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Hey all it's just me. -waves- Kris.
I've FINALLY decided to just take the damn plunge and do something other then just lurk about. It's time to get back at all the people I love here at FF... And let them know I WILL poke you into action! -points- You know who you are!
Gawd, I'm going to be sooo damn busy hunting down and favoriting you guys now too! -ugh- Soon, Later!
As always, for those of you who have never met me before, I'm usually at your disposal to Beta anything.
And if you expect to see any of MY work... Don't.
I don't believe in doing something until your somewhat good at it. And fan-fic is NOT my strong point. I love RPG's, I merely dabble in fanfic. points at head Over active imagination, warped sense of humor and ethics, I merely offer inspiration to those greater to me.

Any and all flames will be used for roasting marshmellows. As well Constructive Criticism is welcomed and WILL BE APPLIED IN FUTURE WORKS damnit.
Praise, should it come to that, will be rewarded by cookies.
Wayward Challenges are always welcome -picks Plot Bunny out of teeth innocently- to stop by for a while and visit.

I'll update this more later when something EXCITING happens...

So... it's been what almost a year since I've threatened to update this? *laughs*
First off, there seems to be people who actually think my laughable Fanfic is good. Thank you! Your all crazy, and easily impressed. Go read something good.
2nd, I apologize to all of the REAL fans, *holds up hand* you know who you are. After watching the Jap. version of SM, I have come to actually have a little respect for the series. And to the Silent Masses, I KNOW thats not the correct layout for Mako's little apartment. BUT, I know... But, I'm to freaking lazy to change it. Just know a LOT of things have been noted for any future -doubtful- installments.
3rd, No. To all you people who keep asking, I have not intention of picking up "Thunderhead". Ever. If I touch it now, my inner-perfectionist will go nuts, and a good half of it will be deleted as "Crap". Where do you think the rest of the Story went.
4th, to the Handful of you who actually bothered to reply. Love you long time, and a virtual cookie. YES! I have a huge selection. if I can't find one right for you, I'll make it and send it to you personally. Thats the Kris quality guarantee!
5th, Whoo! Were up to five! As mentioned previously, I do not do Fanfic, let alone Consistently. Any and all who have added either story to their "Story Alert" tab... Cannot read. *points* Theres a little thing right there on the story summary bar that says "FINISHED" "COMPLETED" and otherwise "NEVER BEING TOUCHED AGAIN". *clears throat*
I understand the "Author Alert" thing, but I just use the account to read and actually REVIEW. *Gasp* I know... Stop Story Alerting, and push the Feedback button instead!
6th, there is no rule Six.
7th, Unless inspired by the fuzzy plot bunnies, or unless I am actively challenged by something good. If any of you want more, then give me something to work with. For example the entirety of "Truth or Dare" was done as a series of educational example drabbles for someone else and mashed together. The "Patio scene" was one take on a friends who left it -love you Stormy- so anti-climactic it made me want to beat my head into the desk. The "Car scene" ... I don't know where that came from to be honest. And Thunderhead... Again, a personal challenge to my honor gone horribly, horribly wrong!
In summery, a big think you to my girls who helped me Beta, grammar check, generally kicked me to finish any one of my stories, and yelled at me when I deleted who sections of both these stories and told me "Bad Kris! Put it back. I don't care what YOU think, your not doing this for YOU. Someone else might like it!"

Looking back at my reviews, I'm honestly flattered to see some of the writers I enjoy and respect here on FF actually reviewed. I'll try not to let my ego swell too badly, and instead put out something that will bring a smile to the faces of the ones I know, and have yet to meet.
It's been awhile, I've watched so many good -and not so good- anime, I'm just not sure which one to choose from...
Thank you all for the R/R, your time, effort, and giving me such great reads.

To all those I know, and to those I have yet to meet, THE REQUEST LINES ARE OPEN!! BRING IT! *laughs manically*

I'm alive!! I don't think anyone actually reads these Bios, but if your still hanging about. Thank You.
I'll admit that I was kicked in the proverbial nuts by life this past spring. My Beloved Toshiba, may it RIP, had a massive compter seziure. I lost nearly 5 years of work. But it's been nearly a year now and despite all the crap that has come rolling down hill I can't give up on my little addiction so easily. I have joined the fangril side of the force, and I enjoy it's cookies too much to quit. *winks* As such I've been catching myself drabble on little bits of paper, or daydreaming to whatever is on the radio again. SO... It's inevitable I'll pick up the writing pad again and drabble something out to some sort of conclusion. Gawds know I've been kicking some ideas around for months.
The only ass kicker I have right now is my husband and the Pup... so unless a plot bunny -or fellow crazy Fan- jumps out and bites me in the *clears throat* buttocks don't hold your breath on a deadline.
Hey I'd rather be honest.

Forever yours FF, Kris

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