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Hi guys!

I came across this site while looking 4 a story of a certain couple, or couples, and BAM!! I got to this site.

Then I became obsessed with it and the next thing I knew; I registered.

This site is gonna keep me busy ALL THE TIME, but I dont mind, 'cuz it's really fun, but I'm sure u knew that already! ; )

Anyways I want to become a writer someday (PS: I'm still in school, but my age is gnna be a secret for a while. Mwahahahahahahaha!! ~cough, cough~ lol... )

Uuuhhhhhhh... Lets see... I'm a very outgoing and openminded person, but when it comes to writing, I have but 1 passion, and that is LOVE and ROMANCE!! :P

That's me! Fun-loving and passionate... ~ sigh~ lol!!

WARNING: I stress 'bout stupid stuff, yet I laugh easily 4 stupid stuff too!!

DDGBB's motto: Enjoy life as it is, the good times and bad! Oh yeah, and laugh everytime you get a chance lol

I'm gonna focus mostly on Tokyo Mew Mew and with that I might add Ichigo and Ryou... They really should have ended up together in the anime!

Plus I love Hey Arnold. Helga rocks! I love her badass attitude. but really, people. Is Craig retarded or something? Sure, Nick and him got into a fight, but please. Where is the love? And more importantly, where is my damn TJM movie!?

But other than that, I think I might do a couple of cartoons, and even tv. But not as much as these two.

PLEASE go easy on my grammar and spelling! 'Cuz you have no IDEA how young I really am! Let's just say in plus 10 years minus 8 years plus 6 years minus 8 years again is how old I am... (Oww... My head hurts... It feels like my brain is turning to mush...)

So my first story is done, yay!! The name will be 'Strawberry Dancing!', and I think it's between 15 000 and 20 000 words. I'm busy editing it. But do you know that with a perfectionist like me (Hate myself for it), editing the story takes longer than actually writing the damn thing??

Second story is in it's middle stage, and will probally be twice as ong as Strawberry Dancing. It will be known as 'Mew Mew Jungle'. As you guys can see, their both about Tokio Mew Mew, and if you haven't figured it out, Both stories are about Ryou and lchigo.

I've also recently started 'Circumstances Change', and it's gonna be about Hey Arnold!, and my fave couple, Helga and Arnold himself.

Plus I have my first story posted, yay! 'Two lives, one personality.'

Another ubercool an super new story is 'Malls, walls and The Amazon Express!', which is about Brandy and Mr. Whiskers!!

And I was thinking about a crossover story. 'Bout Tokio Mew Mew and Black cat... It seems cool enough, but I think I'll first finish and edit all these stories first.

I have made some friends here, but I hope I make many more.


Smart Blonde




Now. Lets go into detail about me, Shall we? I mean, you came here to check ME out, right? (Nah I'm just kiddin'! But I am a pretty confusing and weird person...)

Fave colour: Baby/Light Blue (Obviously!)

Fave song: Can't decide... Mainly Rihanna songs, like Please don't stop the music and Disturbia, and then many Shakira songs like My hips don't lie.

Fave anime: Tokyo Mew Mew, Solty Rei, .Hack//Legend of the twilight, .Hack//SIGN, Black cat, Magister negi magi negima, Eureka 7, Gundam Seed, Tenjo Tenge (Though I am SOOO not allowed to watch it!! I'm a bad girl...), Angelic Layer...

Fave music: Pop, Hip hop, Pop rock, Modern, A little bit classic, and Indian music.

Fave movies: SPIRIT, Epic movie, Scary movie 1, 2, 3 and 4, Aquamarine, Confessions of a teenage dramaqueen, Nancy Drew, National treasures, Oceans thirteen, The Simpsons movie, White Chicks, Hoodwinked. Afrikaanse movies; Mr. Bones 1 and 2, Bakgat! (Really funny!!), Poena is Koning (Almost died of laughing), Oh Shucks... I'm Gatvol! (Seriously. This is way more funnier than any American movie I have ever seen!)

Fave animal: Definitely cats!!

Fave food: Pasta, junkfood, sweets, junkfood, uhm... Sweets??

Fave time of day: Night (Hehe... That isn't even in daytime... So what!)

Fave flower: White lilly/Pink and white rose.

Fave pop star: Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. Not really crazy 'bout her, but my friend is, so she got me to like her music.

Fave Disney story: That's so Raven, Phil of the future (He is kinda hot..), Fillmore, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, Wizards of waverly place.

Fave Nickelodeon story: Probally Danny Phantom, Jimmy Neutron (I just love sheen!! He is sooo... dumb and simple!! He cracks me up every time...), Unfabulous, As told by Ginger..

Fave time stealer: Reading, Internet.

Now some random stuff.

Birth date: 17 August ... (Ha! Gotcha there! Don't think I'll sell myself out that easy!)

Worst time ever in lifetime: In August 2008. I broke my leg for the first time, and the pain was BAD!! It still hurts now and then!!

Where live: I dont think you'll believe me, but I live in Africa. South africa actually. And no, we DON'T live in the wild, or anything CRAZY like that. Believe it or not, We actually have malls and Bitchy girls. And my personal joke, we DON'T have aids!! Lol.. Ummm...We have normal schools, but unlike you guys, we have to where uniforms. There is hot guys and were not all black. Like me, I'm white. Lol.. Anywayz, we do have animals, but just like you, they are in zoo's and nature reserves. You get that? We don't have random elephants walking down our streets, but we do have a... sort of bond between them more than you guys.

Native language: Afrikaans. But as you see, I'm mildly good at English. It's my second language.

Fave subjects: All of 'em. I actually like to learn stuff. If I don't become a writer, I want to become an archaeologist.

Funniest story ever: My friend told me about her cat that ran into a glass door, and that particular cat was as fat as a sumo wrestler!! (The first time she told me I fell off her bed laughing and snorting at the same time... If I snort when I laugh ((Which is kinda embarrassing)), you should know it as funny. And my friend is like the best comedian ever, so she made it ten times funnier than what it had been.!)

My name: Since I'm actually another language than most of you, you won't be able to say my name. My name is Juane. Almost like Jane, but a little different. Just call me Jane. Yeah... I like it..

Person I like most on this site: I would say Azilda, because of her stories and friendly personality. Also, I would say Kish's Kittie, because she seems like a legend.

Person I like most on this site and made friends with: RyousRayne, Sofricus Aurora Zakuro, Lionetspirit, since I can relate to them, Lionetspirit especially. And partly Kittie Kat K.O, she's awesome!

Only person I know on this site that lives in Africa; South Africa with me: RyousRayne. You rock!!

Prefered sport: Trampoline jumping, Swimming, Tree/Rock/Mountain climbing.

Prefered music instrument to play: The piano.

Things I'm proud of myself: I'm a Proud South-African, I make killer cupcakes!!

Not so proud of: I... Bite my nails... Hey!! I'm a Tomboy!! Sue me for all I care.. -pauses- Uhh.. N-not really??

Any other things you wanna know about me, you can email me. Even if it's about where I live, I won't get mad, Don't worry. I would like to educate you guys!! Unless it's about my age. Not gonna get me there.. Also, if you can help with deciding the length of my story, please email me!!

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