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Actually I should be saying that to myself, lol seeing as i'm new here...i know not funny, sorry.


I suppose this is where i tell you a little about myself and its quite funny actually cuz i always hated filling these things out but right now i'm running on 2 hours of sleep and when your completely slap happy EVERY THING IS FUN!

AGE?: i have a saying to this..."You are only as old as you make yourself be." if you dont understand then just let me say that i'm old enough to know better, yet still to young to care. i have an actual job i graduated last year (But from what? LE GASP! i'll let you guess through my writing...that i'll hopefully get up sometime soon, bare with me here please i've never actually put a profile up till just 2 days ago.) and i still trick or treat lol.

LIKES?: ANIME!!...ZOMG! AND VIDEOGAMES...MANGA TO LOL. i love music and i probably couldnt live with out it. i'm also a struggling artist...T-T who has no scanner...OH WOES ME!...smut definatlly like smut...lol. and yaoi and yuri. i'm bi so i love any parings...but i love akuroku the best oh and SoXRi and demyx and zexion those two are so cute together lol. luffluff! and i love my readers. always have always will...even if they dont like me or my stories. just knowing that they took the time to read the first line and reviewed lets me know i'm awsome at summaries lol.

DISLIKES?: rude people, not nice people, people who are mean, closed minds...WHICH LEADS TO ANOTHER SAYING!--Closed minds should really come with closed mouths...snotty people. (I'm a disney fan, so when the movies with the B--hy people in them come on, like confessions of a teenage drama queen, i just want to see the herion punch them in the face lol.) and mushrooms...SERIOUSLY! WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO EAT FUNGUS? sigh...srry.

MUSIC?: MCR, PATD, Papa Roach, Cobra Starship. basically anything thats produced by "Fuelled By Ramen", Techno, japanese (duh! lolz) anything upbeat and anything that gives me a good cry at 2 o'clock in the morning cuz who doesnt need a good cry every once in a while. anything disney (once again DUH LOLZ) oh pat benitar (SP?) bon jovi, blondie, pretty much anything 80's tracie chapman's a good singer to. i hate rap but love EMINEM...dumb right? lol i know its weird its just, when he raps its either funny, has a point, and he's got a good voice on him. ZOMG AND I LOVE ALANTIS MORSET!! ironic is a good song...and i could name others but i wont lol.

MOVIES?: ANYTHING DISNEY AND TIM BURTON! LOL. sorry, anything Hayao Miyazaki. actually anything anime. pokemon (The first movie!! its about the only good one. lol) and many more. if you want full details (Doubtful) just message me.

ok so before you decied anything about me know this first:
I cant spell worth a lick.
i have a really short attention span
AAAANNNNDDDD i'm a huge sado lol so many of the stories i write will be angsty, oh and probably yaoi/yuri pairings...if you dont like it THEN LEAVE!

so in a nutshell...a rather large nutshell...you have me. and soon...hopefully, you'll have stories to read.



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A BUNNY!!...and he's dancing lol

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The Hunted reviews
Lies are told and secrets are left to be discovered in this modern day tale where the natural and supernatural live in a some what harmonial state. Little did they know that the future of all things good rested in their hands. AkuRoku, Zemyx and others.
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We can grow...only once in our lives. As our love crystallizes and grows, so, too, do our hearts...They are a manifestation of our love. In time...they are given over to the one who inspired them...who wished them happiness." - Crystal Heart
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