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My name is Beckitt Lewis and I live in Canada. I like to write lemons and yaoi. I just really like to write, and my stories have no pattern to them since depending on my mood, you could read the most hilarious parody of your life or you could find yourself reading one of my angst/tragedy fics.

PERSONAL QUIRKS: NARUTO TOPS, SASUKE BOTTOMS. (with minor exceptions, don't what I was smoking for Code Name for Killers, ahem,anyways...) Reviews are always welcome, though your opinion most likely won't deter me from my original concept. :D PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME A QUESTION WHEN YOU REVIEW ANONYMOUSLY! Because then I can't answer your question. It sucks. :/


Free Slave: multi-chapter historical fic, set around 140AD in the Roman Empire (NaruSasu) currently COMPLETED.

Three's Company: One year after Make Me Remember. Sasuke can't handle Naruto's libido, but Neji and Sasuke together can! Threesome NaruNejiSasu. IT HAS BEEN COMPLETED!!! It will be posted unbeta'd until I get it beta'd so that people can read it faster.

Code Name for Killers: On serious hiatus. I mean it, absolutely no plot bunnies are skipping around in my head. Nothing. :/

Fairytales: Naruto liked his simple life smoking cigarettes and beating people silly. Yet when a beautiful unearthly creature presents himself as Sasuke and whisks Naruto away to some castle in a different land, the blond's life is completely turned upside down. I already have 9 chapters for this story that's over 15,000 words but I will not post anything until it is completely done so that people don't freak out like they did for Three's Company. lol

But please be nice and patient since I am a busy person, with work and pursuing dreams so yeah, and I'm the sort of author who might come out with 50 pages of writing in a night, but then might not get inspiration again for a weeks. :/


My dearest, best friend, Memoriez wanted to draw Naruto in his Roman centurion uniform. He looks absolutely delicious. Do check it out, I was so happy when I saw this! XD


WHAT IS YOUR REAL NAME: My first name is Gabriel. That's all your getting out of me.

WHO IS YOUR GREATEST INSPIRATION: For voice acting its Vic Mignona, for everything else its Edgar Allen Poe and Frederich Neitzche, Karl Marx, Elders in my community and for authors: Holly Black, Melissa Marr and the lovelie women who write in a genre dominated by mysogenists for decades. :)

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR: The blue right in the middle of the sky, where its darkest.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR FRIDGE: Umm...let me see...a jar of butter...a tomato...and some stains on the shelf...yeah i know I'm poor...

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE DAY: Cloudy and cool. No sun. No wind. No rain. Perfect sweater weather.

WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE ANIMATED CHARACTER: Dude I have like Itachi, Shikamaru, Pein, Nero, Yuu Kanda, Snow Villiers, Germany, Italy (Romano), Haruhi Suzumiya, Yoko, Mikasa Ackerman, and so many more!!!

WHAT GENRE DO YOU READ THE MOST: Anything really.. Probably action, documentary, prose, erotica or fantasy. HANDS DOWN FAVOURITE GENRE: Modern fantasy.


WHAT IS THE FANFIC THAT YOU WANT TO WRITE THE MOST:The most M rated orgy story in fanfic history with so much explicit stuff in there that people jizz just reading the title...yeah...


WHERE IS YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE TO SLEEP: My bed? Isn't that where most people sleep?

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD: Italian spaghetti, anything labelled cheesecake and orange crush.

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP: I already am grown up. I guess a parent though? I'm not one of those yet...

WHERE WOULD BE YOUR IDEAL PLACE TO LIVE: Whatever place stays cool all year long and gets no sunlight, probably east coast turtle island near the ocean.

WHAT ARE YOUR BELIEFS: Beckitt Lewism. It is the religion that every believer can believe in whatever they choose. Live and let live. Also Anishnabeg Creator is my spirituality.

DOG OR CAT:Cats. Because we are the same, all you have to do is feed us and leave us alone and we will love you.


HEAVEN OR HELL: Better to rule in hell, than serve in heaven. I totally stole that off a t-shirt I saw somewhere.

JUNK FOOD OR HEALTH FOOD: Whatever I can afford.

BEST PHYSICAL FEATURE: My manly shoulders :P, I was going to say my eyes, but that's what everyone says...

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If you wish I can place my mark on you and then my men would know that you are my property and not theirs to touch." Naruto murmured into his slave's ear. Sasuke pulled away and cast his eyes downward."I am yours to do whatever it is you wish, Master." TRIGGER WARNING: forced slavery, dub con, sexual assault, near death etc
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