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Author has written 3 stories for Transformers, Batman Begins/Dark Knight, and American McGee's Alice.

Apparently, there's this thing called "about the author" that I haven't been aware of. Huh.

Well, I am of mixed ethnicity, I live in the States and I like to write fan fiction. I will not say that I'm good at it, because in reality there are very few people who should even be allowed to write at all. I'm probably one of those who would be outlawed. :) Reviews, like everyone else here, mean a lot to me but the quantity doesn't matter. What matters is the quality of those reviews, to see what they liked, didn't like, the suggestions they add in. Those are the reviews I find most fantastic.

If you want to talk or something, PM me. Caution: I swear a lot and talk too much. ;)


Transformers (movies)

Ergo Proxy (anime/manga series)

Ares (little known manwha) listed at onemanga

Dorohedoro (another little known manwha) listed at onemanga

Dogs & Dogs: Bullets and Carnage (little known manga) listed at onemanga

The Dark Knight

Batman Begins

28 Days Later

Red Eye

Breakfast on Pluto

Hard Candy

Watching the Detectives (romantic comedy starring Cillian Murphy and Lucy Liu went straight to DVD though)

A Perfect Stranger (FUCK Berry was scary in that)


Street Kings



For Batman comics or Batman Begins/The Dark Knight

I'm a huge fan of Catwoman - yes Halle Berry's too. I thought Halle Berry did a good job playing the role of Catwoman; it's just that the background story and plot were poorly thought out. I loved Pfeiffer's portrayal of Catwoman as much as I did the old-skool version that Madam Eartha Kitt, although Julie Newmar was technically the original Cat. Halle Berry's character Patience was too goody-goody...well, I hated what the writers did to Catwoman and Selina Kyle. Halle Berry is cat-like herself, in other movies and she was good for what she was given in her movie, that, and I kind of like the idea of a broader expanse of races in Gotham city...just like a real city!

Since I'm a huge fan of Catwoman, it really means I'm not picky who she's with:

Catwoman/Joker or Joker/Catwoman: strangest pairing? Not completely so, she's a cat, so she'll never settle and...he's crazy, so he doesn't know what "settle" means, not as romantic pairing though; partners in crime?

Catwoman/Batman or Batman/Catwoman: of course, but again, Catwoman, I doubt would settle/stay with the bat.

Catwoman/Jonathan Crane: sexy femme fatale with dangerous bookworm? And...well, he's the only one I'd really want Catwoman to maybe "settle" for, if at least a friend.

For 28 Days Later

Jim. And Selena. MOAR. I loved Selena's role as the almost-bloodthirsty-but-not-over-the-top-totally-crazy female executioner. And Jim's absolute devotion to her. Heh.

For Breakfast on Pluto

Kitten/Patrick/Paddy and Charlie. Charlie, she was such a darling and so was Paddy...they were the epitome of best friends, especially with their domesticity at the end; best fucking transgender movie yet.

For Watching the Detectives

Violet and Neil...were there any other actors in that movie? I don't remember.

For Red Eye

Seriously? Seriously? Lisa and Jackson. Or vise-versa. Probably more than half of their violence on the plane was underlined with sexual intent. The rest was rage, sure, but that could be reconciled.


The Wraith: 3rd chap. is up :)

Crazy: 8th chap is up.

I thinking of a new story. Which will probably up before the 9th chapter of "Crazy". It's been in my head too long. I'm gonna 'SPLODE! if I don't get it out.

I spell check, but I'm not perfect. I will make an attempt in my writing to assure that I do not blind you. Also. I probably need a beta. Or someone to bounce ideas off. Because I'm too spastic on my own.

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