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DISHING THE DIRT UPDATE!!!!! 12/5/10: For those of you wondering, I haven't given up on this story! I just have had no time or energy to get around to it. It's my junior year and I'm taking tons of time consuming classes. Plus, I have a bunch of other extra-curricular things going on. I want to update soon, but who knows what's going to happen.

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Hey, all. Thought I should update my stuff. I'm crazy when there's nothing to be serious about, but an over-anxious control freak when there is. I pride myself on being grammatically sound. I beta for an awesome site called project team beta. (Check it out: ) I love writing, obviously, and reading. I also have deep affection for animals, and I sing and act...nothing else I can think of, really.

Those of you reading Praying for Time: I hate to do this, but I'm taking a break from writing PFT indefinitely. Sorry, guys, but I'm just not into any more. My interests have shifted dramatically since I've started writing it. Plus, I'm really into the other fanfic I'm currently writing because it takes me away from my stress and problems. Praying For Time usually makes me feel worse. If I do have inspiration to write, however, I'll be sure to post, but for now, I need distance from this. PFT's just too much... :(


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Sophie: Almost exactly how I picture her. and

Max: Kind of. Without piercings and tatoos... and he's cuter in my mind...

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And he'll be fooled. Every time he sees it coming in her eyes. Recognition. He'll picture himself pushing at her wall of memories. Remember, he'll think, remember. But she won't. She never does. B/E AU
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