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Author has written 7 stories for Rango, Metroid, Rise of the Guardians, Darksiders, and Gravity Falls.


Update [7-27-14] : Hey guys! Sorry for being gone so long, I've been a bit of a hiatus with stories since I've been busy with work in the summer and school in the spring and fall last year. But hey, I think I'm getting the vibe again. Though its, more or less, a remake of Curse of the Snake Demons that's been in my head for the remainder of yesterday and today. Not sure if I should take the story own and put the new story up or keep the original up... frankly I think I'll keep the original up and maybe work on its sequel if I feel up to it since I know its very popular. Anyway I'll hopefully put it up soon owo Till then I'll see you all later

Update [10-20-14] : Well its been about... three months! I seem to realize I come back and update every three months... huh. Anyway everything is going pretty good right now. I'm thinking of redoing Protector of Man ... again. I do hope I go farther than I was last time but I doubt it with my form of procrastination and shit like that. I did draw Mari and Olivia on my new tablet and will upload them to both tumblr and DA. Hope to God I can get through this fan fiction to the end!

Story Summaries

Protector of Man- It is said that the Kingdom of Man was the kingdom that will help restore Balance. But what is it about Man that is so important and so special compared to demons and angels? The only way to find out is to travel with one. Mari was only seventeen. She was a high school drop out and had run away from home with her younger sister in tow. But the early start of Armageddon disrupted her plans to become the world's best blacksmith and forced her and her younger sister to be separated. Even in grief, though, Mari is determined to find out what happened that day one hundred years ago and the ultimate fate of her sister. But how is she going to do that when she has to be with someone just as short tempered as her and his guide that was annoying to all hell?

Opening Song: Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars

Ending Song: This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars

Curse of the Snake Demons- One day Claudia's father brings home an injured snake that was attacked while on the side of the road. Turns out it is none other than Rattlesnake Jake and he isn't too happy that a couple of humans decided to put him in an enclosed cage. In order to vent out his frustration he constantly makes threats towards Claudia despite being the one who fed him and who tried to be nice to him. After an incident with the return of the very creature who injured Jake in the first place he starts to realize just how kind the human has been to him and starts treating her a bit better. But, eventually, things must come to an end for when his wounds were healed the girl has to let him go back home, only to come back to cultists ready to torture her with their sick rituals and a curse that cannot be broken. In the process of getting away from them Claudia goes to Jake and the town of Mud to get help in rescuing her ten-year-old brother who was kidnapped midst her escape. With the new curse Claudia must use it to her advantage and find her little brother as well as the person behind the strings of the cultists. But despite all the death and destruction in her new cursed life she is still able to find comfort and love from a cold heart that was already hurt once by betrayal.

Opening Song: Cruel by Port El

Ending Song: You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance by A Day To Remember

Fragile Moon- It's been a peaceful eight months since Pitch was defeated and everything went back to normal. The Guardians went on with their lives and protecting children from the everyday dangers while Jamie and his friends go on with their lives. But this happiness is cut short when the Man in the Moon brings grave news that Pitch's Fearlings, shadow-like creatures notorious for serving under The Nightmare King, have gone amok in the Spirit World and have been corrupting the souls that live there. Before the Guardians can do anything about it they find out that the Gates to the Spirit World have been locked to keep the Fearlings from spreading the the Living World. So, for them to enter they need to unlock the gates and the only one with the key to get in is the Grim Reaper, and Death is not so keen in helping them. Not only will the Reaper not help them, but also there was a Fearling that escaped within a possessed spirit that now is corrupting both the living and the dead. Now they have to work together not only to capture the Fearling corrupted soul and confronting the past between Death and the Guardians, but also purifing the souls AND figuring out why the Fearlings were causing chaos in the first place.

Opening Song: Alive by Krewella

Ending Song: I Need Your Love by Ellie Goulding feat. Calvin Harris

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The Little Raven reviews
Monica comes back to Gravity Falls after ten years of getting her psychic powers under control. Unfortunately the paranormal is still heavily prominent in the town and it gets worse as she experiences her first summer since she arrived. Monica goes up to the challenge to discover what she forgot about her home and why she is plagued by a flashy dream demon.
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Being a seventeen year old is pretty hard, especially when the apocalypse hits and young Mari finds out she's been asleep for a hundred years and that all humans but herself have perished. Now she has no choice but to go with the Horseman War and help clear his name while carrying a "burden of the sun".
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When given the responsibility to take care of a diamondback outlaw Claudia soon finds that she was way in over her head when having this forced upon her. Now she has to go through cults, rituals, the death of her parents and the kidnapping of her little brother with him. In order to save him she will need Jake and the citizens of Mud's help. JakexOc R&R please; Story Complete!
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