moments right before she kisses Zuko. A relationship cannot survive on kisses alone, and Zuko's going to tire of Mai's attitude eventually. I find this inevitable and only hope they end on a good note.

Fantheory 2: Sylar is (reboot) Spock's great-great-granddaddy.

No, this does not entirely spawn from the Zach Quinto thing. There is much more evidence than that.

First off, we know that a possible future for Sylar is him living peacefully as Gabriel Gray with his son. What was Spock's mom's name? Amanda Greyson. Gray could easily morph into Greyson as time wears on, particularly if the family wants to distance themselves from Gabriel's serial killer days, which could happen.

Also, many of Sylar's issues spawn from his mother and the way she refused to accept him as a normal watchmaker. Therefore, it stands to reason that Sylar, if he's rehabilitated, would try to support his son in all that he does, and this tradition continues down until Amanda tells Spock "You know that no matter what you do, you will always have a proud mother."

Come on. Come on. I realize that it's just as likely that the rehabed Sylar future is not the one that ultimately happens, or that the name doesn't turn into Greyson or even change at all, or that the proud parent tradition ends somewhere, but I don't find any of these strictly more likely than what I outlined. And even if it is, this is fiction. Fiction was made for the unlikely to occur.

Just...COME ON!

Fantheory 3: Teleporters on Star Trek (is that what you call them? The beam-me-up things) were based on Willy Wonka's technology.

In both Willy Wonka movies (and possible the book-it's been awhile since I read it), Mr. Wonka shows off his technology for turning a giant chocolate bar into a smaller chocolate bar across the room. It was implied/said/shown to be something close to television, only instead of transporting pictures and data, he was transporting actual matter.

This was totally the basis for the Star Trek Beam-Me-Up-Scotty transporters. Not that Gene Roddenbery ripped off Roahl Dahl, no. Wonka's technology was perfected and evolved into the transporter, in-universe. The Wonkaverse and Trekverse and one and the same, just at different times. Think about it.


"Well, there you have it, folks. The understatement of the century: AIDS stinks. Oh, and here's another thing I just found out: Hitler...was a dork." -The Nostalgia Critic, during his review of Captain Planet.

"New Jersey is like New York's retarded brother that they kept in the basement." -Frank Iero (no offense to people from New Jersey. I just thought his phrasing was funny. I've never been to New Jersey, I personally have no opinion.)

"You know what the secret to happiness is, Joe?"

"Yeah, smokin' lotsa weed."

"Well, that, and lowered expectations."

-My brother and sister

"I just want to squeeze your little head off and hang it in my rearview mirror." -Paula Abdul (to David Archuleta.)

"Last week, Japanese scientists explaced... placed explosive detonators at the bottom of Lake Loch Ness to blow Nessie out of the water. Sir Curt Godfrey of the Nessie Alliance summoned the help of Scotland's local wizards to cast a protective spell over the lake and its residents, and all those who seek a peaceful existence with our underwater ally." -Napoleon Dynamite

"The venn diagram of guys who don't like smart girls, and guys you don't want to date...is a circle." -John Green

"Hello, could you at least knock before you enter my mind?" -Tino from "The Weekenders."

"Are they not allowed out when their grounded?" -Chip Heron from "Mean Girls."

"Psh. Russians and their problems." -Devin

"You're going down, La Fleur! You're going down like a Sweet Muffin!"-Dodgeball

"Hello, this is Jane with the L.A. Times!"

"...Oh. I'm sorry, but nobody at this residence can read."

-Jane the Saleswoman and I. (She hung up on me after that.)

"There are too many people too angry at a world that isn't the least bit angry at them." -I Hope You Dance (The book, not the song.)

"Children, your performance in the school fundraiser was miserable. Your parents will all be receiving phone calls instructing them to love you less now." -Miss Bitters, Invader Zim

“Popcorn for breakfast! What? It’s a grain. It’s like, like grits, but with higher self-esteem.” –Maximum Ride

"I was making pancakes the other day and I saw a fly. And that's when I realized that a spatula is a lot like a flyswatter. And a crushed fly is a lot like a blueberry. And a roommate is a lot like a fly-eater." -Demetri Martin

"Normal is getting dressed in the clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car you're still paying for-in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it." -Ellen Degeneres

"'Brian, what's the I-before-e rule?'

'Um...I before e...always.'

'No, Brian, no. It's I before e, except after c, and when sounding like A as in neighbor and weigh, and on weekends and holidays and all throughout May, and you'll ALWAYS been wrong no matter WHAT YOU SAY!'

'...That's a hard rule.'"

-Brian Regan

"My apartment is infested with koala bears. It's the cutest infestation ever, much better than cockroaches. I turn on the lights and a bunch of koala bears scatter, I'm like 'Come back! I want to hold one of you, and feed you a leaf!'"-Mitch Hedburg

"Nothing scares the truly conventional more than the unashamed misfit." -JK Rowling

"Would you call this a good marriage? Cause if it is, I don't get why Gay people want it so bad!" -Max, George Lopez

(In response to House asking what is the right answer)

"I'm sorry?"


"I love you."


-Taub, House, Kutner, House again, House, MD

"There's no way it's fine, I'm sorry. If I were you, I would just like, freak out, and then get drunk and then tell someone I was pregnant."

"Okay, that's a lot of good ideas. Thanks."

Kelly and Pam, The Office

"Hey, Chad. If got this adorable little girl here who's dying to meet you."

"What does she look like?"

(Disgusted) "She's nine..."

(Chad hangs up.)

-Sonny and Chad, Sonny with a Chance


"Aren't you going to blame that little outburst on PMS like usual?"

"No. Last time I tried that, my sister was like 'You might want to see a doctor about that. Because if you're right about how much you PMS, then apparently you're always PMSing.' And I realized, she was right. So I said 'Yeah, I guess you're right. Maybe that's just my personality then...cool.'"

-Me and...Someone-can't remember who-after I blew up

"Hey, hey Dad? You know who was awesome? George Washington Carver!"

"Oh, yeah, I've heard of him. What did he do again?"

"He invented peanut butter."

"I love him forever. Can you imagine a world without peanut butter?"

"Dad, there's a reason that peanut butter is sticky, and it's to hold the world together."

-My dad and I

Libby: Poor Toph. She has such a crush on him.

Alec: Who?

Libby: Toph! Oh, wait, you meant...oh, Sokka.

Alec: Wait...I thought...she liked Zuko?

Libby: What? No. Some people like to ship them together, but it's not ship-teased like Toph and Sokka.

Alec: Oh. Then why do people ship them?

Me: Better question-why do people ship Hermione and Snape? FANS ARE CRAZY!

-My sister, nephew, and myself

"I won't move in with someone unless I'm engaged to them."

"Oh, have I not proposed to you yet?"

-Pam and Jim, The Office

Me: I love water polo. I seriously love this sport. I want to marry this sport.

Robert: If you're married to Water Polo, then what is it when the other girls get in the water?

Me: We have a polyamorous marriage. We're married, but we have hos on the side.

Matt: Wow. I did not expect that from you.

Me: Yeah, it's kind of a shock to me too...


This wasn't in the regular quote because it is my all-time favorite. The first time I heard it, it kept me up that night. I kept repeating in my mind, thinking about it until I finally fell asleep.

Man's greatest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Man's greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is the light in us, not the dark, that scares us.

We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?'

But really, who are you not to be?


Bathroom Rant

You know what confuses me? When you go knock on the bathroom door and someone's like 'nobody's in there.' It's like, why do people keep tabs on exactly who goes into the bathroom and when? And how do they do that whilst going on with their lives? It must be some genetic thing that people are supposed to be born with that I don't have, because seriously, everyone I know does that. Me, I can't keep track of that crap for nothing, I'll be talking to some people and then someone'll be like 'Hey, I'm going to the bathroom,' and I'm like 'Okay,' and they come back five minutes later like 'Hey, guys,' and I'm like 'Hey, where've you been?'

OC Rant

I actually enjoy reading Mary-Sues. They're so...fun. Sporktastic.

But I resent them because of the fact that they have biased people against original characters in general. And I love original characters, and CCXOC pairings. Suck it up and deal. And it really sucks when you're trying to write a story with an OC and people are like "Ugh. I hate you stupid pervy twelve-year-olds, I wish you'd get out of my life and shut up." (I like Napoleon Dynamite. Just so you know.) Do you KNOW how much time I spend Sue-checking characters? Like, I've never been told that personally, but you hear people going "Ugh. I hate OCs, they suck." I'm like "Thanks. Thanks a lot."

Push/Pull Door Rant

At my optomitrist's office, the front door, you push when coming and pull when going. I get it wrong every time. It's funny, I'm walking out and try to push the door open, and it doesn't budge so I crash into it, scream "DAMMIT!" into the silent waiting room and everyone stares. I smile sheepishly and high-tail it out of there.

Narnia Pairings Rant

Enough of Suspian and other boring/perverted pairings. I say it's time for a revolution! If you think nerds are better than princes and that the movieverse Susan ought to end up with the geek, copy and paste this into your profile and spread the word! Susan and the Geek forever!

I just want to note here that I actually don't mind Suspian that much. I mean, it wasn't in the book, but I thought it was an interesting twist. I also thought it was good foreshadowing for when Susan goes all "Lyke, OMG! I am so grown up! Look at me, with my good looks and lipstick and blah blah blah!" later on if they choose to make movies of the rest of the series, for people who haven't read the books and don't already know what's going to happen. What bugs me about it is that now half the Narnia fics are like, "Aslan changes his mind and Susan goes back to Narnia to live with Caspian and they all lived happily ever after, la la la!" Aslan wouldn't change his mind over something like that. He's Aslan. Plus, Susan and Caspian are like, thirteen when all this is happening. And thirteen-year-old relationsips are not exactly known for being long-lasting, no matter how mentally and emotionally mature those thirteen-year-olds are. So even if she stayed, they'd probably break up over something really stupid.

Also, even though the person I got this from didn't like PeterXOC or EdmundXOC fics, I'm actually quite fond of them, at least the well written ones. Which, by the way, are severely lacking.

Wow. I am one long-winded health dessert, aren't I? But anyway, yeah. I tend to like nerds more than princes. And movieverse Susan should totally wind up with the geek. Unless they choose to take her in the bookverse direction and have her fall away from Narnia. Then she doesn't deserve him...Oh, oh oh, I know! Okay. So, what if it's the geeky kid that helps her "come close to Narnia in her own world" and then they die and go to Aslan's cool mountain home place, and then everything's cool! Yeah. I like that.

Whoa, I wonder if they put Ramandu's daughter in the next movie, if they make it. (My understanding is that they are.) Okay, so what if all that stuff with the geeky kid (okay, if I were the geeky kid, I might be getting kinda ticked off right now, even if I did know that I-I mean, Raspberry-meant it as a compliment, or even term of endearment, because geek just isn't an insult for her. I mean, if I were that kid, I'd be ticked off at not having a name. Um...what was his name? I know they put it the movie...or did they? TODD! Let's call him Todd.) Okay, as I was saying, all the stuff with Todd and movieverse Susan happened, and then Ramandu's Daughter and Caspian get married in the movieverse...so then, when Todd and M. Susan die and go to Aslan's country, and then M. Susan sees Caspian again and meets Ramandu's daughter (who would probably be equally ticked off now. Why doesn't she have a name? Let's call her Ashley. No, wait that doesn't sound Narnian. Um...whatever, never mind. Her name is Ashley. End of story. I wonder what her name really is, though? I mean, her name couldn't have been just "Ramandu's Daughter." I mean, can you imagine? Like Caspian proposing: "Ramandu's Daughter, will you marry me?" "No." Sings "You Don't Know My Name" by Alicia Keyes.

Is joined by Todd.

And then they became a traveling musical act. Like The Ting-Tings.)

Anyway, so yeah, Susan sees Caspian and Ashley (who has a name now, as does Todd, so they do NOT become a travelling musical act like The Ting-Tings) and-

Oh. Right. All I was gonna say on that was, wow. To quote Joe Jonas for a second (Quick question, how much a ditzy valley girl do I sound like right now? No, never mind. More like one of those Hollister-obsessed East Coast rich kids. Not that there's anything wrong with wearing Hollister, unless you're me, who hates Hollister. But if you aren't me, then it's fine. And not like there's anything wrong with the East Coast, either. Or being rich. I'm talking about the stereotype of all those put together, who watches the O.C. a lot and then they think California is really like that, so they start wearing Hollister for no reason other than it's supposedly "Californian" and then they put up fifteen million Myspace pictures of themself doing the Miley Cyrus face. Pout lips like a fish, peace sign close to mouth. You know what I mean.

But you know, that's just a stereotype. No sarcasm intended.

I'm serious. In bold.)

But anyway, to quote Joe Jonas for a second, "Awk-ward..."


Can things be awkward in Aslan's country?

Whatever. Rant Over.

In bold.

Recurring Dreams

I have a few recurring dreams. The oldest one is being interuppted in the bathroom. So, yeah.

The second oldest one involves me having to team up and save the people from my church, with the help of the Janitor. Who looks like Neil Flynn. Who plays the Janitor on Scrubs.

My church does not have a janitor.

And the most recent is this damsel in distress scenario in which Josef Mengele, the psycho doctor at Auschwitz, has me strapped to an examination table and is about to cut me open, when Dr. Carlisle Cullen comes out of nowhere and saves me.

Yeah. I don't know either.


"What's a nerdfighter? Nerdfighters are like regular people, except instead of being composed of various tissues and organs, they're made out of awesome. Nerdfighters do things like embroider pillows and hang out in My Pants."

-John Green

"Saying, 'Hey, I noticed you're a nerd' is like saying 'Hey, I noticed that you'd rather be intelligent than stupid, that you'd rather be thoughtful than vapid, that you realize that there are more important things in life than the arrest record of Lindsay Lohan, why is that?"

-John Green

Brotherhood 2.0 started out as a project two brothers, Hank and John Green, came up with when they realized that they communicated almost entirely through text. They agreed to communicate only through videos (except when they visited each other, in which case, they would you know...talk) for an entire year, doing one video a day, taking turns-John, Hank, John, Hank, etc. No videos on weekends or holidays.

This project developed a following of people who are called Nerdfighters. Nerdfighters fight against the mindless need for hipness and popularity, and for nerds everywhere. Every nerdfighter is a certain kind of nerdfighter. I am predominantly a performing arts Nerdfighter, but there are all different kinds of nerdfighters-Harry Potter nerdfighters, sarcastic nerdfighters, and probably some taxidermy nerdfighters out there somewhere.

If you think that being a nerd is cooler than being cool, then you'll love it.


Hank Green is a site developer (I think) and runs the website Ecogeek.com. John Green is the author of Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, and Paper Towns.


Should have won.


The Princess and the Frog

A couple days ago, I think on December 29th, my mom randomly asked me what movie I wanted to see. I went online and noticed The Princess and the Frog was playing, so I decided to see it, hoping it would restore my faith in Disney.

It did. I bet Walt was looking down from Heaven and smiling, going "Thanks for not screwing it up for once!"

I loved the animation, the story, the character, Naveen and Tiana's relationship actually made sense, it wasn't just superficial, you could see how they'd balance each other out. It was awesome.

It's officially my favorite movie of all time.

Yeah. I just thought you should know that.

EDIT: CHANGED MY MIND Princess and the Frog is good but Tangled is better.


If it didn't exist, then I wouldn't, either.

Music has saved my life countless times, and in more ways than one.

When I grow up, I want to make music for a living. I might do some writing on the side, but I can't see myself not being a musician for a living.

Some have said that love is the closest thing to magic. Maybe it's because I've never really been in love, but I disagree. Maybe love is very close to magic, but we have music. Music is magic. It can do amazing things. It is an entire other language that everyone understand; it can communicate more efficiently than anything. Words themselves carry more weight put to a tune.

Words...lyrics. Lyrics, put to music, as I said, communicate better than anything. No one can explain why, but they do. The words stick in your head more effiently when put to a tune. They stick with you. They can haunt you. They can bring you to self-realizations that you can't have had any other way.

But most importantly, there are songs about everything and anything. And a lot of it is so vague that you can interpret it any way you want.

And sometimes, when you hear a song that says everything you want to say to yourself-when you hear a song that describes exactly how you happen to be feeling at that particular moment,

It can make you feel like maybe you aren't quite so alone after all.


See? I can be serious sometimes.


You know how Stephenie Meyer's always talking about how she loves Muse, it's her favorite band and how it always inspires her?

Jack's Mannequin is like that for me.


Rent-a-Kid is the best straight-to-video movie ever. In case you haven't heard, its about three orphans who get rented out to a rich single couple living in an upscale apartment by the orphange manager's father. It's cute without being so sugary sweet that your dentist would be thrilled, it's clean without being juvenile, and it's funny without being...not funny.

My favorite character? Brandon. Duh.

"I think I saw Larry on America's Most Wanted. Maybe we should call the Police...?"-Brandon (about the doorman)


So, I guess I'm kind of an artsy-type. I like writing and music and doing anything creative, and I absolutely despise math and everything associated with it.

And apparently, artsy-types aren't supposed to like The Jonas Brothers, because they're too 'mainstream' we're supposed to be all 'enlightened' about the dangers of corporate America and whatnot. But I never actually asked to be called artsy, I just kind of got labelled the Indie Art freak in Middle School. So whatever.

I dig the Jonas Brothers. Their music is fun, and catchy, and it always cheers me up. YOU HEAR ME, FANFICTION? I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!


Edmund Pevensie is, in my opinion, the coolest fictional character in the history of literature.

What, you don't know who he is? Chronicles of Narnia! (to be said in the voice of Jon Heder) GOSH!

But anyway, Edmund just is the coolest. He's witty and charming and intelligent, but also dorky and funny at the same time. More importantly, he's funny without being "comic relief-" you know when to take him seriously.

Oh, and for the record, Skandar Keynes is really good-looking. That much can't be denied. But Edmund was my favorite Narnia character even before the movies.

So there.


I've done a lot of research on the enigma that is Mary-Sues and self-inserts.

"I have heard time and again that self-insertion is the scourge of fan fiction and that any tale containing traces of it must be bad by definition. I used to believe that, too - for almost half a year.

The thing is that if this were true, virtually all fiction would be condemned from the start. All characters that we write are animated by putting little pieces of ourselves into them. There is no other way to make a character come alive. If we do not invest a little bit of ourselves into them, they will at best be forgettable cardboard comparses. The trick is to use different pieces in differing mixtures, so as to prevent all characters from becoming carbon copies of ourselves.

It's easier with fan fiction, since the characters are defined in their behaviour and relationships already. With new characters it can be a little more tricky to make them unique, because there is no model to guide us. This leads to a common prejudice, namely that any new character introduced in a fanfic must automatically be a self-insertion of the author.

Freud believed that all literature was in its basis self-insertion and all plots were wish-fulfillment. The only difference, according to him, lies in how well the author can mask it and gloss it over with redeeming social values. As a very broad generalization that may not be incorrect.

If all characters are in some small way self-insertions, then what we commonly call self-insertion is only the extreme end of something normal and usually positive in writing. It is not different from "good" writing by nature, but rather by degree. So why does blatant self-insertion get such negative reactions?

The answer is 'Mary-Sue-ism.'"


It's the best essay I've read so far.

Not all CCXOC fics are Mary-Sues. A lot of them are, but I've found that it's unfair to say all of them are.

Also, in the immortal words of Jhonen Vasquez (creator of Invader Zim, among other things) "I could write about a tranvestite circus midget, and that midget would be every bit me, because he comes from MY mind."

Any original characters will resemble the writer, in some way. And the reason for that is also the reason for fanfiction itself, and why it's fun to write.

It's fun to take characters and add your own touches.

But as for myself, I promise I won't be like "Jessica Rose was beautiful, she was tall and curvy and blond and had beautiful eyes that changed color with her mood, and she was good at everything and was very sweet and kind and everyone loved her."You don't know how painful that was for me to write. I do spend a lot of time making my characters likeable (if they're supposed to be that way) without being unrealistic. So if you feel I'm not doing well on that account, please let me know in a polite and civilized manner or else I will have to wonder why some savage animal from the Jurassic period is alive, let alone using a computer.


I remember the first time someone reviewed on of my stories. I ran and told my parents and happy-danced the day away. I still do that sometimes, but the difference is that now I do it in the privacy of my bedroom, because my parents already think I'm a freak. Don't need to confirm it.

I adore reviews. I'm not going to say that I think you should review everything of mine that you read-because I don't review everything I read. I am a terrible person.

All I'm saying is that, I like reviews and if you wanted to let me know what you think of my writing, I will love you forever. (But, you know, only as a friend.)

Right now, I don't care if someone flames me. In fact, please, if you don't like one of my stories, please, let it out. Flex those flame fingers. I want to be burned at the stake, like Abinadi in the Book of Mormon. Why? I've never gotten flamed before...I'm wondering whether or not it'll hurt my feelings. Obviously, don't just lie and say you hate something just because of that, but if you DO find one of my pieces nauseating, then please don't not-review just to spare my feelings. I'm a big girl, I can handle it.

I think. But that was the whole point of that.


Are you still reading this?

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Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Humor - Chapters: 19 - Words: 23,268 - Reviews: 5076 - Favs: 7,019 - Follows: 7,589 - Updated: 2/25 - Published: 9/17/2006 - Harry P., Luna L.
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