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Hi there. I'm Ray. But you can feel free to call me Gloomy or... Well... Any other nickname that sticks, I suppose.

I have several fandoms, yes. They consist of things like Gurren Lagann, Durarara, High School of the Dead, and a few other animes or mangas I'm a bit too lazy to put here. But let's get some things straight, shall we? I like lots of things, and I most definitely hate lots of things. I have several hobbies, as well. I am not a Weaboo. I am not Wapanese. How so? Because I have been there and done that several years ago, and I look down upon my past as one of the many blemishes of my childhood. Quite possibly the most prominent.

I have been writing and drawing practically since I could hold a pencil, and though I do enjoy admitting that I am fairly good at what I do (the writing part, not the drawing), the majority of my works go unfinished. So, yes. That means I have several unfinished fan fictions that will probably never be finished, only because I believe I enjoy plotting the story, more than I do putting it down on paper. It will be extremely rare to find anything more than a one-shot on here, just because I actually have to force myself to complete the one-shot once I've started it... And it will be extremely rare in itself to even find a fiction posted here in the first place. I put things off. A lot.

A few basic stats that you should probably know before approaching me:

I am a female.

I enjoy roleplaying, and am often searching for a nice partner who won't mind picking up and abandoning roleplays at will.

I slash things. A whole lot. In fact, until January 2010, I hadn't written a hetero-fic in a good, solid, two-and-a-half years.

Chatspeak (much like drawing a 'Go to Jail' card in Monopoly) makes my even temper disappear into flames of rage. You will not pass 'GO', and you will not collect 200. What you might collect instead, is a nice chunk of curb in your mouth, just before I slam my boot onto the back of your skull.

I use internet faces, for example: XD, O, :D, ;_;, ._., I usually have a calm temperament, but when I myself approach someone that I admire, I tend to get extremely hyper and nervous. You'll have to pardon that as I try to fix that unpleasant side of me.

I have a bit of a sadistic personality when it comes to love and relationships. Do not question it. If it makes you uncomfortable with the amount of sadism and masochism I put into a fic, I suggest you simply not read it. However, this is not true when it comes to my personal life. My boyfriend and I are quite happy, and very stable. No violence there. And because of him, I've been recently putting A WHOLE LOT MORE FLUFF into stuff I write. SO HOORAY FOR THIS.

I REALLY AM A NICE PERSON, I PROMISE. I'm not scary, or, at least, I don't think, and I LOVE getting messages or just randomly talked to. It makes me feel important and happy. Reviews on my stories make my heart explode with joy, also. C:

Really, I am quite uninteresting, but considering you've read through this (or bothered to click my profile in the first place), I feel a sense of pride at being able to captivate your mind for just a moment.

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