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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter, Pretty Little Liars, and Degrassi.

My current stories:

The Ifs- My current one shot piece. It follow Spencer and Toby from the midseason finale of season 2 through the present. It's basically their thoughts. I usually update it after every episode that has something important to do with them as a couple. I really enjoy writing it and I'm really proud of it. It has the best prose of any of my stories and you should read it because it's fun.

""Are you okay?" Three words. Three words could change the world. I love you. I trust you. I'm your tutor. But "are you okay?" they weren't words that would change the world, at least not tonight. Yet they were changing something. Something small, but something powerful.

And for one second they were them again. They were Spencer and Toby. They were allies. They were friends. They were soulmates.

And then that moment was gone.

"I think so." And maybe someday she would be."

To The End Of Hope- This story chronicles Neville's seventh year, and Ginny and Luna's sixth year at Hogwarts. It follows them through the trials and tribulations that they have to face while leading Dumbledore's Army, and how their characters evolve throughout the hardest year of their lives. It's told in rotating POV between Neville, Ginny, and Luna, and in some chapters will follow some of the other characters such as Seamus, Lavendar, Cali (OC), Malfoy, and even an appearance by Dean Thomas. Eventually you'll not only get to see what's going on at Hogwarts but also what happens to Luna during her time held hostage, and what's going on to Ginny while her and her family are in hiding.

"For the first time since Harry, Ron, and Hermione had gone she felt as if she had a purpose, as if there was something she could do. While the three of them were off fighting Voldemort from hiding, her, Luna, and Neville could defend their home so that when they got back they would see that they weren't the only ones that cared, and that they had a support system greater than they ever imagined. If Harry, Ron, and Hermione were the golden trio, then Ginny, Luna, and Neville would become their silver trio."

But That's Absolutely It- This story is a series of missing moments between Ron and Hermione during the trio's time at Hogwarts, and beyond. All the stories are interwoven by Ron and Hermione discover something else that they like or think about each other but continuing to deny their feelings by saying "but that's absolutely it." It's told from both Ron and Hermione's point of views depending on which character the plot of each chapter fits best. This is currently my most popular story, and I really love it so read and review.

"And in that moment for the first time in his life, Ron let himself think that maybe just maybe he cared for Hermione Granger for a reason other than because she was his best friend, he just couldn't quite figure out what that reason was."

Inside The Darkness- The story of Toby Cavanaugh and Jenna Marshall and how their relationship becomes darker and creepier as time goes on. It covers the time period from when Alli first started targeting Toby to when he gets sent to reform school after "The Jenna Thing".

"I..." Toby stopped. Everything was so wrong. He was glad he was here, and yet he wasn't. Reform school. This wasn't a place where he belonged. This wasn't a place for a sixteen year old who's only crime was to have the worst stepsister in the world. And yet it was better here, even with his room mate who threatened him daily and the disgusting food that was also sold to prisons. Anywhere was better than home.

Stories on hiatus:

The Next Generation: Book 1- This is the story of James Severus Potter, Rose Weasley, and Scorpius Malfoy's times at Hogwarts and their adventures together. It follows them as another dark lord rises and sets his sights on James Potter in order to get to Harry and shows how James will rise to become just as much a hero as his father was before him. Currently on hiatus but I'll probably pick up on it at some point.

Stories I'm done with:

How Are Things Right and All So Twisted- This is my Degrassi fanfic which chronicles a series of missing moments between Eli and Clare. Check it out if you like but I'm probably not going to continue with it.

Of Mice and Liars- My first homage to my new favorite TV series Pretty Little Liars. The story is written as a screenplay and picks off where the season finale left off. It follows the Liars, and their friends, aquaintances, and enemies as suspicion rises against them. It focuses on all the girls, but special emphasis is given to Spencer basically because she's my favorite character and I think she has the most interesting story going on right now. It's (obviously) named after the book Of Mice and Men for reasons that will come into light later on. I'm not continuing it simply because I don't like writing non canon stories and because season 2 of PLL is airing right now this story is not cannon.

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She tried not to think about the "ifs", how her life could have been different only if. How if one thing had changed, and if they had met under different circumstances they could have been perfect, about how they could have lived happily ever after.
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