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Author has written 13 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sgt. Frog/ケロロ軍曹.

June 25, 2010:

Hey guys... it's been almost an entire month since I've last updated my profile so I decided I would inform you all as to what is happening. First off I've went through a major period in time which I can't really do much with my stories at the current moment... mainly because I have no idea what to do and my plans for my stories have been misplaced after I cleaned my room and I have a feeling I accidently threw them out with a few papers that littered my floor in my bedroom. So in "short and straight to the point" terms: I have no idea what to do with my stories. I have been working on them for a while now, I'm just making sure they match up with what's going on in the stories they're for and so forth. They'll be up I promise. Oh and I'm going to try and write for different catergories. No I'm not going to abandon my Game Catergory... just the game itself the stories are based on. I'm gonna work on my stories that need to be updated and work on a few stories for Super Smash Bros Brawl/Melee, and Kingdom Hearts as well. So watch out for that stuff guys, and thank you all so much for all the views on the stories and your comments... thank you all so much.

I finally decided to go with DeviantArt and I now have an account on it. Check it out sometime, the name of it is IllusionFang. I'm still juggling with some future story ideas so I'm kinda preoccupied at the current moment but I'll try and draw as much as I can. As usual I hope you guys will keep reading and reviewing just like you've been.

Moving on then. Here's the usual stuff, here are the authors that truely inspire me with some of my craziest ideas:

Mariko-ai-chan: This author is amazing! She can make anyone upbeat about their stories and about anything else. In general, she's a great author. We're really good friends now and I'm pretty happy to be one of her numerous friends on here. She's fun and crazy, sorta like me! Read her stories and you'll be asking for more.

Kiba Sniper: All I can say after reading Charmy Rogues is HOLY CRAP THIS AUTHOR IS AMAZING TOO!! And she truely is, if you read her stories you'll see just how great she is. Read her other stories as well and you'll see that she's a very inspirating author.

Silver Tear From Black Whisper: A fellow author who has great stories just like the others. I want to thank Silver Tear for reviewing on one of my stories and hopefully I'll be able to return the favor.

shadowfan13: I just got through reading an interview fanfic by him and holy crap! I didn't expect anything like this. I mean any fanfic that has the smexiest character (aka Shadow) dressed in pink clothes and proud to wear it, I find that amazingly, ultra extraordinary cute!

Bolt the Wolf: One of my loyal reviewers for Friends Forever and for Familiy Matters. I owe him a lot for offering his opinions and questions throughout the story. If he hadn't brought up a few things, then I don't know where Friends Forever would be. So... THANKS BOLT THE WOLF!!

Carito- Fox: The author of the spanish version of Friends Forever; Amigos Por Siempre. I'm very impressed that someone has asked me to translate my story into spanish. If you want to read a Spanish story, then I suggest Amigos Por Siempre.

kaity the chameleon: Okay so I just started reading her stories, and all I have to say is that I'm interested. I think some of her stories are really good, for instance, Mr. Mom.

Master Metallix: There is so much this author has helped me with. He's a wonderful reviewer who has helped me think of many things that I wouldn't have considered in Family Matters. That and he's a fan! I feel very happy that he's been reviewing for a long while, so thank you Master Metallix!

CrazyNutSquirrel: Probably one of the randomest authors I have ever heard from. Her stories will earn a few chuckles and they're all very well written! Good job Ivy-Chan!

Zefri012: He's my friend on a forum I'm on! Though now I swear he's my long lost brother or something (Then again most of the people on the forum I'm go to I consider them my long lost sibling of some sort)! His stories are pretty cool and you have to know him! Read his Keroro Questionaire, that's pretty good.

Slashbandicoot43: He's another friend on a forum I go to! He's amazing when it comes to developing characters and on the forums I was shocked on how well he thought of them.

Valenor: Okay I just met him on the forums I go to and let me tell you he's pretty cool, very nice too. His story Rise of the Viral is an amazing story and I hope you guys read it too!

Now that's out of the way, here's some info on moi:

Name: Dark-Illusion-Detective (or just Illusion or Dark will work)

Age: No younger than 14 but no older than 18, you choose how old I am.

Race: ... Human. Humans make mistakes and so do i so therefore I am a human.

Gender: Female

Habits: I tend to meditate when I get nervous and I wear arm warmers when I type. I can't really explain why I wear arm warmers when I type but I meditate because I like to so... yea... no surprise there.

Likes: Listening to music, meditating, drawing, writing, making new friends, the Chaotix, the Babylon Rogues, and a lot of other things.

Dislikes: Perverts, being the center of attention, show offs, and a few other things.

NOTE TO ALL: Most of the things I'll be writing are about the Chaotix, and the Babylon Rogues, but if I get the motivation to, I'll write a story about the rest of the Sonic Characters. I try to write VecVan, Charream, SonAmy, ShadAmy, Knuxouge, JetWave... basically any couples that come into mind... which I warn you is a lot! And I can't really update everyday with school so chances are I'll update during the weekends or near the weekends, so please be patient.

So there's the info you'll need on me...

Story Related Things

Chaos Riders- IN PROGRESS

Future Ideas

Birth of the Chaotix- It just takes one event to change the course of someone's life. But when an unknown disease plagues Espio, Charmy and Vector will see that change will come their way as a story unfolds. (Summary might change; Sonic the Hedgehog Story)

Last Chance- What does it feel like when your heart has been shattered into pieces and you've been lost in space? I'll tell you once I find all the missing pieces of what used to be my heart and love for one pokopenian. (Summary might change; Keroro Gunso Story)

Before It Fell Apart- (Sequel to Friends Forever) The Chaotix are back in business, things occurring as if nothing major had really happened. But when disaster strikes and threatens the Chaotix's unity yet again, it's up to a few old friends to help them. (Summary may change; Sonic the Hedgehog Story)


Reality is a place where you're limited; Imagination is a place where you're still a kid and your ideas are free to roam around. -quote by my best friend.

As the years pass, one thing remains the same, you're still a kid on the inside... no matter what the mirror shows you. -My Aunt.

Cause nobody wants to do it on their own, and everyone wants to know they're not alone. - Nickelback; Gotta Be Somebody.

If there was no fear in the world, then there would be no rebels, no heroes to oppose against the greater forces of life... wow... life would be dull and boring if fear didn't exist. -Me during one of my random sprees.

"How do you help someone who doesn't want you around?"

"Maybe the most you can do is be their friend and-"

"Say no more I have an idea!" (Avril grabs video camera and mp3 player) "Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to video tape Espy and hope to chaos someone becomes his friend over the internet!" -Avril the Bat and Flame the Swallow (future lines in a future story)

"Parents aren't all that bad."

"They teach ya how to walk 'n talk, then they turn right 'round and tell ya to sit down and shut the hell up."

(Says absolutely nothing) -My friend (Mercedes) and myself talking about parents.

Life isn't about waiting out the storm, it's about learning to dance in the rain -a story called ARK (Check it out it's really good)

Ignorance is bliss- some strange thing my dad tells me when I ask him about something that I probably shouldn't know about.

The essence of innocence lies in how close you keep your memories. Good memories are the things that childrens' dreams are made of, so keep your greatest moments close and you'll never loose your inner child. -Me

Love is something you can embrace, someone you can hug and kiss no matter when or where. Love... is something that requires sacrifice and sometimes that sacrifice is worth it. -my detective crazed cousin

Promises are one of those things that tie you to another person; it's a bond between two people that secrets travel on. Maybe when you get older, you'll realize that promises are worth keeping in the long run. Don't give up on making new friends, because there's someone out there who wants you to keep a promise, and one day you're going to keep it forever. -my detective crazed cousin (... that was probably the greatest advice he'd ever given me.)

Dreams are what we want the world be like; Nightmares are what the world has become because our dreams didn't come true. -My friend after playing NiGHTS

Dreams... are the most important thing a person can have. When we've been in a dark and scary place for so long, it's the only thing that keeps us from falling to a place where we can't be saved. Deep down, dreams are the only things we have to hold closest to our hearts, because they'll never go away. So when you're crying because your best friend has just moved away, or because someone close to you has died, let those locked away memories play out as dreams... that way you won't ever forget them. -my detective crazed cousin

"'Tis the Season to be jolly!"

"'Tis the season where everyone goes bankrupt!" -a commercial (top quote) and my smart aleck remark (bottom... not too great but hey, my dad thought it was interesting)

"It takes skill to get a gutter ball!" -Me when I accidently got a gutterball (we were really really hyper that day)

My boss told me to put something on the sign- Quote from the Bathroom Readers (my dad reads it and showed me a few quotes)

At a convention: For anyone who has children and doesn't know it, there is a day care center on the first floor- Bathroom Reader again

You can't rush creativity. Now hurry up and hand me that blue crayon!- Me when I babysat my hyperactive cousin

The movie was great! I laughed, I cried, my friends pushed me off my chair and laughed at me!- Me after I went to see a movie and my friends were on sugar rushes galore.

"I don't know what to do. If I cut through this line I'm gonna be killed, but if I don't I'm going to miss the train... you're not gonna take pity on me right?"

(Puts his arms around her shoulders) Thought you were gonna miss the train honey!~ (Leans down to her ear and whispers) I'm not even going to ask for a kiss for that. -Vector and one of my OCs in a future story.

I've learned that hiding your brocolli in your milk isn't the best idea to avoid eating it. -My cousin reading from a book (Forgot what it was called though)

Live life to the fullest 'cause you only get to live one life -my uncle

"Drawing and writing seem different but actually they're exactly the same!"

"Really? How?"

"Drawing and writing are like children and you help them become something people want to look at/read, and if they're your children would you want them to be perfect?" - Me trying to tell my eight year old cousin how I like both writing and drawing without trying to confuse her too much (Though in the end I failed).

Live life to the fullest, 'cause you only have one chance to live it the way you want- My uncle.

Smile when you're having a bad day; Laugh even when it hurts to; Give someone a hug even when they don't want it; Open your heart and eyes even when your world seems too small and dark; Keep your dreams close even when they seem far away; Reach out and help someone even when you yourself needs it; No matter what comes your way and no matter what wave carries you away, don't ever forget where you came from. -My mom

Don't just sit and wish for something to happen, stand up and make it happen- My Niece

Learn to take chances, 'cause if you just let the moments slip by you'll only kick yourself later.- My mom

It'll sting for a while... but after a while I hope I don't feel it anymore- Me when my dad asked me if I was okay after getting a phone call and seeing my expression (The call I hated...)

Remember when I was a kid and I said I wasn't going to apologize for being wrong? Remember when I was a kid and I told you that I didn't miss you, in a playful tone? Would you believe me now if I whispered in your ear that I'm apologizing for being right... that I lied and I really did miss you?- Me when I saw my old time friend.

When you have a dream, don't wait... act. - One of my closest friends.

I hope you're all enjoying my stories and I hope you'll keep reviewing, they're helping me out very much, even if the reviews are just saying great job. 'Til I update or 'til the weekends come by, have a good day!

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