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Name: u don't need to know

Gender: If u must know, im a girl

Fav anime: Naruto, death note, bleach, vampire knight, fruits basket, and many more

fav books: Twilight series, evernight, harry potter, percy jackson and the olympians, Lj Smith books

Location: Chicago- third largest city in the U.S. yet so insignificant

Fav Tv Shows: Naruto (duurrr), Supernatural, True Blood, Vampire Diaries (bite me), 90210, and Legend of the Seeker (even if it's bad acting :P)

Age: 17

Fav color:blue

Music: Any depending on my mood.

fav food: FUDGE!! I'm not much of a eater other than this awesome delicacy.

I really don't know what else to say. So I'm going to ramble and complain about series and whatnot.


Harry Potter

I'm going to start with Harry Potter. Oh how I miss Fred Weasley and Sirius Black. Why must she kill off the awesome characters? Why couldn't Draco die? I just want to strangle him! >:( (sorry to you Draco fans). Now, what does she have against the Weasley twins? I mean wasn't George losing an ear enough? What a holey guy he was XP. Hmmmm...I'm so glad Bellatrix died the B*. Props to Molly. I want J.K. Rowling to at least start another book soon. I liked the ending actually but i just hated how she killed off characters that didn't need to be killed off. Poor Ted. Tonks and Lupin died too T.T And seriously, i thought she was going to kill Ron/ Hermione/ Harry next or something. Rawr T.T


I can't read the manga online anymore T.T Well anywho, I wished Minato or Kushina were still alive for Naruto. He needed a parent's love and c'mon! Naruto's the son of the 4th Hokage! Would the villagers dare treat him like trash?? I think not! I liked the scene where Naruto met Minato though. It was a cute father/son scene. Also, I loved how he met Kushina too. Soooo touching. What's going to happen now that we can't read manga? Anyone know where we can read manga online? Message me now!


The movies seriously suck and the actors get on my nerves. This whole Team Edward and Team Jacob thing is getting on my nerves. If you support Edward, don't be bashing on the Jacob fans. Same with Jacob. I mean COME ON. Why do you guys have to send death threats to one another (EX: Emma Roberts) Can't we have an opinion without threatening lives?

Now I'm going to describe my personality

I am a quiet person but a lot of people know me at school. I could be a social butterfly most of the time but some of those times I just want to be away from people. They annoy me so much when I'm not in the mood to be social. I spend most of my time on fanfiction reading, reading amazing young adult novels, watch music videos on youtube never disliking any video because I DON'T WATCH VIDEOS I DON'T LIKE AND BASH ON THEM, and I write stories in notebooks at school because I give up on school. i officially have senioritis.

My best friends are guys because I can never trust girls after one made my ex-boyfriend cheat on me. Ugh. Guy friends are fine for now. I tell everything to my three guy friends-Danny, Jorge, and Andy. If you know them, then please keep it to yourself. I don't need them to kill me for mentioning them online. Danny- we are in a rocky relationship right now but i still love the memories. Good luck in college buddy. Jorge- we going to college together MOST LIKELY! He's the best when I have something to talk about with someone. He usually knows when I'm upset. Andy- I just love him. He's such a sweetheart and he spoils me like a rotten child. I owe him a million bucks on lunch money.

I can be a friendly person. Even to people I don't like. I'm very patient especially with people. Heck I even forgave that girl i mentioned above because I CAN'T hold a grudge. Well that's all i can think of with my head.

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