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Author has written 5 stories for Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, and Bleach.

Hey! The name's Anku! Thanks for visiting my page! Hope ya enjoy? lol

Note: I will start taking requests for stories! If you've read any of my stories and like the way I write and would like to see a fanfic I could write for you then send me a message! If I don't know the anime/manga/game you've requested then I may not write it but I'll do my best with any requests you give me!~

I've already made 5 stories called Hormonal Needs, Alchemic Reactions: Colliding worlds and New desires, Naruto: Tales of the Anigeka clan and The Secret World: Earth. Please try and read them if you can! I need more reviews! ;)

Interests: Writing fanfictions, being online, hanging out and chillin with friends, and anything shiny!!

Hobbies: Playing sports, planning random things, playing video games, reading fanfics and cosplaying! I have two youtube accounts! Wanna see some stuff I do? Check them out! And if you like what you see or you like any my stories and wanna get to know me better subscribe to me or even friend me! I'd love to be friends with any of ya! ;)
The one I use the most is this one:
The one I use for cosplaying or whatever I do with my friends:

Anime/Manga: Pretty much anything I love! I've seen a whole bunch of anime shows but haven't really read any manga but I am trying to read +anima, saiyuki and Fullmetal Alchemist :). As long as it's anime or manga I love it! But here's my top 5 fav anime shows!
#1: All time fav forever is Fullmetal Alchemist
#2: Bleach/Junjou Romantica
#3: Soul Eater/Ouran High School Host Club
#4: Saiyuki series
#5: Naruto/Naruto Shippuden/Code Geass

Yaoi, Yuri and Hente: Love all of them but my all time fav is yaoi! Fav pairing are LxLight, MattxMello, SasuNaru, ItaNaru, ShuichxYuki, SonoxSeji, and HikarixYaya

Don't like Yaoi or yuri? Too bad! lol Embrace the rainbow!

Here's some info about my stories:

Alchemic Reactions: Colliding worlds: Yes I did it! I made this story into a crossover fanfic between Bleach and FMA. Ed and Al have both stumbled upon something that has been locked away. New truths unfold and strange new things occur when these new things called shinigamis, hollow, arrancars, and much more others appear before Ed and Al. Ed believes that somehow these things are connected to the philosopher's stone. But before Ed can do anything, he needs to decide who's his ally and who's his enemy. So that's pretty much it. Love FMA and Bleach? Well this is the fanfic for you! Please read and Review!

Hormonal Needs: This is a one shot story possiblely may turn into a full length story. L is monitoring Misa and asks Light some questions. Everything happens so fast for Light. One minute he's arguing with L over somthing stupid, the next minute he's kissing L? His own feelings get aroused and the tension becomes too much for Light. RATED M for a reason!

New Desires: L and Light are back at headquaters as usual. Of course they both get into a little arguement which leads to Light wanting to take a shower. So of course L has to take the shower with him. With Light standing before L, he finds that he has this desire to reach out and touch him. But how far will this go? LxLight Yaoi rated M! Possiblility of continuing this one! Please Review!

Naruto: Tales of the Anigeka clan: This is basically like a my-side story where I take the things from Naruto and turn it into some kind of story which involves me being in Naruto. It's about Refi who wakes up one day in the world of ninjas but she has no idea where she's from or who she even is. Along the way she meets Naruto and the gang along with some others, some bad some good. Refi begins to meet people who claim to know all the things she's seemed to forgotten. Only now, all the villages are suspicious of Refi and her friends. They are given the names the Elements. The elements are masters controlling a specific element type of jutsu. A true element is more like water, fire, earth, air, metal, darkness and so forth. Psuedo elements are elements that use 2 or more elements to create their element such as crystal, explosive, diamond, poison, flower, sound, sand and ice. Each element has a unique ability that no one could ever learn. However, a secret organization learns of the elements and seek to have their power for their own. Just how will they survive? Find out what happens for yourself! This is probably the story I update the most.

The Secret World: Earth: Yay, tis my newest story!~ This is basically another my side story which takes place in real life, however I use things from the game Kingdom Hearts so it's kind of a game meets reality kind of thing. This is my most recent story. Sora, Donald and Goofy were all on their way back home after finally defeating the organization. However, an unfortuneate turn of events occurs when they crash land in a new world to which they've never travelled to, Earth. Stranded on this new planet, Donald and Goofy try to repair the gummi-ship while Sora goes out and checks out the land. Could there really be a world free of nobodies and heartless? Is the organization truly defeated? Or will they face a new kind of danger that no one could have predicted? Read and find out what happens!

Possible future stories:

Naruto: SasuNaru lemon story!

Anima: Just thinking about it for now! Not sure if I will! If I do it'll be mostly based on the show or a my side story!

Ouran High School Host Club: Probably a parody or an adventure kind of story~

And I may possibly try to start crossovers with all these!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Please read my stories and review thank you to all!

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