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I really need to insert some random crap here. Honestly, without typing anything here, how will people know about me? I'll literally be just another faceless author amongst the sea of authors on this site. But what would I add?


...I like Japanese high school girls.

There, see what I just did? I'm no longer just another faceless author. Now I'm just another japanophile author! And guess what else? I watch Anime with the subtitles and original Japanese voice track ON! AND... I listen to Japanese music! Oh yes, I'm such a blatant and shameless weaboo, aren't I? Oh ho ho ho, and I bet it'll come to no surprise to you if I were to say I would like to live in Japan. Man, I am such a deluded fool.

There, random passerby, are you happy? I explained myself in painstaking detail, what more shall I add? Maybe I should go on and on about my love for old-school import gaming. Maybe I should tell you odes of the greatness that is Puyo Puyo, Melty Blood, Famicom Detective Club, Disk-kun and what have you? Yeah, I also like games older than me! You know, NES and crap? Wow, what a nerd!

But really, if you're done reading this, go somewhere else. I have nothing more to say.

...although if you are going to leave, at least have the decency to read my writings. If you want to bash my works, I encourage you. Just give some proper reasoning beforehand. I'll mentally label you a moron if you don't, and you kiddos these days just HATE labels, right?

NOTE: If you appreciated this cowardly display of sarcasm and need more more reason to make me the butt of your jokes, please visit...

...today! You will not be disappointed in the amount of disappointment!

...okay, if you weren't impressed by the sarcastic bullcrap, here some slightly more serious work:

And I guess "" is pretty cool, too.

Valis: Warrior of Infinity reviews
The world of Dreams is threatened by Overlord Rogles and his troop of dark lords. Only a young japanese schoolgirl by the name of Yuko Ahso and the legendary Sword of Valis stands between him and the completion of his ambition! A Mugen Senshi Valis Fanfic
Misc. Games - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 11,200 - Reviews: 3 - Updated: 1/8/2009 - Published: 9/26/2008