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Story Info:

-Chapter 3: Working on it right now. I hope we finish and upload it soon. (8/19/10)

Note: Suggestions can be given, like pairings with Naruto or Tsukune; Right now we have the pairings down, but feel free to ask if Naruto can be paired with, for example, Moka-chan. My brother and I can try and work it out so it can fit with the upcoming chapters. Though it may dissapoint other fans, so we won't go too far with it.

OC Characters: OC characters are one of the things we were thinking about after someone mentioned it and even gave a great idea on how it would work out. We more than likely will add an OC character. It MAY be added in the upcoming chapter, but it's something we're thinking about pretty seriously. We haven't really put a part down where an OC character can fit in, or rather show up... and if we do, we'd probably have to retype the different scenes or even take some out. But, yes, the kitsunes will more than likely be the OC characters for this story if added, of course being paired with Naruto.


Info: I mainly add the laughs and some grammitical corrections/editing, while my brother does discriptions and all the other good stuff i guess. We both share ideas on each chapter and add them accordingly in hoping that it would turn out right. Don't worry, we equally share the work.

Helper/Typer/Brother: Panda-kun77

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Nationality: I'm asian, that's all I have to say.

Favorite Band: Sambomaster, Ellegarden, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Disturbed, Soilwork, Flyleaf, Linkin Park

Where I live: Damnit, i wish i can be in Japan right now, but i'm stuck in North California...

Hobbies: Plays any sport that has to do with a ball (Nahh.. nothing perverted like that), Reading manga... mainly: Negima!, Naruto, To Love Ru, Mx0, Pretty Face and of course, Rosario + Vampire.

Favorite anime series: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Zero no Tsukaima, Naruto, Bleach, To Love Ru, Seto no Hanayome.. and a lot more.. anything with good action and some-what perverted romance. Comedy in the anime is a must.

Dislikes: The word "hehe" I hate it... the word was over-used by all my friends in World of Warcraft.. arghh... Sadly I quit... I should be cheering, that game was a damn prison. Eh, nontheless i had fun times.

Likes: Now into reading Fan Fiction stories, drawing (But not that good), work out whenever i can.. which is never because i'm always on my ass playing video games or something.. funny thing is, i'm fit and not fat (no offence).. My brother is fat and i respect that, sort of...

Personality: Calm, quiet, shy, sexy, hot... cold, uhh.. indifferent when it comes to homosexuals, i don't mind.. as long as they don't touch me anywhere..

Favorite food: Junk food, fast food, anything that smells good and edible.. yeah i eat a lot... still... food is food, and i like it..

Favorite pairings: -Rosario+Vampire- NaruKuru, TsukMoka, NaruKokoa...Yes, I think clues were given on pairings in later chapters of the current on-going story... -Naruto- not much to say... any girl could hook up with him.. am I right?... Shit, brain-fart, I can't think of anymore anime pairings at the moment, sorry.

Okay, now you know everything, well almost everything about me.

Happy reading readers!


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