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Author has written 11 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Smash Brothers.

Currently: Is this really...?! Yes, I am actually updating my profile for the first time in over a year. And, I have a pretty good reason why I'm doing it, too. First is to make an announcement that completely took me by surprise yesterday. I just so happened to check my traffic stats for Lethal Mutation and discovered that it has just passed 50,000 views! I never would have guessed that this long after posting that story and me being completley inactive, it would still be this popular. Furthermore, a lot of you guys that I haven't been in touch with for a very long time have suddenly contacted me, all in the same week! Call me superstitious, but that seems like way more than just a coincidence to me. So, I have finally resolved that this means my long, lazy hiatus is over. That's right, I'm back in the writer's seat, and it's going to feel so good! Expect an update soon!

Current Avatar: This young fox is finally getting married to the beautiful Seedrian of his dreams, and I don't plan on firing my best friend out of a giant cannon at her, either. XD The picture is a scene from Sonic X that I believe was actually only aired overseas, which I found on the Team Artails website.

Profile Revisions:

1/28/2011-I can't believe that there hasn't been any major changes for so many months here, but now I have added my short story 'Motivation' to the Completed Works list.

9/9-I have now begun posting further edited and revised copies of my completed stories to my new DeviantArt account, starting with 'Lethal Mutation'. This is a great chance to read any of my stories you really loved again, especially now that they will be improved grammatically and with the possibility of a small amount of new added content.

8/19-Minor profile updates and revisions.

8/4-Just realized for the first time that my short poem, 'The Hike', wasn't listed in my Completed Works section below. Well, now it is.

7/21-Exciting new record! 'Lethal Mutation' is now just over 20,000 hits! That's right, over twenty thousand page views! Thank you everyone!

4/21-Added 'The Unlikely Date' to Completed Works section. My first and only story for now that's not in the Sonic the Hedgehog catagory that I wrote for a FF.net friend's contest. Also made a couple changes or additions to my personal bio down below.

2/16-Major profile changes occured. A couple new pictures were linked for completed artwork commissions, a new section, 'Other Artwork', has been added to the end of my profile, an update on the progress of stories I am not yet posting was made, and a couple new quotes added.

2/1/2010-For all you artists out there, I've now added a couple more commission requests at the bottom of my bio that you could check out to see if they sound at all interesting.

12/19-Added 'The Egg that Stole Christmas' to Completed Works section.

11/22-Added new link to a completed commission for the picture I'd requested of Keylow and Elisa from Lethal Mutation. Thanks once again, Darksword512! ;D

Greetings! I am Tailsisreal, and I've been lucky enough to find a home writing Sonic the Hedgehog fanfictions on this site for over two years now. Those who've read my profile and stories before know that I take my content seriously and abhor profanities, but my laughter is free and often! ;D Regardless, I'm a sociable and relatively friendly person with just a small talent for writing and a now determined ambition to make what I do here for fun into my real paycheck one day. (Yes, that's right, Sega and Sonic Team; one day you will employ me!) My stories get plenty of reviews and traffic as well, it seems, but I'd much rather prefer you read a few and judge their quality for yourself instead of taking my word for it. That said, I also would like to include some other personal facts about myself you may or may not be interested in.

Age: 21 as of May 15, 2010

Gender: Male

Religion: Christian, and proud of it! Jesus loves you, like it or not! ;D

Current Occupation: Personal Care Assistant for the elderly and online student at Full Sail University.

Favorite Character: TAILS, duh! No, but really, if anyone can even begin to find another character that has all the aspects Tails does- a troubled and painful past, a freakish mutation that reveals him constantly to mockers and fans alike, a heart of pure intentions, and an all around cuteness with a perfect range of emotional expressions- then I'll be painted purple in shock. Me and Tails are also a lot alike, so I identify with the fox very well. Enough said.

Favorite Games: (whether or not I stink at them) Sonic the Hedgehog series, Smash Bros. series, Advanced Wars series, Halo series, Pokemon series (I'm practically a walking pokedex! XP), Mario and Luigi series, Legend of Zelda series, and probably many, many more I never mentioned.

Most Despised Games: Anything brutally violent and horrific or with an intense emphasis on evil or crime. Also, most sports and first person shooter games in general.

Favorite Movies: Star Wars series, Emperor's New Groove, Tremors series, Rat Race, Happy Feet, Speed Racer, How to Train Your Dragon and a couple more I know I must have forgotten somehow.

Most Despised Movies: Ones with tons of gore, horror, foul language, and sexual themes and/or scenes. Pretty much everything that seems to come out these days, then. :(

Favorite TV Shows: Mythbusters, Who's Line is it Anyway?, Sonic X, Digimon (first three seasons only), Star Trek (preferably Next Generation and Voyager), and Pokemon (not the newest ones, though).

Most Despised TV Shows: 'Reality' TV shows, American Idol type shows, and practically all anime. (with the exception of a few in each catagory from time to time, of course)

Favorite Books: Lord of the Rings series, Halo paperback series, and Star Wars X-Wing: Rouge Squadron paperback series.

Most Despised Books: All those uninteresting and maddeningly painstaking old 'classics' that you are forced to read in high school and college. In my opinion, some of those have lingered on long enough that scholars should let them go already. However, there are many that surprised me as still being remarkably good if I gave them a chance.

Favorite Hobbies: Playing almost any video game in general, reading on occasion, and spacing out to myself for hours. Oh, and writing fanfics, too! ;)

Favorite Foods: Pizza (pepperoni or plain cheese only!), milk, giant chocolate muffins, Kit Kat bars, breakfast cereal, butter noodles, Pop-Tarts, Pepsi (Coke?! Gag!), Bugles, and a lot more I haven't said.

Least liked Foods: Almost any vegtable, most kinds of beef and pork, chocolate milk or choco breakfast cereal, mint candy (or just mint anything), and (sniff, this is sad...) chili dogs! (Yep, Tails' #1 fan but I hate chili dogs AND mint candy. ;_;)

Favorite Songs: (pretty long list here)

Memories of You from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky. (Never fails to make me cry, and not just because of what happens in the game, either.)
Believe in Myself
(Tails' theme song from Sonic Adventure 1, which I think is better than the other version from SA2.)
Twinkle Circuit from Sonic Adventure 1 (If ever I was going to nominate a techno song for best ever, it would be this one!)
Eggman's boss fight theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (honestly, doesn't everyone from time to time find themselves humming this in their sleep or something?)
The opening to the first Paper Mario game (If you haven't heard it or played this game before, do so now! XD)
Two Perfect Girls: song by Brock from original Pokemon series (hilarious to all Pokemon fans like me!)
Be Prepared:Scar's song from Lion King with all the hyenas and everything. (I love singing along with the most sadistic voice I can muster! XD)
Checker Knights from Kirby Air Ride (pure orchestral awesomeness!)
What I've Done, Leave Out All the Rest, and In the End all by Linkin' Park (for when I'm feeling depressed, mostly, but it probably doesn't help much either. :P)
Root Beer Rag by Billy Joel (If they ever come out with a Piano Hero type video game, this would easily trump 'Through the Fire and Flames' in difficulty by a long shot!)
The Impression that I Get by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones (used to be my theme song for myself before my father and best friend died.)
The Walk of Life by Dire Straights (I dare you to listen to it even once without whistling along to the organ!)
Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum (rock music with an unforgettable bassline and Jesus? Oh yeah!)
Viva la Vida by Coldplay (a bit overplayed sometimes, but still great.)
Canon in D Major by Minister (an awesome techno remix of Pachabel's original classical song that I bet everyone has at least heard once)
His World from the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 (best Sonic theme song ever, and that's saying something!)
21 Guns and Holiday both by Green Day (Is there anyone that doesn't like at least one song from this group?)
Most of the soundtrack from the movie How to Train Your Dragon (Seriously epic music!)

And also practically any song ever created by the artist or groups Smash Mouth, Weird Al Yankovic, Bon Jovi, Queen, and Simple Plan. (I want so bad to list specific ones from these groups, but it would take too long and take up too much needless space.)

Favorite Kinds of Stories: I like stories that are somewhat lengthy and with involved plots that also incorporate great humor. Also, I lean more towards the stories in the Sonic section that are based on Sonic X and the Sonic universes from the games and not Archie or the SatAM cartoons which I've never had the pleasure of getting into very far.

Most Despised Kinds of Stories: Ones that are all about gruesome mutilation, sexual themes or innuendos, replete with foul language, and/or have honestly just obviously not been thought through or bothered to be edited at all.

Pet Peeves: (a few of the worst)

Stories that are less than a thousand words (some oneshots are exceptions), filled with grammatical errors to the point of unreadability, and make absolutely no sense or have no purpose whatsoever except to waste a perfectly good idea someone else could have written on better.

Stress always seeming to pile on me all at once and in overbearing amounts when I need it the least at the moment.

People demanding or asking for my attention when all I want to do is be secluded and alone for a while, and they always demand an explanation for why whenever I do get the chance to be alone for a long time!

Myself and my dramatic lack of motivation at times.

Best Plus for this Site: I love being able to post stories, but I love chatting with readers who review the most! Forums are also a big plus to me! Just chatting with people who share my interests is great!

Some Favorite Quotes:

"It's not today yet!" --me after staying up half the night playing Halo 3 with my little brother

"You messed up my face! (puts on shovel claws) Now I'm gonna return the favor!" --Knuckles in Sonic X episode called Mission Match-Up to the Chaotix who knocked him out and vandalized his face earlier with a makeup pen. (best episode ever! XD)

"Worthless consumer models!" --E123 Omega from Sonic Heroes sometimes when you destroy lots of robots while in power formation.

"Lost a planet, Master Obi-Wan has. Very embarrasing!" --Yoda to the younglings in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

"The points are useless, just like a wicker bedpan." --Drew Carey from an episode of 'Who's Line is it Anyway?'.

"It seems in my rush to report to the bridge, I have neglected part of my uniform." --Tuvok the Vulcan from Star Trek Voyager in the beginning of the episode in which he dreams that he reported for duty without his pants on.

"I know not with what weapons World War III shall be fought, but that World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." --Albert Einstien (may not be word for word exact)

Ted- "(reads a sign) Only the most enlightened souls shall gain entrance... Dude, we're in big trouble!"
Bill- "No joke, man! We've only been in heaven a few minutes and we've already mugged three people!"
Ted- "Yeah, we'd better get out of here before we ruin it for everyone else!" - quote from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.

"I've been vandalized... by Elvis!" - Ernest P. Worwill after coming home to his remodeled house in Ernest Goes to Jail.

"I am... completely... out... of ammo! ...That's never happened to me before." -- Burt Gummer from Tremors 2: Aftershocks (I love Burt! XD)

"Procrastinators of the World, UNITE! Tomorrow!" -- me again (although someone else probably thought of it first.)

"If 'con-' is the opposite of 'pro-', then is Congress the opposite of Progress?" -- funny joke from my grandpa.

Sonic: "ZZZzzzzzzz..."
E123 Omega: "STUPID MEATBAG." -- quote from the end of Sonic Chronicles when Omega finishes reading the last of the credits.

"Amy treats dating as if it were a war! She probably even calls it her secret campaign, Boyfriend Blitzkrieg!" -- Sonic from my story, Things Best Forgotten. (pure chance inspiration, this one. XD)

Skrimir: "We shall issue a challenge and they will accept! That is how we shall get our foe out of their fortress!"
Soren: "This is ridiculous... The enemy did not build their walls to stand outside them!"
Skrimir: "WHAT?! They will hide from us?! Cowards! I do not know how to fight cowards!" -- one of the many hilarious scenes from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

(Decoe and Bocoe are smacking each other's heads with large rubber mallets)
Decoe: "Wow, that wormhole really bent us out of shape!"
Bocoe: "Are all my dents gone?"
Decoe: "You never had any dents. I just enjoy hitting you with this hammer." -- quote from Sonic X season 3. Gotta love these two nincombots. XD

Data: "Geordi, I believe this beverage has stimulated an emotional response."
La Forge: "Really? Well, what is it, Data?"
Data: "I am uncertain..." (takes a sip and grimaces in disgust)
Guinan: "It looks like he hates it."
Data: "Yes, that is it... I hate this! (takes another sip) Guhh...! I hate it!"
La Forge: "Seems like that emotion chip is working fine, Data."
Guinan: "Some more?"
Data: "Yes, please." -- funny scene from Star Trek Generations. Come on, who doesn't love Data?! ;D

Eggman PA Announcement: "And make sure to try the latest culinary attraction at Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, the Bucket O' Sushi! Now with FISH!"
Tails (later): "I grabbed a bite to eat at the Bucket O' Sushi."
Sonic: "And what's the verdict?"
Tails (covers his mouth): "His cruelty knows no bounds..." -- scenes from Sonic Colors. That game was just full of great humor!

Current Works in Progress: These are works that are either coming soon or already being written and posted a chapter at a time. And, don't ever worry about me not finishing a work that I start!

1. Eggvirus (Lethal Mutation sequel)-- I am currently deep in the planning stages for this much anticipated fic. (And trust me, it is looking GOOD!) I have decided that most likely, just like the original story, I will write the entire thing before I begin posting any part of it. This is for both my and your benefit as it will allow me to tweak earlier chapters if I find problems in them while writing future chapters that depend on them for the plot. (The original Lethal Mutation would never have been as good as it was if I had posted chapter by chapter as I wrote. My original storyline was filled with discontinuities that I had to go back and fix!) However, this process means that this story will be a long time in coming to this site, but your patience will be worth it, I assure you! Progress: Chapter 3 on hold. (not posting currently)

2. Fox-yote-- (chapter story) SatAM may not be my thing, but that can't keep me from trying! Ever wondered what it would be like to put yourself in someone else's shoes? For a certain unknowing fox and coyote, they are about to do much more than simply swapping footwear, but can they take the stresses of each other's lives?! Knothole will never be the same again... Progress: Not yet begun.

3. Incest-- (chapter story) set in my Lethal Mutation Sonicverse two years after the conclusion of Sonic X. Tails has finally gotten over Cosmo's death, well, mostly. A chance meeting with a random stranger, though, will not only reopen old wounds, but may also unearth ancient feelings and memories that had been painstackingly buried long ago in the fox's pain-hardened heart. Worst of all, the whole thing is forbidden anyways as Tails wonders if he hasn't learned everything about his past yet in light of his chance meeting with someone who seems too similar to be just a coincidence. Progress: Chapter 10 posted!

4. Origins of the Emeralds-- (chapter story) Before Sonic, before Robotnik, before Robotnik's grandfather, Gerald, before even the great tragedy and loss of the Knuckles' clan led by Pachacamac, no, even before the mighty echidna race itself, there was the forerunners of the planet of Mobius. The ancient race which all but created the Sonic universe as it is now. A people so advanced and intelligent that their technology still lasts and is revered even to this very day. The Chao. Progress: Chapter 1 finished! (not posting currently)

Completed Works: It is sad to be done writting these stories, but each of them has now reached it's completion. All the stories listed here are wonderful and well-written, so please read and review them if you haven't already. (Trust me, they are all worth the time, especially my monster 100,000 word Lethal Mutation!)

1. Lethal Mutation: A Tails Fanfic-- A story about how Tails' mutant body may not be as harmless as he once thought. VERY good! Lovers of intense and twisted plots, this story is a must read! My first fanfic! I must thank my younger brother Chad (not a site member) for his help on this story as a great critic and co-plot director that kept the early versions of my story on track! (Every writer needs someone to tell them that they're doing it all wrong now and then!)

2. Germ-O-Phobic Fox-- A quick oneshot I made because I was really sick for a few days and decided that I needed someone to share my pain. (Well, OK, more like everyone in Mobius, but you get the idea!) Can Tails avoid a spreading flu bug that has already claimed everyone else he knows?

3. Of Flickies and Charmies-- Another oneshot with Sonic and Tails brotherly. Sonic is forced to explain all about the birds and the bees to his little bro one night, but the kit doesn't make it easy on him. However, Sonic might be the one who learns the most at the end!

4. Too Much of a Good Thing-- (long oneshot) an Amy-centered fanfic. (Gasp, not Tails?! I must be crazy!) Amy finds a way to get what she's always wanted, total power over men, but can she handle it? Sure Sonic is tripping all over her now, but he's got some serious competition! Pure humor in which I strongly advise readers to wear a diaper Superman style while reading, just in case!

5. Bedtime Legends-- A cute little oneshot I created one night from random inspiration. No real characters or storylines from the Sonic universe are directly involved in it, but the legend itself is very familiar to a certain couple of heroes regardless.

6. Things Best Forgotten-- A horror story about Tails and a mysterious rag doll he finds in his closet one day. Could it be... (gulp) alive?!

7. The Egg that Stole Christmas-- 'The Grinch' redubbed in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. It's a great holiday read, and more than a few short chuckles and clever rhymes are included as well in this poetic oneshot.

8. The Unlikely Date-- (oneshot) A Super Smash Bros. fanfic that I wrote for entering into Pikana's 'Unusual Pairing Contest'. Which couple do I think would be one of the most unusual from the characters in Brawl? Read and find out! Contest Update: This story won 2nd place in the contest! Yeah! I even got a really cool certificate as a result! #mce_temp_url#

9. The Hike-- (oneshot, poem) OK, so I was feeling really depressed when I wrote this weeks after my father passed away, and I couldn't help myself but to ponder how Tails might express the pain and torture of being a shunned orphan before he met Sonic. This short free-verse poem is a result of my sadness combined with Tails' backstory, explaining in the fox's own view a picture of what it was like before Sonic saved him.

10. Motivation-- (oneshot) I was just randomly inspired one night to write a fluff story between Sonic and Tails, and, since I hadn't written anything in a long time, I came up with this in just a few hours. It's a pretty short little story about Sonic trying comfort Tails back in the early days when they were just starting to get used to being partners.

WANTED: Good artists of any medium that have read some of my stories.I have soooo many moments and scenes in my fanfics that would make perfect pictures, but, alas, I have ZERO talent at drawing, painting, coloring, shading, etc. Basically, if I was asked to draw anything more than a stick figure to save my life, I would probably be killed pretty quickly! However, I absolutely LOVE artwork (especially that which is done in rich, blending colors with great shading effects and such) and really want to get some of the pictures in my head down on paper, but I need some really good artists to help me do that! Below are just a few ideas that I would love for someone with great artistic skill to draw for me, but, if you want to do something not mentioned below, go right ahead! Also, there's no limit to how many people can do any one of these artwork ideas, so if someone's already done one that you still want to do, just go right ahead! Please contact me if you want to tackle one of these requests! :)

1. Scene from Things Best Forgotten, Chapter 4: The First of Many-- Tails exhausted lying on the grassy hill asleep while Sonic glances at him with a brotherly smile. Complete! Thank you very much to Zachary W. for his sketch of this picture for me! Find it here at

2. Scene from Lethal Mutation, Chapter 5: Sick as a Fox-- OK, I actually would love having either one, or both, of these pictures from this chapter. First off, a picture of Tails in bed sick like he is described early that afternoon. I am aware that since this scene was almost entirely based off a picture I already saw, another one just like it would be somewhat pointless. However, I would still love a picture of Tails bedridden that shows his complete misery and anger at being couped up all day in his cozy prison. My second picture request from this chapter would be one of Vanilla taking care of Tails in a way that just screams motherly love. It could be when she helps clean him up after he threw up in bed or just any other instance where she was watching the poor fox. Although Tails will be very sickly in this pic as well, I want it to emphasize Vanilla and her care that only a mom can give.

3. Scene from Lethal Mutation, Chapter 11: The Dream-- For this pic, I would love an emotional shot of Tails lying unconcious in his hospital bed with the gown, wires, IV tube, short blankets,... pretty much the whole nine yards, and Sonic's head resting on Tails' bed rail or bed as he sleeps with a strong grip on Tails' free hand. I want it to look like how Tails was right before coming out of his long coma and showing Sonic's concern, although I'd like Tails to be the main subject of the picture still. No need to worry about the catheter because it should be covered by the blankets anyway, but if someone really good wants to draw its tube coming out from under the covers as well, that would be perfect! Just don't make all the tubes and wired sensors attached to Tails overbearing, more like just details. Complete! (sort of) Here is the second draft of the picture A Derelict Duck has been working on for me for quite some time now. He has promised a third and final draft in the future which will also include Sonic, but this is more than enough to be thankful for now!

4. Scene from Lethal Mutation, Chapter 16: The Fate of a Fox-- This one will be really hard and must be done in color, but hopefully someone can do it. I would love a picture of Tails as he is almost dead from the nuerotoxins. The pale complextion, limp body, but, most of all, the blank stare from his lifeless, pale blue eyes. Sonic and/or Chuck could be in the picture as well cradling the lifeless fox. If this is way too dark, the scene moments later where Tails opens his eyes and everyone sees that he is alive will do just as well, if not maybe better. This pic I want to be almost pure emotion.

5. Scene from Things Best Forgotten, Chapter 2: Sugar Rush-- Another tough pic. (as if any of these would be easy!) I would love Tails to be sitting bolt upright in his bed, terrified from his nightmare, as Sonic comforts him. Again, text or a caption might be necessary to show that he just woke from a nightmare, though. Still, though, I'd love the picture itself to explain the situation on its own as much as possible.

6. Sketch of Tails Doll from Things Best Forgotten-- I would love a character sketch of the Tails Doll as described in my story. My idea is to have it sitting upright, head slightly slumped to one side like an innocent toy. Must show its disproportionate body, stubby arms and legs, crude stichworking, jack-o-lanturn-ish and zig-zagging smile (made from a single strand of black yarn or something like it), creepy black eyes, and red gemed pom-pom. Think a really detailed, but still crude, voodoo doll of Tails. My description in the story of it as a cross between a moogle, Frankenstien's monster, and Tails is very close to how I would like it to seem! Complete! An awesome thank you to Darksword512 for his work on not one, not two, but three versions of this picture! Find the improved colored one here which has a link to the original sketch and original colored picture as well. (So going on the cover if I ever make this a real book someday! XD)

7. Sketch of Tails in his classic pose of embarrasment-- OK, this one isn't really from one of my stories in particular, but I have Tails doing this several times in Lethal Mutation. You know what I'm talking about here; I want Tails with an embarrased grin spreading across his face while he reaches to scratch the back of his head like he always does when someone compliments him and he is flattered or when he does something wrong by accident. As in any Tails picture, the look in his eyes would be equally important as his body language. I would recommend a straight-on shot of mostly just Tails' head and arm with maybe his tails sticking up in the background. Complete! Another round of thanks to DJ Bleach and his great picture for me found at

8. Keylow and Elisa Prower, Tails' parents from Lethal Mutation-- I know that Tails' official parents in the Archie realm are Amadeus and Rosemary Prower, but I created my own Sonic X versions of Tails' deceased parents in Lethal Mutation. I would love a pic of these two standing side-by-side as seen through Tails' eyes during his seizure-induced dreams. Elisa should look very caring, be crying lightly, clearly a taller, womanly, single-tailed Mobian fox. (think Vanilla as a fox and Tails' mom instead of Cream's) Keylow should look distinguished with both his tails flowing behind him elegantly, intelligent, equally caring and compassionate, but his face noticeably wracked with regret and greif at orphaning his son. (For Keylow, think of Tails all grown up as a daddy, only very troubled) Both figures should be clothed. Elisa with a common house apron or some other motherly apparrel. Keylow should be in a well-fitting lab coat or something of the sort with dressy slacks. Keylow should seem taller and more composed than Elisa in a natural, father figure look, but every bit as caring and sad as Elisa. Keylow should seem a symbol of outer strength and vigor, but inner termoil, where as Elisa should seem not as afraid to show her greif and less condemning of herself for her son's condition and more concerned instead. This picture is probably the hardest one of all that I will request because I really want it to match perfectly the image I have of Elisa and Keylow in my mind, so I will try to describe them better if someone dares attempt this huge undertaking! Complete! (sort of) Huge thanks to Darksword512 for a great picture of a moment during Tails' coma in which his parents are leaving in his dreams. It isn't exactly what this commission was for, since the main focus is on Tails and shows his parents only as silhouettes, but the emotion is definitely there!

9. Scene from Too Much of a Good Thing-- Tails trying to hand Amy a bouquet of roses. Amy should be in total shock and even look a little scared at the roses Tails is trying to hand out to her. She should not be reaching to take them! Tails, on the other hand, should simply look like he was only delivering the present to Amy and not understand why Amy was acting all scared. Major bonus points if you can also make it obvious that Tails is suffering from allergies because of the roses. He could be drawn in mid-sneeze or have him blowing on a tissue or anything of the sort. Should not look like a Tails/Amy picture! (I hate that pairing!) Just like the story, it should be more for laughs. Complete! I never really expected for this one to ever be done, but a thousand thanks to Darksword512 again for his sketch(s) found here also with a link to another version that has a nifty border, too.

10. Scene from Incest, Chapter One: A Chance Encounter-- Basically, I want someone to help me by drawing a picture of my OC Mystique when Tails rescues her in the alley at the beginning of this story. It should show Mysty pretty much exactly as I described her in the story, essentially the same as Tails in every way but slightly off color, with only one giant tail, a bit dirty or grungy and, of course, female. Also, Tails should preferably be in the picture as well trying to help Mysty back up or talking to her or something. Just make sure its not a love pic since Mysty should be more scared of Tails at this point than anything. Complete! A very special thanks to my actual girlfriend (known on this site as Cosmoisreal) for a great picture of Mystique!

11. Scene from Bedtime Legends-- Time for a cute pic! This one would be a picture of the young fox cub in my story and his father together. The little fox should probably be clothed in a small one-piece pajama suit and sitting on his bed or something that allows his two small tails to show behind him. The father I really don't care either way, clothed or just simply his bare fur, but he should seem like a fully grown adult with twin tails as well and a caring smile. Of course, a good idea for this pic might be a perspective from slightly behind the father's shoulder looking at the kit on his bed, in which case the facial features of the daddy fox won't be seen, just the back of his head, maybe some bangs, and his shoulders. Regardless, I'm giving the artist lots of freedom on this one since I just want a really cute pic and not really much else.

12. Scene from Things Best Forgotten, Chapter 7: Driven to Madness-- You knew this was coming eventually. I'd like to request a picture of Tails going berserk on the Tails Doll with his rotary saw! XD No, but seriously, a manical expression on Tails' face, stuffing and fabric flying everywhere, whatever seems crazy enough. Obviously a picture meant for humor that doesn't really have to be accurate to the story very much at all.

13. Scene from Incest, Chapter 7: Budding from the Ashes-- Undoubtedly stuff like this has been done before that didn't specifically belong to my fanfiction, but... I had the idea for a drawing of Tails as he stands on the secondary bridge of the Blue Typhoon and looks over at his old seat like he does in my story. Tails should definitely be clearly emotional to some extent, and, whether he sees a flashback in the picture of him firing the cannon at Cosmo or if he only stares at the red firing button on his controls, it should be clear that the painful memory is going through his mind again. Also, there is no need to try and include Mysty in the picture. As a matter of fact, it would be better if she wasn't included and it was just Tails. I'm leaving a lot of this up to the artist to decide and create as they see fit, so any emotional picture of Tails that comes rather close to my criteria would be acceptable and welcome.

14. Illustration for The Hike-- A slightly different request than I usually have, I suppose, but one that might be interesting to see the artist(s)'s final results with. Basically, I think it would be interesting to take my short poem, 'The Hike', and have someone illustrate it with one or more pictures. It could be just one picture that tries to show all the different aspects of the poem at once, or it could be almost a comic strip of sorts with a new frame for each stanza or something of the sort. In general, I'm just curious if anyone can capture the feelings and description of the poem in a visual format, kind of like reading the poem by seeing the picutres without words. Of course, if someone does get inspired to do this challenging request then they have permission to actually use the poem itself in their work if they feel it might be better for it, so long as I'm credited. Like I said, I'm not sure how this one might work out, but, in my head, I have an idea of how amazing it could be and would love for that to become real.

OK, that's enough for now. As you can see, I have a lot of difficult and dramatic scenes that I desperately want artwork done on! If you feel like you can do any of these, or any other scene from my stories that you absolutely loved, PLEASE CONTACT ME! Even if you just know someone who might be interested, please refer them to view this profile and contact me! (I'm desperate!) Also, I may have a lot of ideas and thoughts about how I want something to look like, but I always respect the originality of the artist as well. (such as I would personally prefer these artworks to be colored, but I will still accept and be thrilled by a great sketch!) I sincerely hope someone can take on some of these monumental tasks for me because I'm not a hard person to please as long as you have a great deal more artistic talent than I do! (And I've seen chimpanzees draw better than I do, so nothing to worry about there!)

Other Artwork: I am really surprised and blessed that not only have many people done commissions for me already, but some are even drawing pictures inspired by my stories that I didn't even ask for! Below I'll keep a list of every picture that was done for one of my fanfics that isn't an actual commission I ever gave. Super kudos and thanks for these artists going even more above and beyond just because they liked my stories so much!

1. --This is a rough sketch of a minor character in my story, 'Incest', which has been given the loving name Stubby after a run-in with a certain enraged fox and hedgehog.

2. --Here's something inspired by Tails' thinking about Cosmo like in my story, 'Incest', although I don't believe it is an actual scene from the the fanfic itself. There's also a reference to a Simple Plan song title written in the picture as a description of the mood.

3. --This picture is a lot like the one above and from the same artist, but it's an actual scene when Mysty walks in on Tails crying in his room from my story, 'Incest'. The lyrics for the song Tails was playing at the time in the story are also included.

May your tails always stay light and tangle-free!

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