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Hi, I'm GoldenEyes4 and as you can assume, I love Twilight so much that I'm writing about it now because all these crazy ideas keep filling my head.

I am a die-hard TEAM EDWARD fan, too. I like Jacob, he's an okay (okay being the keyword) person. He's still immature and childish sometimes, but I am glad he was there for Bella in New Moon. I have to admit I liked him a lot more after he imprinted because he wasn't IN LOVE with Bella anymore. Then I really enjoyed their friendship, because it was genuine.

A little more about me...
I'm just your average teenage girl who is obesessed with the Twilight series. I bought the book thinking it would be stupid and ended up LOVING it. I'm always busy between school, my friends and family, and my tennis playing. I also enjoy reading, acting, watching movies, doing crazy stuff with my friends, of course shopping, and going to Starbucks because I love coffee.

Drink:Tea, cold or hot. Coffee, coke

Subject:Theatre, Psychology
Quote:"Women Should be Two Things: Classy and Fabulous."-Coco Chanel

Just a teensy bit more about me...
I'm love fashion so I'm very girly and stylish. Once I was voted "Best Style" in my grade so that was exciting! I'm probably most like Alice in that sense, but I'm also a lot like Rosalie just because I'm really stubborn and I can be kind of snobby sometimes. But I'm also like Bella because I'm soft-spoken when I'm not being loud and I love to read and I keep things to myself and sometimes like her, I feel like I'm not on the same page with anyone that I see things differently. My personality switches a lot. I also love to write, but I hate writing it down. I wish I could speak into a machine that would write it. I always have a million and one things in my head and I have TONS of fanfiction ideas so I'll have plenty of stories from now on. But back to the previous. I don't like writing in school because I never get to write about what I want to within the context I want to write about. I don't share my love for writing with other people. It's one of my mysteries. I'm a sucker for guilt trips. I always feel bad for everything but I don't usually tell anyone I feel bad for some odd reason. I think I'm really shy but my friends think I'm outgoing. I keep things to myself and my feelings to myself because I don't want things to come out the wrong way.

Have fun reading my stories!



Chapter 16: Bracelet Bella Gives Edward

Chapter 18: Bella's Christmas Eve Dress(imagine it in a creme color with the band in the middle being black!)

Chapter 19: Bella's Locket(imagine the initials being I.M.S.)

Chapter 25: Bella's Gray Chiffon Shirt

Chapter 27: Part of Susan's Room

Chapter 37: Rosalie's Wedding Dress

Chapter 50: Bella's Wedding Ring

Chapter 51: Alice's Wedding Dress

Chapter 51: Bella's Wedding Dress


Chapter 8: Bella's Pearl Ring

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