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Legal Assasin here! I guess I should be talking a bit about myself, hmm?

I'll answer like it's an interview, since that's how I'm use to talking.

1.) What brought you to

I have been reading lot's of fan fiction here and I decided to stop with just reading and actually contribute to the site.

...Along with the fact that most people who write here don't take anonymous reviews.

2.) Where did the idea for your penname come from?

Repo! The Genetic Opera. Three guesses as to what my favorite song and character are.

3.) What are your likes/dislikes/hobbies?

I like chocolate, yaoi, and the occasionaly macabre stuff. I dislike sea food. My hobbies are writing, video games, and reading. Baking, too; which I'm going to do for a career.

4.) What kind of stories should we expect from you?

Usually, my stories are either really dramatic, really dark, or plain ol' crack. There are some that don't cleanly fit into one of those categories, though.

5.) How long does it take for you to release a chapter/story?

Depends on how many ideas I have formed-I could get three in a day or it might take a week for one.

6.) What stories are you working on?

There are usually some story ideas floating around in my mind, though I'm not always sure which one to write first. Currently, these are the ones I'm working on;

Togainu no Chi

"My Fair Lady?"-In order to get to the bottom of the drug smuggling taking place in Toshima, Akira goes a lady courting Toshima's Lord Shiki. All he has to do is get the evidence needed to put a stop to the smuggling, and he'll be off the hook. Unless Shiki begins to take an interest in "Lady Julianna." Which definitely won't happen since said-lady slapped him...right? AU story based on a kink meme prompt with ShikiXAkira pairing. Some OCs involved. Currently on hiatus until ideas for story flow again.

Dragon Age

"Only When We Fall"-After being made tranquil, Hawke-in a moment of lucidity-asks Fenris, her love, to take her life. Her death greatly shakes the rest of the group and creates a hole even Carver can't fill. Everyone begins to question their own beliefs as the tale takes an unexpected turn. Prompt from the kink meme. DA2 story that contains FenrisXAnders and CarverXMerrill, with hints at past F!Mage!HawkeXFenris.

"Bound In Blood"-Instead of the other Origin stories, Duncan is by Redcliffe when an escaping Jowan is captured. Rather than let the templars take him, Jowan is conscripted into the Grey Wardens. As he sets out to stop the Blight, he is determined to make up for his past mistakes. AU DA:O story based on a prompt from the kink meme asking for either Anders or Jowan to be the Warden instead of Mage!Warden (Picked Jowan because he needs more love!). No pairings at the moment.

"Charade"-Bethany and other Grey Wardens are taken by a Tevinter Magister. To rescue her, Hawke and the others head for Tevinter. But if they want any hope of saving Bethany, they will have to pose as a Magister and his slaves. And guess who's the only mage in the group capable of filling that role? DA2 prompt asking for Anders or Mage!Hawke to pose as a magister with Fenris posing as their slave. Contains FenrisXAnders and possible cameos from Origins.

Persona 4

Mainly a bunch of stories I submitted on the kink meme that I'm going to put up here.


"Lost"-Based on White Wolf's "Changeling: The Lost" from the "World of Darkness." Maeve returns to her own world after her durance in Arcadia. As she adapts to the society and searches for the one who betrayed her, she begins to walk a fine line between justice and vengence. Not going to be a coherant story; more like a string of one-shots that feature the same character to keep with the dream-like atmosphere in CtL.

And that's about it! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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My Fair Lady? reviews
To gather information from a rival country, Akira goes undercover as one of the bachelorettes said country's lord must choose a bride from. All he has to do is find what he needs, get out...and hope that he doesn't draw attention. AU ShikiXAkira
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