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Joined 02-06-02, id: 166608
Name: Rueger
Age: Somewhere between 6 and 45
Other: I like writing (aw gee, who coulda guessed that?)
Recent News
December 3, 2002 : Nothing updated reading wise. But I changed my homepage to my new (just finished today) slash archive. Go visit December 1, 2002 : The 18th chapter of Darkened Knight has been posted. Sorry about the wait. Excuses and whatnot can be found in the authors note of that chapter. November 07, 2002 : I've uploaded the first chapter to my newest story, Cold Steeple Trace. Be the first to review! Go, go! November 06, 2002 : I'm weird. @_@ Anyway, I now have a website to hold all my writings I'm in the process of changing the layout, so please excuse any lack of updates. Oh, and it also works as a blog too. Blogging is weird. @_@ It makes me giddy.
Story Summeries
Darkened Knight : a young man is accused of a terrible crime and only his best friend is willing to stand beside him, though he holds affections of a very non-platonic sort. Cold Steeple Trace : four cousins travel across the country to an unexpected family reunion and find that a family can't seem to be wealthy without its share of assassins and betrayel and that strangers in cowboy hats aren't really cowboys.
Mostly, just read the stories and authors on my favorites lists. But, special recommendations go to these cooly stories: Jack and Jamie by Kaiser As Cigarettes Are to Healthy by Aftertaste of A Razorblade Duuhhh... I need to read more. @_@
End Note
Wee! *ahem* I mean, if you read one of my stories, please take the time to review them. I'd appreciate it sooooooo so much.