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December 30th
i've updated quiet a lot lately. I can't find the motivation to write tonight. I'm not in a good mood and i have a funny feeling you would be mad if i killed anyone, so it is probably best that i don't write until i am happier. I'm pretty sure no one really reads this so it's pretty safe to say whatever, and even if people do read it it's not like i know you. I'm in a horrible mood, i need something to cheer me up. No chocolate. No friends. Pretty much alone here, nothing really to make me happy. The only person who i think could put me in a better mood isn't around. I feel like crying. I have to go, do something, clear my head. Hopefully my mood will change and i'll be able to write something for you. Or, i'll write something new, trust me it won't be a happy beginning. I don't know. I wish i could take a walk somewhere. I need to clear my head. I'll update soon, promise.
P.S. in case anyone does read this, vote on my poll it'll make me happier, or review a story. that always helps. Love you guys, thanks for putting up with my pauses between updates.

December 20th
Don't hate me. Please don't hate me. It's been over a month. i know, the time goes really quick and i'm quite busy! Anyways, it's Christmas break, yesterday i updated Beating Bella, so check it out. Today i'm hoping to update both of my other stories, Forever Forks, and Moving On. We shall see what happens. Lets see Christmas is uber close! i can't wait, hopefully i get a laptop, then i'll be able to write more often rather than steal my moms laptop. Someone let me know if you read this! haha. Okay, i'm off to write!
xox robbiee

November 18th
Okay, i'm going to update today, promise. I have the day off school. I'm going to get a shower and then i'll post a chapter of forever forks. Beating Bella is on a different computer so that one will be updated soon. And i'm still sorry for not updating so much. I get report cards this week so my teachers decided to load me down with tests projects and homework last week. Anyways, i'm off again.
xoxo robbiee

November 9th
k guys, you all probably hate me for not updating in a really long time, i may update today, if i do it'll be Forever Forks or Beating Bella. Maybe, just maybe, another chpater of Moving On. we'll see. anyways, i have to go study for science.
pce! robbiee

September 29th?
Uhmm, my computers being really stupid and didn't alert me tto any of my reviews. So that sucks. Anyways probably won't update anymore this week, we'll see. Okay, nothing else so say, i'm off to work on Chem. I'm still wondering if anyone acutally reads this, just in case anyone cares or something...
pce! robbiee

September 18th
Going to be super busy this year, so i promise to update when i can, which will most likely be on sundays or if i don't have homework during the week. I'll try to remember when i update so i can keep track. I basically update this whenever i update stories anyways lol. So, somebody tell me how their liking the stories or something! Tell me about a must read story, something! anything!
pce! robbiee

September 14th
I'll probably only end up writing on the week-ends, so probably once a week? i'm sorry i won't be able to write a lot but schools been busy, anyways, hope your enjoying mmy new story. I think it'll be pretty cool. Anyways, i'm starting to think nobody reads this. But thats okay, one of these days someone will let me know that they read it and i'll be super happy. Okay, so i'll write maybe next week-end.
pce! robbiee

September 10th
School has started once again...yay...not. But anyways, i still want start a new story though i haven't got an ideas. Wow. One totally just came to me. hah. that was weird. Anyways, i'm off to write more. i have totally not written for Back to Forks, which is bad for the people who want to read it. lol sorry! Anyways, check out my stories don't forget to review! loves you guys!
P.S. still don't know if anyone actually reads this, so maybe send me a message and let me know? idk. haha. pce!
-xo robbiee

Aug. 31st
i have no clue if people actually read my bio, but whatever, i'll write it anyways. Okay, so, beating bella is my most favorite story and i've been neglecting the other one, which i am sorry about, so i'm going to write a chapter for back to forks now, and then i might start a new story or write another Beating Bella chapter. Anywas, i will go write somemore. And if you're reading this go check out my stories, don't forget to review!

Aug. 29th
Got two chapters written in Beating Bella, going to start a new story today though, so unless i get lots and lots of reviews i'm not going to write another beating Bella chapter tonight, sorry! anyways, check out my new story, hopefully i get out the first chapter tonight, i'll update my bio if i do, but keep lookout! Anyways, i probably won't be able to write at all tomorrow unless i get up at like 7 or 8, which is a possibility because i have a friend staying the night while her parents are out of town. So anyways, i'll stop writing in my bio and get back to writing stories, so go read, enjoy, and review! more reviews more motivation, more chapters!

-xo robbiee!

Aug. 28
Okay, might not get a lot of writing done today, because i'm going out today, but i'll try to update hopefully i can. Anyways i have to do my hair!

- xo robbiee

Nov. 1

Hey anyone who reads thisss. miss me? Sorry i've been such a state, but you know what school gets like. Anyways, i'm going to update today, so enjoy and review.

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